Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Back in the mid 90’s, I found Michael Judge’s cartoons stupid, today I realize that Judge’s cartoons were simply ahead of their time.

“Peace, Love, and Understanding,” is an epitome of American Culture and meant as comic-relief for those readers who share my disappointment about the outcome of Monday’s election.
Peter Frei

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Accident on Mashapaug Road near Holland Market.

Car-accident-on-Mashapaug-Road There is little known, the accident has nothing to do with the Holland Market or traffic to or from the Holland Market according to the owner.
The accident happened around 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday, June 8, 2010. State Police, Brimfield Ambulance and Holland Police and Fire Department were called. The road was closed in both directions for a short period of time.
R.J., thanks for emailing me the picture!
Peter Frei

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Kennedy, Johnson, and Talbot won!

The majority of Holland voters voted for corruption;

Michael P. Kennedy 282; Ray Korny 231,
Brian Johnson 359; George Carling 175,
Nancy Talbot 278; Lynn Arnold 235.

I think nobody can help Holland,

Peter Frei

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Please don’t forget to vote today, it is important!

Brian-Johnson-campaign-sign-on-Brimfield-Road I predict that Raymond Korny will defeat Michael Kennedy and that George Carling will defeat Brian Johnson by a narrow margin.

A re-election of Brian Johnson would allow the roadways of Holland to fall further into disrepair.
Brian Johnson’s lack of knowledge how to proper maintain roads will eventually have a devastating effect to the transportation infrastructure of the town.

An interview published in the Southbridge Evening News brought to light that Brian Johnson has nothing to show for other than good intentions for the future.
Do you remember smelling hot tar around town during the summer months more than ten years ago? What happened? Why do we not smell that anymore? Read more»

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Brian Johnson is wasting at least $100,000 the town does not have and needs to borrow.


According to an investigation by the Holland Blog, the Dump Truck Brian Johnson intends to replace has only one serious problem, the back of the dump body is rusted out due to a lack of proper maintenance. The truck has only 60K miles and could serve the town just fine for another 10 years if alternative solutions would be considered.

Instead, Brian Johnson wants to spend $172,525 on a new dump truck, read more»

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Riddle (no.4)

We have not done a riddle in a long time.
This riddle is trying to solve the mystery of Brian Johnson’s way of setting his priorities, read more»

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Meet the two candidates for the seat on the Board of Selectmen.


In case you missed the debate between the two candidates, Michael P. Kennedy and Rayomnd Korny, the Holland Blog was there and offers its readers the video of the most interesting debate; the first one ever in our town’s history as far as I know.

Kennedy surprised with his answer to the question whether he favors or opposes the proposed truck stop, read more»

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Memorial Day Celebration 2010.

A picture perfect day and superb organization made another Memorial Day Celebration special, read more»

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Remembering our heros who served our country.

Flags-along-Sturbridge-Road As every year around this time, last boat docks are installed along the shores of Hamilton Reservoir and boats get launched, campaign signs are scattered around town, the smell of barbecue is in the air, and the flags are back adorning Brimfield, Mashapaug, and Sturbridge Road.
If you assume that the Town of Holland is installing the flags along Brimfield Road and Sturbridge Road, you are mistaken.
If you like to know who is doing it for all to enjoy, click here!
The yearly parade will start at 10:00 a.m. at the monument by the Elementary School. Be there earlier as the procession forms around 9:45 a.m.
The parade will go to the cemetery for a ceremony. After the ceremony, paticipants then walk over to the Senior Citizen Center for refreshments. Everybody is encouraged to participate and bring (store-bought) refreshments.
Peter Frei

Read also

Holland Honored Their Fallen Warriors
One Who Served Our Country.

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Truck on fire at Exit 74 of I 84.


Around 9:20 this morning, a Ford pickup truck cought on fire and burned out of control.

A state trooper was there only 5 minutes later. At the time I left, the truck was still on fire. An explosion blew a smal fireball to the left of the truck while I was taking pictures.

The fire departments of Holland and Sturbridge were called.
Peter Frei

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Nancy Talbot running for reelection for the tax collector position to hold four hour seminar at the senior center.

If re-elected, Nancy Talbot will show her gratitude for the voters trust by conducting a four hour seminar at the Senior Citizen Center.
The seminar is planned for Wednesday June 16, 2010, from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. The date was chosen to honor Earl Johnson’s birthday, Earl is a close friend of her. Earl will assist Nancy in answering tricky questions if his health will allow him to attend.
Nancy Talbot was accused by a resident of Holland to have been involved in a questionable land-deal.
In a recent interview with Christopher Tanguay from the Southbridge Evening News, Nancy realized that there are some lingering questions in the community stemming from the incident and decided to be proactive and root-out all suspicions. “The land my son purchased was not in tax title,” Nancy said to Tanguay and further stated, “Not only was it not in tax title, it was not even delinquent and it wasn’t going into tax title.”
Actions are louder than words; To clear her name once and for all, she will have the opportunity to show (and teach others) how her son was able to buy the building lot at the peak of the real estate boom for only $100!
The conveyance recorded in book 17,317 on page 311, carrying the number 35,509 took place on May 29, 2008. Deric’s deed is recorded at the Registry of Deeds on 50 State Street in Springfield in book 17317, page 311. To view the deed, click here!
Once Nancy is reelected I will ask her and Earl whether they are interested and will then organize the seminar. Place will be limited, please reserve your space by emailing me, thanks!
I hope she and her mentor are as thrilled as I am, I can’t wait...
Peter Frei

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Holland Blog filed complaint with State Ethics Commission against Nancy Talbot, tax collector of Holland.

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