ALL RESIDENTS, Lets be part of this Community

First time ever, there will be a Holland Town Forum - Saturday May 2nd, 2015.- Complimentary Coffee and Donuts 9 am to 12 pm, at the Holland Elementary School Gymnasium. Sponsored by Government Study Committee. ALL RESIDENTS - OUR TOWN NEEDS US! Opening the lines of communication with our Town Hall regarding; May 5, 2015, Public Hearing - regarding the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget (to be voted on by registered voters during the annual town meeting) at 7:30 in the Community Room at the Town Hall. ALL RESIDENTS - let's be a part of it. Our Town needs us.We will see, discuss and ask questions regarding the Fiscal 16 Budget to be voted on (by us) May 26 at the Annual Town Meeting. The Proposed budget in progress (not due until the Public Hearing) is available now for your review from the Executive Secretary to the Holland Select Board- 413-245-7108 ex 101. Budget will be completed and copies will be available for us at the Public Hearing .Please attend.
May 26, 2015, annual Town Meeting at the Holland Elementary School at 7:00 pm.
June 8, 2015, annual Town Elections at the Community Center from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm.
Kimberly Hermanson

Posted on 26 Apr 2015, 13:39 - Category: Announcements
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Posted on 21 May 2015, 9:54 by Other Side of the Street
Small Town Small Minds -The Devil is at work
For those of you who are friends of the family who runs the show in this town(Highway Dept. dude and former Chair Selectman): walk a mile in my shoes and think if you were on the other end of their hatred and bullying. All it takes is a small lie for them to form and then run with it. For me, they have managed to get other people to simply hate me or be callous and cold just upon public events in town. Friends of theirs who know nothing of me, nothing of what actually happened, they just go off of what they entrusted their friends to tell them and do not question or consider they might be misleading the truth by a mile. Why they do not question or think for themselves, I am still trying to figure out. I am on the other end and it hurts to see grown adults treat me this way, so quick to assume. So for a small town I should expect no more, however if you walked a mile in my shoes, I hope you put on your big boy/girl pants because you will need them to put up with the hate they emanate. quote I found "The devil deceives. Sin is terrible and results in everlasting punishment. If man could see sin for what it really is, man would be encouraged NOT to sin. Man would realize the temporary pleasure of sin and the enduring adverse consequences. Hence, the devil must disguise sin and deceive man into committing sin. The devil with man's permission (lack of resistance) plays with people's minds and thinking." I do not work for the devil, but clearly if you walked a mile in my shoes, thought outside the box, outside the realm of what you call your circle of friends in this town and realized that this family who works in the Town Hall, etc. are hurtful, tactful people who have been use to getting their way and like their power trips. They lie to hurt and steal, stir things up and get other people to do their dirty work without getting their hands dirty. Sounds like the work of the devil. I just want peace in my life and to live in a town where adults are nice to each other.
This world needs peace and love not what is being done here in Holland.
May the Force be with you.

Posted on 31 May 2015, 1:13 by i don't like to think of the devil
middle side of other side
how sad and maddening, I am really sorry. Hang in

the times they are a changing

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