Earl Johnson, Mr. Grinch or Santa Clause?

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Posted on 22 Dec 2009, 00:01 - Category: Johnson LandGate
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Posted on 22 Dec 2009, 7:11 by Earl' Boss Hog, Papa Peeeety, Master of Chaos, Johnson
What Earl Johnson would say if he could only speak truth
Why do you guys think you can do anything about how me and my family rape and pillage our town. Get off it already .. I stole the land almost 30 years ago. Don't you think all the town officials that went to Jail must love me enough to take the fall for my corruption.
Look I resigned in Shame twice, I have been sued by a former police officer for trying to silence her and for threatening her and her family. Me and my Police Chief Gleason drove her and her family out of Holland. ANd she was not the first one either. I really don't care what the law says. I do what I want. I can change the name of the town to Johnsonville and people will not care. It has cost us close to half a million dollars in legal fees so far but I don't care because the lowly peon taxpayers foot the bill for my corruption.
So please stop blogging about me. There is too much truth coming out on this site and the links to documented proof has me concerned. People are starting to look at me diffrently.
Just because what you say is true does not mean I can not lie my way out of it or promise favors to those who look the other way.
I got one thing to say to this Blog and all the honest hard working people of Holland......BAH HUMBUG !!!!! Deal with it.

Selectman/ Tax Assessor, Earl Lucifer Johnson and Family.

Posted on 22 Dec 2009, 8:48 by Visitor
If Earl was a stand up man..
If Earl was a stand up man he'd start fixing his mess. He could start by giving back what so many of us works so hard to keep. As of right now I hold the whole Jonson family responsible for the theft of town treasures! THEIVES ALL OF THEM..

Posted on 3 Jan 2010, 15:44 by Clem...
The Gift that keeps on giving
Posted on 3 Jan 2010, 14:51 by Brian Johnson just as Guilty as Earl in Land-Gate
The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Ok so lets fast forward to 27 February 2003,,Twenty plus years after Earl Johnson gave the 12 acres of town own land to his Mother in Law.
On 2-27-2003 Brian Johnson was giving his Mother some "love and affection". She rewarded Brian by giving him the 12 acres of former town land that Earl had fraudulently conveyed back in 1980. (paste this link into your browser to see the deed).
You should note on the Deed of 2-27-2003 the address of the landgate land was officially recorded as "off Hisgen Road". No mention of a right of way to stafford road was any where on any Deed in the entire universe nor had there ever been.
Next lets go forward to November 12 2003 where Brians Brother Eric decided to give a little "love and affection" to his Brother Bri Bri.
Brian being a good Mommies Boy gave the landgate land to Eric. However Brian was Quite busy when he owned the fraudulantly conveyed former town landlocked property.
Brian asked an engineer at Jalbert Engineering to draw a ficticious right of way through his neighbors land without permission.
(paste the link into your web browser to see the plan of the illegal right of way.) http://01521.com/doc/PB310P92.tif
Then Brian transferred the landgate land to Eric. BUT the land had a new address. It was called "off Stafford Road" rather than "off hisgen road" AND GET THIS !!!!! a right of way to Stafford road magially appeared on the deed, giving Johnson access over his abbutters Mr Gibsonís land without permission. (paste the link to see the
deed)....... http://01521.com/doc/B13762P384,385.pdf
His abutter Mr Gibson would later publically state that the right of way was a fraud. Gibson swore an engineer had fabricated the right of way over his land to the Johnson-Gate land. (Paste the link to see the words of Mr Gibson)
This is our "Team" infesting our town Hall. They surround themselves with like minded people. The Johnsonís would later run the Gibsons out of Town and take his land for a pittance so they could fashion what has come to be known as Land-Gate. The Johnsons had to compromise the ZBA & the planning board and ignore state law to carry out their illegal plan.
In 2007 Peter Frei shined the light on Land-Gate...TAAA DAAAAA !!!
(A couple months later Earl Johnson would resign in shame from the planning board he personally corrupted. He said it was for "health reasons"..Who else resigned for "Health reasons recently... ?.... Oh yea Chief Gleason did.)
Now the light is on the Johnsons ..What will Holland do about it...????
Clement Samuals


Posted on 3 Jan 2010, 15:47 by Clem...
The Illegal right of way plan was drawn for Brian when his mom owned the land . The right of way is shown on the deed Brians mother signed over to Brian for his "love and affection" It was the deed before that one dated 23 September 1987 where Brians grandmother Dorris Proulx gave the town land Earl had fraudulantly conveyed to her Daughter Theresa Proulx-Johnson, Earl Johnsons Wife !!!!!!!!!
Paste the link below to see the deed without a right of way.
The illegal Jalbert plan was drawn for Brian way back in 1997 over 5 years before he would actually give "Love and affection" to Mommy for the land.
In the interest of accuracy I submit the above correction to the documented proof of the Johnson Family Land-Gate Conspiracy as documented by this Blog. Is global warming real????

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