Is there Blood in Stones?

The answer is a clear “YES” if you believe Wettlaufer’s logic.
Today, exactly two years ago, February 5, 2008, the voters of Holland came out in droves to overwhelmingly defeat the selectboard’s proposal for a tax levy override. Disappointed Wettlaufer stated in an interview with John Appleton from the Republican:
“You can't get blood out of a stone. We have to make reductions in services.”
I have not noticed any reductions in services but witnessed more frivolous litigation initiated by the selectboard. It seems to me that the Board has still too much money; enough to still waste tens of thousands.
After losing the argument that “laMountain is not a farmer” in Housing Court the town recently filed another lawsuit against LaMountain with a different twist; they now claim fires on the LaMountain farm would jeopardize public safety. James LaMountain may not win a popularity contest in town; under the law however he has equal rights to be protected.
Wettlaufer seem to share Karen Raymond’s fear her house could go up in flames and hired Super Lawyer Tani Sapirstein to seek an injunction to enjoin LaMountain from conducting any burns.
Later today, the honorable Cornelius J. Moriarty, Superior Court Judge, will convene for the third time to proceed with the evidentiary hearing in the matter.
Is it a waste of money or is it worth it? Please watch the video and decide for your self:
Selectmen are not all made equal; for some it is never enough and they will push for higher taxes to be able to spend freely. Others spend money wisely, spend it as it would be their own.
On a rare occasion, it had only happened three times before 2008 in the entire state of Massachusetts, a town lowered its levy limit. The Board of Selectmen during Jim Foley’s tenure was one of the only three town governments doing so. In 1998, the Board of Selectmen proposed a $200,000 underride that was welcomed by the voters.
To show their gratitude, the voters of Holland recalled Foley twice...
Peter Frei

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Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 00:01 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 08:08 by Mike LaMountain
Wasting your money
Just imagine. Just imagine all the stuff the town could use the money they are using to pay for super-lawyer Tani Superstein to prove that I'm not a farm. They have decided that they do not agree with Judge Feins ruling that their is only agricultural activity going on on my property.
Even though the town pays town counsel each and every year they have decided to pull out the big guns. Many of you may not know this but the town is paying over $350 per hour to a super-lawyer to deny me my agricultural rights on land that THEY zoned agricultural.
Just to try and imagine how much this lawyer has cost the town so far. You have to figure out how many hours the super lawyer had to spend reading and learning all the different papers and aspects that go along with this case. Figure at least 15-20 hours on the low scale. Then she had to spend more time putting together and filing her own legal briefs, at your expense.
The super lawyer they hired, Tani Superstein is located in Worcester and the court they have us in is in Springfield. Who do you think pays her over $350 an hour to travel back and forth to court over an hour away? You do!
Last Thursday we were in court all day long, from 9AM until 4PM. Do you know who payed the super-lawyer over $350 to deny me my "right-to-farm"???? You did!
We didn't finish in court last Thursday so we were scheduled to return Monday at 3PM. That means that you, the TAXPAYER had to pay the super-lawyer again over $350 an hour to travel back and forth to Springfield Monday as well as over $350 to spend the one hour in court from 3PM-4PM. The real kicker is we didn't finish on Monday either. We are scheduled to appear again this coming Friday at 2:30PM.
Can anyone tell me how much it is going to cost the taxpayers of Holland to get the super-lawyer to court on Friday as well as the hour and a half we will spend in court???
All this is to deny my my protected rights to agriculture. Many of you may not know but we actually filed with the secretary of state in 2004 to be a farm...2 WHOLE YEARS before we even purchased the land zoned agriculture in Holland.
In a time when money is so tough to come by for so many people in this town and all over this country the TOWN is throwing away your money on high priced lawyers (liars) to try and make it so I cannot have a farm on my property. They claim that they cannot afford to fix our roads and signs or buy new schoolbooks for the elementary school because they don't have enough money. Can you imagine how much of your money they have wasted in their vendetta against me and my family?
I hope when this is all said and done they will come forward and tell you the actual amount of YOUR money they have spent trying to destroy me and my family. Do you think they we keep trying to deny me my rights if they had to take their OWN money to pursue their personal vendetta???
So the next time someone in the town says they cannot afford to buy this for the town or fix that for the town just remember how much of YOUR money they have wasted trying to deny my farm the right to do agriculture on land they zoned AGRICULTURE!!!!

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 12:03 by don't worry about who I am
evil wettlaufer
Wettlaufer is evil, has no morals. One of two things: either his parents raised him with none or you can't raise Satan to be a moral being. He is the leader of the ring of the town mob. His family of friends, coworkers and family itself are not in the dark of his evil doings and are at blame as well. Some may know more that others and some may very well be in the dark. It is well known that amongst them, they are out for the destruction of Jim LaMountain and right or wrong in how it is done. They have proven to stop at nothing and have been relentless in their "powers that be" as they think they are gods or God himself and do not have to succumb to the U.S. law. Wettlaufer, you are being judged by God now, not just in passing of life and you will never be able to ask for enough forgiveness in time as he will surely not be able to find a place for you in His Kingdom. Shame on you Satan/Wettlaufer. You are evil and your eyes are turning black.

