Wettlaufer in “DAMAGE CONTROL” mode.

“Wettlaufers The reason for James Wettlaufer’s and Earl Johnson’s ability to hold on to their office is because some people STILL believe what they say.

According to Wettaufer’s logic, the removal of one of several equal restrictions creates a right to do what is still not allowed by the remaining restrictions. Confused?

My appearance on Dave Worth’s Upside Down Show informed some viewers in Wales and Brimfield about the Johnson’s scheme to create illegally three building lots and to build three homes without the required frontage. Two of the three planned homes are already built.

Attempts by the Board of Selectmen of Holland to bully Wales officials into censoring the show failed.

Instead of attending a future Show and rebut my accusations, Wettlaufer and Johnson are hiding behind the familiar excuse, “Our attorney’s have advised us not to comment..”

However, Wettlaufer could not avoid doing some “Damage Control” and provided Dave Worth with a statement and other documents. The logic he employed is shown in the picture above.
Dave read Wettlaufer’s statement at the end of his show and presented Wettlaufer’s argument. Read more»

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Earl Johnson is true to himself and clings to familiar lie in his final hour.


Earl Johnson broke the good news late yesterday.
However, he fell short again of taking responsibility like a man,

read more»

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Is there Blood in Stones?

The answer is a clear “YES” if you believe Wettlaufer’s logic.
Today, exactly two years ago, February 5, 2008, the voters of Holland came out in droves to overwhelmingly defeat the selectboard’s proposal for a tax levy override. Disappointed Wettlaufer stated in an interview with John Appleton from the Republican:
“You can't get blood out of a stone. We have to make reductions in services.”
I have not noticed any reductions in services but witnessed more frivolous litigation initiated by the selectboard. It seems to me that the Board has still too much money; enough to still waste tens of thousands.
After losing the argument that “laMountain is not a farmer” in Housing Court the town recently filed another lawsuit against LaMountain with a different twist; they now claim fires on the LaMountain farm would jeopardize public safety. James LaMountain may not win a popularity contest in town; under the law however he has equal rights to be protected.
Wettlaufer seem to share Karen Raymond’s fear her house could go up in flames and hired Super Lawyer Tani Sapirstein to seek an injunction to enjoin LaMountain from conducting any burns.
Later today, the honorable Cornelius J. Moriarty, Superior Court Judge, will convene for the third time to proceed with the evidentiary hearing in the matter.
Is it a waste of money or is it worth it? Please watch the video and decide for your self:
Selectmen are not all made equal; for some it is never enough and they will push for higher taxes to be able to spend freely. Others spend money wisely, spend it as it would be their own.
On a rare occasion, it had only happened three times before 2008 in the entire state of Massachusetts, a town lowered its levy limit. The Board of Selectmen during Jim Foley’s tenure was one of the only three town governments doing so. In 1998, the Board of Selectmen proposed a $200,000 underride that was welcomed by the voters.
To show their gratitude, the voters of Holland recalled Foley twice...
Peter Frei

Read also:

Tax levy limit override vote.

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Huguenot Farmers bring renewable energy and organic food to Holland.

We at Northeast Concepts/Huguenot Farms are pleased to announce we have entered into a Lease agreement with GTS Wind Energy, affiliates of AeroNautica Windppower, to produce green sustainable wind and solar energy on our two farms located off Mashapaug Road in Holland and Huguenot Road in Oxford.
We are excited to be able to offer not only organic vegetables, beef, pork, eggs and more in the future, but also renewable green energy.
wind-turbine On December 4, 2009, I signed a lease agreement with GTS Wind Energy as a first step to have two windmills built on our hillside property off Mashapaug Road. The agreement is the first one of its kind signed here in Holland and the two windmills will produce two mega watts of electric power each, enough to power at least 500 households. The combination of windmills and grazing cattle and fields with crops at the base of these majestic machines is the future we subscribe to.
At the cost of more then $4,000,000.00 each, the windmills will exceed the property tax increase to the town the proposed truck stop would produce without the negative impact the Grossi/Wettlaufer project will have. The two windmills will also not burden any services/departments of the town, such as the Police, Highway Department, and others.
This project will also allow us to preserve our farm in Oxford and expand our agricultural operations here in Holland. We plan to increase the number of cattle in our prize herd of Hereford Cattle in Oxford to bring them to the pastures we are in the process of creating here in Holland. The Town of Holland and its residents will be able to buy electric energy produced by the windmills at a discount.
A wind Energy appraisal (4.09MB) was conducted by AeroNautica Corporation who provided favorable preliminary data for the project. (Any information
printed in bold/italic is a link you can click on.)
To familiarize yourself with the project, read the extensive wind Energy appraisal report, or feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.
Mike LaMountain, at 508 735 7072

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Newly discovered document raises question of Culpability.

