Our community Has a Once In a Lifetime Opportunity To Fix The Problems The Causeway Presents Without Spending Any Taxpayer's Money.

What ever your interest may be, whether you live in one of the dwellings on the south-basin of Hamilton Reservoir which was flooded during the flood of 2005, whether you realize that both causeways could be flooded and impassable during another extrem weather situation again, or whether you simply would like to have an opportunity to cruse from one basin to the other side of the cause-way with your boat or canoe, all this could be accomplished if the community gets behind a proposal unanimously endorsed by the Planning Board.
And again ... no funding by the town is necessary to achieve all this!
To read this extensive proposal explaining everything, click here!
As part of the MVP grant process, the community is mandated to hold a workshop in conformance to the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program Core Principles. Paragraph 5. provides:
Conducting robust community engagement:
All Action Grant projects are required to submit a Public Involvement and Community Engagement Plan as part of the application. More guidance on these requirements can be found here. Tips for conducting virtual and remote engagement can be found here. The Town already received a Planning Grant to work towards the Action Grant. This process requires a workshop with community involvement.

This workshop will be taking place on Saturday September 10, (*) at 9:00 AM at the Community Center at 40 Brimfield Rd, Holland MA.

*Originally the workshop was scheduled for August 13th but the date was changed and I was not informed by the town administrator Stacy Stout even so I´m one of the “core members” of this program. Stacy Stout was also suppose to get a “landing-website” up on the town´s website beginning of July as discussed during the last meeting on June 29th by the core members informing the people. As of now (August 5.) there is nothing up on the town´s website ... Serving on the Planning Board for more than two years by now, I do get insight of the horrendous disfunction at the town hall. The worst town official in recent history, Jennifer Mott, the former twon clerk, is gone, thank god! And with her Bettina Schmidt, one of the former member's of the Board of Selectmen, I thank good here too! I will write more about my experience being part of the town administration from now on ...

There will be individuals who do not see that having safe shelter without the constant fear of being flooded is an imperative. Compashion is running lower and lower in our society. I heard voices calling for more sand-traps/catch-basins around the reservoir; the once we already have just need to be emptied once they are filled up and more would not be needed. If there are locations where there are none, the town (Highway Department) should be able to take care of that need.
Fixing the causeway needs to be a priority.

Shelter, a Basic Human Need; the Flood of 2005.
Holland Homes and Business´s Taken and Flooded by the Government; the Flood of 1955.

Posted on 19 Jul 2022, 16:43 - Category: Town Politics
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