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 14:27 by don't worry
in response
look, I am not claiming to be God, what I am saying is how obvious it is that this man thinks the law doesn't apply to him. In no way do I want to go back and forth with words with you. I don't have hate for the man just can see the evil steam coming off the man's body. I don't really think you quite understand what I'm trying to say and don't expect you to. I never claimed to be the one who gets the final judgement so you should read more carefully.
as far as our rights being stripped away, all I can say is yes we are allowing it to happen by not standing up for our rights and just going to work, coming home tired, paying the bills and living in an exhausted society. Some just seem to fight harder than others. -not God, just a caring person who sees evil sucking up some good energy. No hate here, just hurt.

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 15:30 by Outsider
Not From Holland and GLAD!!
What did Thomas Jefferson say, " A government that is large enough to give everything to it's people is surly big enough to take anything it wants from them"?
I've been reading this blog forever and I don't understand how the people of Holland allow these men to keep doing what they do. Where is the press, (you know, the press)? Where is Hank Philopee Ryan and the News 7 team doing their investigations inot the corruptness of your town? Where is the state's AG? Where is the Ethics Commission?
Sadly, your towns people seem to be such drones to their leadership that so long as they "keep getting theirs" that they don't care what their elected officials do. Have you ever wondered why the voters keep returning these people to their seats? As ab outsider of Holland but someone who is familiar with local politics, I have to wonder where the strong grass roots movements are to unseat these clods! A few bucks each week from each of you could make one heck of a difference at election time if money is spent on well placed ads and in the right media.
It is not easy to change a long standing governmental body, but, it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!
Peter, go to work. Start campaigning. Get some money up and make a difference! Get your word out to the folks outside Holland and get the media interested in the happenings! Sometimes battles like yours can only be fought and won in the courts of public opinion!
I wish all of you well!

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 19:11 by Outsider doing battle on the inside.
To Drones
Holland politics.. Hey outsider .. I sometimes wonder why I stay here in Holland Myself. It must be the lack of a yellow streak. Anyhow the last two people to run against the Johnson's were Stacy Quinones who was driven out of Holland By Kevin Gleason and Earl Johnson after she opposed him for selectman in 04. She was a Holland police officer who was terrorized by them. She sued them in Federal Court and they paid her many tens of thousands of Dollars. But the Johnson's got their way because Stacy left Holland. We taxpayers footed the bill to deprive that family of their constitutional rights..

No press.?.There is some ink but it leans towards the towns fairytale version of events for the most part. I want you to google..AAron Russo " freedom to fascism" at youtube and look for yourself.
Jefferson was a prophet my man.
Chad Brigham and Mike LaMountain with Richie McKeen ran against the Johnson's in 07 after learning of landgate. Johnson retaliated by barricading the two access to their land and continues to deny access to this day. Then it has been non stop litigation at the tax payers expense. Apparently they thought we would follow Stacy and run out of town.
I think you are right about a well run campaign, and I would be the first to write a check. But you need soldiers .. Youngsters in the trenches.. knocking on doors.. handing out flyer's, passing out signs. And you need viable candidates who are not afraid to stand up for the good of Holland. Look what they did to Carolyn Reardon after she had her name wrote in. They hire a new Zoning officer to go after her.
The attorney general .. Martha Coakly ?????? DUH..
She is trying to take our land because Wettlaufer told her we are developers not farmers. And Johnson swears to it.
They ( press and big wig hacks and politicians) have made so many mistakes that if it all came to would give an entire new meaning to the visualization of the "naked truth". There are many trying to protect themselves for their foolish acts who need to preserve the image of the "Well Dressed Lie". I can understand their position but I was not born to be the Sacrificial Lamb...
Now I fight for a cause, not myself. And my cause is just ... And many lie in Arlington who made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause.
( I do not wish to lie in any cemetery occupied by the bones of Edward Kennedy though.) EEEEEWWW
KIDS !!! SCATTER MY ASHES at "Paha Sapa"...Please....

There is a caucus coming up ... I have bigger fish to fry. There is talk of a candidate who does not blog who can fill the seat at the Highway Department. I have not met him...For Earls seat You will need 200 voters mobilized to change Holland. I have bigger fish to fry.
And I have a herd of Cattle to plant on Mashapaug to feed these foolish ones when the time comes. They are welcome to take what is left after my dog has his fill.
Thanks for the encouraging words Outsider. Its good you can see the lights are out in Holland, Jim L

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 20:13 by Link
Paha Sapa

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 20:23 by Paha Sapa
Crazy Horse

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 20:30 by Ruth
Blood in Stones


Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 20:38 by What's that got to do with holland
Who cares
Who cares about crazy horse? Thanks for posting stupid links that don't have anything to do with anything. Is crazy horse going to come and save you from the town or something???

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