Wettlaufer in “DAMAGE CONTROL” mode.

“Wettlaufers The reason for James Wettlaufer’s and Earl Johnson’s ability to hold on to their office is because some people STILL believe what they say.

According to Wettaufer’s logic, the removal of one of several equal restrictions creates a right to do what is still not allowed by the remaining restrictions. Confused?

My appearance on Dave Worth’s Upside Down Show informed some viewers in Wales and Brimfield about the Johnson’s scheme to create illegally three building lots and to build three homes without the required frontage. Two of the three planned homes are already built.

Attempts by the Board of Selectmen of Holland to bully Wales officials into censoring the show failed.

Instead of attending a future Show and rebut my accusations, Wettlaufer and Johnson are hiding behind the familiar excuse, “Our attorney’s have advised us not to comment..”

However, Wettlaufer could not avoid doing some “Damage Control” and provided Dave Worth with a statement and other documents. The logic he employed is shown in the picture above.
Dave read Wettlaufer’s statement at the end of his show and presented Wettlaufer’s argument. Read more»

Posted on 21 Feb 2010, 02:54 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 21 Feb 2010, 7:31 by Jim L
Peter , That is what Wettlaufer anf Johnson do. They Lie and then try to confuse and muddy the issue away from the truth. However, it does not matter what they do to Holland Zoning By Laws, because the Town can not change State Law no matter how inconvenient it may be to the Johnsons and Wettlaufer. And the FACTS say by STATE LAW you must have a minimum of 20 feet of frontage to build a house on land. Not 200 feet on a common driveway which is not a public way. You can not create frontage inside your own lot.. It is that simple. The law is clear.
As to the lawsuits I have initiated, they are because Wettlaufer and the Johnsons again do not want to follow state law with regards to the right to farm our land. And when Judge Moriarty rules as he must in my favor i certainly will be making those responsible for ignoring the law pay for their illegal acts.
Wettlaufer and Johnson are masters of deception. But the truth ALWAYS manages to shine through.
The days of Boss hog making LAWS that are in conflict with the stae are over. THEY ARE CAUGHT!!! It would be in the Johnsons best interest to resign all positions and try to apologize to Holland, tear down their houses and give the land back to the rightful owners, WE the inhabitants of Holland.


Posted on 21 Feb 2010, 7:44 by Wettlaufer Logic is a Joke
Double Standard
The Wettlaufer statement is a Joke.. You know when the Stooges have their televised selectmans meetings here in Holland every other Tuesday they have no problem discussing me and the LaMountain matters. They put out their spin and lies on their televised variety shows at will.. So Wettlaufer and Johnson's claim the attorney told them not to comment because of ongoing litigation as the reason not to go on the upside down show is not only a sorry attempt to circumvent the truth it is an outright lie. Anyone who has watched the stooges bash me on their Tuesday shows certainly know our corrupt officials feel free to comment whenever they will when they want to mis direct the public from their illegal acts.
Wettlaufer is a profesional liar who can not escape the truth. I can't wait till Moriarty rules.

Posted on 21 Feb 2010, 8:12 by Remembering
HEY! Remember folks.. This langate land belonged to the Inhabitants of Holland. Selectman Earl Johnson signed the deed and transferred it to His Mother in law without public notive or auction as required by law. He TOOK this land from the town for his family without telling the residents.
Also the common driveway does not even have frontage on any road. it is an extension of his neighbors driveway.

Posted on 21 Feb 2010, 15:06 by In a Nutshell
Reality Check

It really is simple.. Ask yourself Do the houses exist?.. Next ask yourself , Did the houses have frontage as described in Massachusetts General Law at the time they were permitted and built. (The law MGL Chapter 41 section 81L is pasted below).. Clearly before you can erect any structure a subdivided lot MUST HAVE..
"frontage on (a) a public way or a way which the clerk of the city or town certifies is maintained and used as a public way, or (b) a way shown on a plan theretofore approved and endorsed in accordance with the subdivision control law, or (c) a way in existence when the subdivision control law became effective in the city or town in which the land lies, having, in the opinion of the planning board, sufficient width, suitable grades and adequate construction to provide for the needs of vehicular traffic in relation to the proposed use of the land abutting thereon or served thereby, and for the installation of municipal services to serve such land and the buildings erected or to be erected thereon. Such frontage shall be of at least such distance as is then required by zoning or other ordinance or by-law, if any, of said city or town for erection of a building on such lot, and if no distance is so required, such frontage shall be of at least twenty feet. " ......
IT DOES NOT MATTER what kind of smoke and mirrors Johnson and Wettlaufer used with "Special" town meetings or by;law changes to facilitate construction of Johnson-Gate. Johnson and Wettlaufer can produce all the zoning documents they want because the fact remains that ..ZONING BYLAWS CAN NOT TAKE AWAY MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL LAW....So just because Selectman Johnson orchestrated a complicated scheme does not alter the fact that the houses exist on lots without the minimum 20' frontage required by the General Law of our Commonwealth..Holding a "special" town meeting to remove text from Holland By-laws has no bearing whatsoever on State Law period. And no matter how unpopular there is only one remedy under the law..
MR JOHNSON..!!!...TEAR DOWN THOSE HOUSES.....!!!!!......
James P LaMountain

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