Iraq war in it’s 8th year.

In case you missed these photos in the NY Times Sunday Magazine... That’s the results of seven years of madness. The Iraq War began its 8th year this weekend.
Peter Frei

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Appeals Court affirmed Superior Court Judge's dismissial in the Johsnon-LandGate case.

More frustrating incompetence by the judiciary.. Read more»

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Selectboard Meeting of March 16, 2010.

Last Tuesday the selectboard met the second time this month, read more»

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Community uproar about the proposed low-income senior housing project.

Selectmen Earl Johnson seemed to be surprised about the turnout and resistance of concerned residents at the March 9th public hearing of the Zoning Board of Appeals. HAP’s request for 16 exemptions of the zoning bylaws was heard by the ZBA and residents recognized the dim-witted nature of Earl Johnson’s idea to jam the proposed structure into the tight spot right next to the senior citizens center.
Towards the end of the hearing, Johnson even insinuated that he believed that HAP was not required to obey the town’s zoning bylaws.
The Holland Blog is offering its readers the complete audio recording of the hearing during which HAP Inc. presented its preliminary plans for the $5,280,000.00 senior low income housing project, read more»

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Selectboard Meeting of March 2, 2010.

This was the first meeting this month; to read more or watch the video at your convenience, click here»

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Speak out Holland! (no.12)

As every 6th of the month, everybody is invited to go of topic here. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Comment about anything that is amusing you or about anything that is bothering you, but do it in a civilized manner! I will delete obvious lies and offensive comments. To read previous comments under this category, click on “Speak Out Holland” on the left of this blog under the heading “Categories.”
Peter Frei

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Choral Showcase Concert at Tantasqua Reg. H.S.

If you don't have any plans for tonight, Tantasqua Fine Arts presents the Choral Showcase Concert at 7 p.m. at the Tantasqua Regional Highschool.
Click on picture to enlarge for easier reading.

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The Holland Blog celebrates its First Anniversary.

The Holland Blog is celebrating its first Anniversary and reflects on a very successful first year.
Read about how this Blog works, who the readers are, which piece was read the most, the Blog’s achievements, and what the goals for the future are.
For the first time, the Holland Blog shares Google’s Analytical Reports about the traffic to the blog; it will surprise you who among the readers are! Read more»

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A good or bad idea in the long run?

The proposed chapter 40B “Senior Housing” (or is it a “Low-income Housing?”) project is going to be before the Zoning Board of Appeals on March 9. No less then 16 exemptions are being requested, read more»

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Crash on icy Leno Road at Town Line between Holland and Sturbridge.

Crashed-pickup-truck-on-Leon-Road Around 6:15 p.m. this evening, Friday 26, 2010, a black pickup truck was driving towards Holland on Leno Road just at the town line coming from Sturbridge. In a slight left curve the driver lost control and crashed into the telephone pole. The telephone pole broke in half on impact and the power lines and the transformer crashed to the ground. The telephone pole ended up on top of the pickup truck.
Read more»

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Former Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly scolded Holland selectboard for by-law change restricting farm activities.

A lot of the taxpayer’s money is spent in an attempt to prove what chairman of the Board of Selectman James Wettlaufer can’t let go of; that James LaMountain after all is just a farmer.

A letter mailed from the Attorney General’s Office sheds new light on the controversy, the former Attorney General scolded town officials for their proposed by-laws which are “inconsistent with State Law,” if necessary special permits would be denied to applicants!

What's up with that steam powered saw?

What else does the letter from the GA’s office say?

Click here and find out»

Posted on 21 Feb 2010, 18:54 - Category: Ongoing And Past Litigation
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