We need a debate between candidates.

The Holland Blog has an average of 125 visitors a day and this number will rise in the days before the annual town meeting (May 25) and the annual town election (June 7.) Many people, including myself, do not know all the candidates. Robotic-arm-microphone-stand A debate between the candidates would be ideal, the Holland Blog can offer you the next best thing. I will make an attempt to post here on the blog two one-hour audio recordings of two question-answer sessions with the two candidates running for the three year term on the Board of Selectmen.
You, the readers of the Holland Blog, are encouraged to email me questions to be asked during the recorded question-answer sessions. Please email me your questions to peterfrei@cox.net.
I will then setup a time and place and will read the questions to the candidate. The candidate then has 3 minutes to answer the question. I will limit the number of questions to twenty. Once I have both sessions recorded, I will then post the audio files on the blog for everybody to listen to.
If either of the candidates, Michael P. Kennedy or Raymond P. Korny chooses not to participate, I will post the audio recording of the candidate that chooses to participate.
If there is interest in such question-answer sessions to get a debate going, I will send a formal letter inviting the two candidates to participate in the question-answer session.
Peter Frei

Posted on 1 May 2010, 09:34 - Category: Town Politics
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