Ray Korny, Holland's New Beginning.

I've lived in Holland for my entire childhood till I was 21 years old. I moved permanently back to town in 2005.
Since that time we've lost a lot of our old timers who helped build this town and make it what it's become.
People like Tom Mulrain, our police chief, John Goodhall who ran the Holland Fire Dept. for many years,
Fred Henke who served us as Selectman/Police Officer along with many other positions, my dad, Gerry Germaine, who took care of the Holland School as janitor for many years and more recently Walter Woods who made sure we could always get home in a storm running our Highway Dept., All people who took care of US by taking care of our beloved town . They did it on a shoestring and dedicated countless hours of their own personal time and money and often times with great sacrifice to their own families with no reward.

I moved back to Holland only to find the town immersed in political strife that can only be rivaled by the Hatfield and McCoys.

The upcoming election will prove to be an opportunity for the people of Holland to make a change away from the direction of past politics. We have such a person here in Holland who I believe holds the ideals and dedication of some of his past predecessors who can help implement some much needed changes here in town. I believe Ray Korny who's running for Selectman has the character, honesty, and integrity needed for Holland to go forward to a new beginning. You only have to talk to Ray Korny a few minutes to find out he's articulate, well read, educated, and detail oriented and that he isn't afraid to speak up for what he feels is right or WRONG. You only have to drive by his property or go to his web site for his and his wife Barbara's bed and breakfast (restfulpaws.com) to see how dedicated and detail oriented he is to a project. I believe he will be just as dedicated to the Town of Holland. He has served in a number of capacities for the town already, and he's here in town almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As such he is familiar with the interaction of our existing officials.
Holland has a rare opportunity right now for that New Beginning. I hope the people of Holland will throw all their support behind Ray on election day and do what's necessary by voting for him. It's rare that a town has the opportunity and willingness of an individual like Ray Korny to serve it's people. It may be a long time before we have another chance at such a quality individual. Let's not miss this one!.

Gerry Germaine
Hisgen Farm
Hisgen House
Bed & Breakfast
78 Hisgen Road
Holland, MA

Posted on 13 May 2010, 12:19 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 13 May 2010, 21:35 by Ruth C. Goodhall
Forever Holland
It is a wonderful surprise! Thanks to the phenominal internet I "bumped" into the Holland Blog while googling Hisgen history. As I read about the candidate, Ray Korny, I was proud to see my father referenced as one of those who waa active in the town and helped Holland. He was quite THE man as were so many at that time. Nostalgia aside, the men and women who dedicated themselves to the town while I was in my formative years were strong in character, looked out for one another and came to each other's aide in times of need.
As I recently perused pictures of the Holland Inn "burn" and other fascinating pictues from the past, I am grateful to those who did their best to build a better town.
On June 12th, I will return to Holland to honor my father. His ashes will be buried at the Holland Cemetary with military honors. He always had a special fondness for Holland where he wore many hats in town politics and town life in general.
Holland, as I remember it, is a scenic, beautiful town with the lakes, hills, woods and quiet living. The testimonial for Ray by Gerry gives a strong statement to the members of the Holland community that it is time to get back to basics and vote for a person who will do whatever it takes.

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