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Congratulations Kate LandersPeter Frei
Brian Johnson, for whom is he working?Peter Frei
Grow up, you ignorant fool.You Need A Reality Check
Source Truthful
Union 61Citizens concerned
$1.93 per GallonPeter Frei
The World will be a better placePeter Frei
Highway deptKen Ference
Gorgeous FlowersShannon Lefevre
Summer hours Frog catcher..
You don't get it...Peter Frei
Computer usersJeff S
Town Loader Private property??Timmy
$1.44 per GallonPeter Frei
Paul FosterGood Riddance
Pot dispensaryVictor lapointe
Marijuana Dispensary/ commercial growFigured
Don't get me going VictorDon't he me going Vitor
Kelli Robbins past the BarPeter Frei
Can you say CORRUPTVictor Charles LaPointe
CAN YOU STAND IT???The girl with the "eff-u" tatoo
Traffic noiseold man
Concerned CitizenMike LaMountain
Unbelievable!Concerned Citizen
Ding dong the dick is deadJohnny321
Best idea in years!LOL
Guy the farmerThe Frog catcher
Follow the MoneyMoney, Money, Money
Service PleaseConstable watcher
Wettloffer resignedFrei was right once again.
copied and pastedfrom years ago/why not much has changed
look 2010its been 30
Gillen & Kowalski don't play by the rulesElection Observer
Vote vote vote voteVote
Gillen = WettlauferDo you ant to go back to another Wettlaufer?
To: Over The Top ResisentBetter Holland
respond to lolwhy not
Gillen couldn't waitLOL
Here is the Proof...Peter Frei
I agree with The BroomHope for Change
Re: Kristin Laplante and Sharon AshleighStephanie DeMartino
To who backs whoGet Smart
Who backs whoTheBroom
Kristin LaPlante & Sharon AshleighPeter Frei
Mr. Kowalski, why not tell the whole story?Over the Top Rd Resident
Misinformation campaignBetter Holland
Kowalski's pans on fireexpected more honesty
Better HollandHope for Change
middle side of other sidei don't like to think of the devil
Gallon Propane $1.33!Peter Frei
Some thoughts and commentsAnn Landers
Mr. Johnson, not true!pease don't mislead the voters of Holland!
Holland the Laughingstockamused, not really!
Small Town Small Minds -The Devil is at workOther Side of the Street
Janine Drake, please!Over the Top Rd Resident
No OML violation without deliberationSkipper
If you can do better job RUNUnder Age
To: Please Dana Now It's TimeDana Manning
Now it's timePlease Dana
KimClean it up
Special ElectionRECALL
Sounds Tactical !!Christine McCooe Hanson
We will never knowKim Hermanson 7
No VictimNo Crime
Mr.A Taxpayer
Mr.A Taxpayer
Coount me in...Peter Frei
majority DOES ruleChristine McCooe Hanson
Questions for KowalskiPeter Frei
Majority- Let's do thisKim Hermanson
Time for the Public to have a meeingStart a recall on all remaining "Good 'ol Boys"
The Johnson's knew it!Skipper
Dave Kowalski, what a disappointment you are...Peter Frei
Just aint' true ..Christine McCooe Hanson
Great Read!Justice for All!
Bedroom in MY GarageChris McCooe
Narrow it DownHeyKim
HA HA HA HAKimberly Hermanson
4 th bedroomCcnd
You're Right Christine! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!KNM
don't sign until you know both sidesChristine Hanson
Upcoming Town Eventsholland citizen
Get the job done or move on!Mortified
Get the job done or move on!Mortified
Dangerous snow banks... Peter Frei
How high over the FBI do you have to go to get a corrupt cop like sgt Scott E. Haley arrestedcaptainjoint
The Public ComplexAlias
Partial SettlementLaw-Mountain
What is so difficult?Skipper
Typical for Hollandkt
In case you wonder...Peter Frei
What a disappointment...Peter Frei
Follow UpSerpent Tamer
RIP KCSuch a shame
$1.95 per GallonPeter Frei
StatsPeter Frei
New sodThe rest of the story...
Karen Tavernier CommentWhat she thinks of Wettlaufer opponents.
Karen Tavernier ....,,'?..'mmm
Not surprisedIn Holland
WettlauferJohnson Pic..........
facebook pagePeter Frei
Finally TrashMan Came
Thank you for voting...Peter Frei
Man In The Mirrormr fixit
POOOOOF.!!! ByatchJim L...'
VICTORY!!My vote made a difference!
Go awayHope
The Trashtaking out
JohnsonWetflower picJames LaMountain..,,..'
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