Upside Down Show Special this Friday, September 4th.

Hello all,
this Friday´s show is on live, Channel 5 Charter Communications, Cable TV, 3 Sept. 7 - 11PM, We should be all set up by 6pm, even if it rains, we will set up in the school auditorium. Keep an eye on the weather for hurricanes. The school is located in the center of Wales MA 01081. On Main St. (US Rt.19) there is no other school in Wales, easy to find. There will be free food and drinks for you and a place to put your equipment and dress if needed.We are a “last minute production” studio and will remain true to our name. Please come a little earlier then your show time. This should be a very good time. Bring lots of business cards to give out. Parking is in front of the school. Don´t forget to invite your friends and family. The below schedule times are not accurate, but a close proximity. There will be no rain date, this is it. If we get the hurricane here, we cancel and plan for a different date. If you need more time let me know. I will keep in touch by email with any changes.

Line up for The Upside Down Show, 3 Sept. 7PM-11:00 More like 10:30
7:00 Lynne Serrenho & Carole Walbert
7:05 Maggie the Clown (is on for the eveing)
7:15 Will Naylor
7:30 Hunter Foote
7:45 Jeremy Turgan & Raffle
8:00 David Worth (Upside Down) with Maggie the Clown
8:15 David Dupree & Jane (cameo appearance) Bowden & Raffle
8:30 Knock-a-Noodle Head Sisters & Raffle
9:00 Betr Without & Raffle
9:30 Raffle and close out songs Carole Walbert and guest.
All times may be adjusted.
Thanks again, and looking forward to seeing you. Leon, Kathy, Lynne, Wendy and David Worth

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Posted on 31 Aug 2010, 11:09 - Category: The Town Common
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