Nancy Curving falsely accused of selling drugs.

Back on June 21, 2011, an anonymous individual commenting under the pseudonym “the pushed upon” left a libelous comment on this Blog accusing Nancy Curving of soliciting drugs. While I can see the need to publish anonymously on issues involving town officials for fear of retaliation, (they all just hate me for being exposed and criticized), I can’t justify any longer anonymous comments directed towards private individuals of our community.
The commenter “the pushed upon” is a coward and will hopefully be found and held responsible in the realm of an ongoing libel suit in Superior Court. I, Peter Frei, as the owner of the Holland Blog, personally offer my deepest apologies to Nancy Curving for the emotional distress these false accusations by the anonymous commenter “the pushed upon” must have caused her and her family. To avoid such anonymous unjustified attacks towards individuals of our community, I will delete any and all anonymous comments accusing any private individuals of our community of wrong doing in the future.
October 26, 2011, Peter Frei

Posted on 7 Nov 2011, 14:32 - Category: The Town Common
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