In a letter obtained by the Holland Blog, the Board of Selectmen discarded concerns voiced by former member of the Board of selectman, Carolyn Reardon, about excessive firearms purchases by former Police Chief Kevin Gleason.
The letter dated May 24, 2005 and signed by selectman James Wettlaufer, clearly shows that early signs of irregularities were ignored and dismissed:
“Some of the purchase orders you [Carolyn Reardon] copied were either cancelled prior to delivery or returned.”
Mr. Wettlaufer, is this normal procedure? A chief randomly orders firearms just to be cancelled? Some firearms that were ordered and delivered were returned? If there was no need for the delivered firearms, why were they ordered in the first place? This behavior by Gleason did not raise red flags in your mind?
Mr. Wettlaufer, What did you mean with your statement:
“I have looked into the matter with Chief Gleason, and I am with the accounting of the weapons inventory and other equipment.”

This statement is confusing, do you agree Mr. Wettlaufer? It seems to me that you were confused yourself but ignored even your own confusion. Gleason-interview-to-became-Chief-of-Police
I personally expect more responsibility from individuals who carry the highest office in our community. In my opinion are you, together with Johnson, culpable for the Gleason debacle. This is nothing new; this letter just reaffirms my conclusion.
The word in town is that it was Petersen who finally took action to bring Gleason down. The Word is also that Johnson tried hard to undermine Petersen’s efforts and tried to prevent the inevitable. Click here to view the letter signed by Wettlaufer.
Peter Frei

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Special Town Meeting of October 21, 2009

If you could not make it to the meeting, The Holland Blog was there and wrote a short report, read more»

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Office or residence?

Despite the fact that you don’t see much of Earl Johnson's son Brian Johnson on the roads of Holland, he is a busy man; he also calls himself a president of a corporation, read more»

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Howard Fife throws in the towel and resigns as all board agent.

Last Tuesday, September 22, 2009, Howard Five handed Kristin LaPlante his letter of resignation. His resignation comes amid Howard’s frustration over Jack Keough’s (building inspector and zoning officer) refusal or lack of effort to enforce the zoning bylaws in Holland.
As part of the ongoing feud between James LaMountain and some of the town officials are allegations that some individuals live in a trailer on the hillside property. Howard Fife is also a member of the Conservation Commission who has ongoing issues with James LaMountain.
Jack Keough recently voiced his wish to be no longer zoning enforcing officer. Just last Tuesday, the selectboard appointed Nelson Burlingame from Charlton as the new Zoning enforcing Officer. Burlingame is also chairman of the Charlton Board of Health.
Nelson Burlingame is the president of NBC Construction Co. Inc. The company was incorporated in 2004 and constructs residential buildings with a staff of approximately six. The company is located on 184 Burlingame Rd in Charlton.

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Ignorance by the taxpayer will be costly.

According to AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners), the statewide average is 0.7 pupils per household. The education of 0.7 pupils is costing the Holland property owner an average of $6381.00 in property taxes in the current fiscal year.
To understand and better the approach needed to disperse the cost of education even more favorable among the taxpayers, it is imperative to crunch some numbers and get familiar with some facts. Furthermore, it is necessary to analyze and question some of the actions and connections by certain members of our selectboard, read more»

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Petition against Truck Stop, take two.

The organizers of the petition against the truck stop encountered two legal bumps; first, a large number of signatures turned out to be from individuals which are not registered voters; second, the text of the petition did not clearly request a specific action to be taken if accepted by the voters.
To read the new petition, click here for page one, and, click here for page two.
Anybody who wants to sign the petition can printout page one, turn the paper and print page two on the backside of page one. Ask your neighbor or anybody else who might be interested in signing the petition.
Mail the signed form to: The Bousquet’s, 9 Lakeridge Drive, Holland MA, 01521. Night-Satellite-Photo
Holland is one of the 35 towns located in the Last Green Valley formed by the Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers. The area of the Last Green Valley is relatively undeveloped and forms an island in the midst of the most urbanized region in the nation. Its 300’000 inhabitants reside only 2-1/2 hours from 25 million people. The Congress recognized the importance on a local, regional and national level and designated “The Last Green Valley, Quinebaug and Shetucket Heritage Corridor” in 1994. In 1999 the corridor, which is one of 37 declared “heritage corridors” in the country, was enlarged to include the town of Holland. The Last Green Valley, Quinebaug and Shetucket Heritage Corridor, is authorized to receive up to $1 million in grants each year from the federal government. The management entity for the Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor is maintaining a webpage with more information. There is a link on the left under “Local Links.”

Under the pretence of a promised increase of tax revenues which would lower the tax burden of everybody, the voters of Holland favored rezoning the locus to accommodate the proposed Flying J truck stop, following the recommendation of the two selectmen Earl Johnson and James Wettlaufer.
However, the promised increase of tax revenues is a myth; the truck stop will bring higher taxes for everybody and not lower taxes as outlined in the piece Sturbridge Voters Not As Smart As Holland Voters? The truck stop would also have very negative impacts on the Environment, the Economy, the social fabric of the community, and on Traffic, as outlined in this piece, A Truck Stop in our Community?
Watch the video posted in the piece Petition against proposed Truck Stop.
Peter Frei

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Continuation of the 2009 Annual Town Meeting.

An estimated 60 voters attended the continuation of the annual town meeting that had begun back on May 26, 2009. All budget questions and one article were on the agenda as well as an introduction on the Senior Housing Project, read more»

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