Speak out Holland! (no.7)

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Peter Frei

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 07:31 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 8:18 by TIME FOR A CHANGE
Ok blog readers. If you want real change either call Peter Frei @ 413 245 4660 or leave your name and number here and we will call you.

We need soldiers to go door to door and mobilize voters. We need sign commitee members to locate sign locations and plant signs. We need help printing folding and stamping the informative flyers we will be sending out to all registered voters. The caucus coming up in April is our opportunity to knock off the Head of most corrupt administration in Holland History as Earl and Brian Johnson are up for re election. Earl Johnson's support has dwindled as his activities have come to light on this blog. With a Hundred people at the caucus we can easily make dramatic changes for the better. We need honest ethical people willing to do more than complain to fill these seats and bring Holland out of her DARK AGES. So here it is a "call to arms" much like the one that went out to all Patriotic Minutemen back in colonial times.
When Earl and Wettlaufer tried their prop two and a half overide they were soundly defeated by the voters who were informed by Peter Frei and Jim Foley. We can do this in April. Now iis the time to put it together.

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 9:01 by Peter Frei
The right idea..
To "TIME FOR A CHANGE," you do have the right idea and I don't mind accepting calls. As long as people don't dare to identify with the cause and sign their comments with their real name it ain't gone happen, sorry! Don't get me wrong, I see your predicament, nobody wants to end up in jail based on lies by the Johnson clan just because he/she dares to speak up...

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 9:46 by Time 4
Criminal complaint
Then whuy dont u go 2 palmer and file a criminal complaint in the clerks office against brian johnson and his neighbor for lying to the police officers.

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 10:51 by Highway Surveyor
Anyone interested in filling this position should have a working knowledge of the civil engineering disciplines. Also some administrative capabilities to track down grants. This position should be management only and the senior ethical Highway department worker we have now will be put in charge of daily operations.

If you would like to contribute qualificagtions needed for this position please comment.
Salary begins at 55 thousand a year plus pension and health insurance.
Incentive bonuses will be payed for any grants brought into the town or increased chapter 90 funding for "work" done to improve our road drainage and upgrading of private roads to acceptable standards and making them public.

This is a real job that is available in June of 2010.
Brian did a good job getting his voters to be proactive in updating our equipment. (Time to use it is what I think.)
Contact the Holland Blog to apply for the Position of Holland Highway surveyor..

Condition 1. No Moonlighting.

anyone for condition 2? please comment

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 11:07 by Peter Frei
Contemplating options..
To "by Time 4," depending who our fathers are we learn different things. My father was a blue collar person and a good man. He taught me to be truthful and upright. As son of Earl Johnson you learn that lying to law officers, voters, residents, judges is OK.

Believe it or not, you can tell anything to law enforcement officers as long it is not written and signed. That part is not a criminal offence by Brian Johnson and his neighbor. Even a written signed statement has only evidentiary value in criminal proceedings if it is accompanied by an affidavit signed before a notary of public.
Holding me against my will without cause is a criminal offence. I'm contemplating my options and may pursue the matter as a civil matter against Brian Johnson and his neighbor in their civil capacity to prevent the public to have to pay for his defense, we will see.

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 13:35 by Peter Frei
Google rankings..
For those who question what people read, type the three words, corruption Holland MA, into Google and see what happens.
Google is impartial and what is most read and has relevancy ranks higher.
Where do you think the Holland Blog ranks out of 36,000 results?

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 19:54 by Good Luck
Officer Stanley
We will miss you Officer Stanley, We hardley knew you. So ALL TOWN EMPLOYEES TO TAKE ETHICS TEST !!!!!

All town employee's including consultants and engineers are now required to take an online ethics test. Those failing the test will be required to recieve additional training du to ongoing violations and confusion regarding the conflict of Interest Laws.

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 20:14 by what's the whole story here?
i have lived here for about 14 years. The PTO of the school did a treat or trunk thing for a while. (in case you have no idea what i am talking about, they used to block off the road the town hall is on, for a while while kids went from trunk to trunk. it was dark, and the ONE time my kids went they were terrified when we got towards the end of the loop so we stopped going.)

Then some new people got onto the pto, and they said no trunk or treat unless it was on school property. They did it for a couple of years inside the school. which i thought was pretty good, after the kids went trick or treating from classroom to classroom. they held a big party in the gym with lots of things for the kids to do. Then last year there wasn't an event.

Come to find out that those new pto people were concerned about liability in case of injury etc. and that is why the event was held at the school. From what i hear, the town wouldn't accept liability and the school wouldn't accept liability unless it was actually at the school. Which is why they didn't do anything last year.

So what is the deal now? if my kid gets hurt, who is going to pay? the town? the school? i remember seeing a notice come home in june about a new board, so is that new pto going to pay up?

Also since i am on a roll, when did the town officially cancel trick or treat? I am sure there are many people who look forward to seeing the children come to their doors year after year... Well not this year apparently!

How can this happen? Shouldn't canceling Halloween unless you go to the school have gone to some kind of vote?


Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 20:31 by wtwsh? whoops!
Halloween 2
i just realized i never said the pto thing is being held this year on HALLOWEEN!
Which is why i added the last 2 paragraph's to mt post.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 7:14 by Figures
No digital Phone in Holland
James Wettlaufer last night at the televised bi weekly selectmans meeting admitted to being the person who wrote the current cable contract our community finds itself stuck with.
We are the only town on Coxes subscriber area not elegible to bundle our telephone in with our internet and cable tv.
Wettlaufer addmitted to his major screw up last night after recieving a letter from a resident complaining about the lack of service.
Cox refuses to provide us Holland Residents with the service. Elected leaders in ALL the other communities served by cox communications negotiated a contract to insure all their residents have access to the digital phone service. Not Wettlaufer and Johnson. They got us second rate service for first rate costs.
Thank you Mr Chairman .. Way to go.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 11:03 by One voice in the crowd
Cox Clearup
Normally I never write to a blog, in this case I wanted to clear up any confusion on the Cox Digital Phone Service issue. As a resident of the town I have been asking Cox as to when we could, if ever, get Digital Phone Service and they did mention that the current contract does not have any provisions for this and here's why:

1. When the orginal contract was signed with Cox, Cox itself did not have the ability to offer Massachusetts residents digital phone service due to the State's requirements - not the town's. The State required a Inter and Intra -Lata service charge for each connection.

2. Since Holland is the ONLY town in Massachusetts with Cox Service, the cost of installing the required equipment was not financially feasable and since there are a small amout of full time residents (under 3000), Cox would not be able to charge their normal rates.

3. With a limited number of houses, less than 2,500, there is no real savings or bundle avaialbe at the time of the contract signing adn it was not offered at that time either.

I am not sure blaming the Selectman is entirely accurate, yes we do not have the service and yes we need a new contract as there are several new channels we need to get. But instead of bashing the guy, after he has admitteed to the error serve no real purpose, I would think that it would be more helpful to find a way to re-negogiate the contract - of course - that's assuming the posting was meant to find a way to get digital phone service.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 12:18 by Phone Service
Why would our town do business with a company that does no other business in Massachusetts? Why would our town do business with a company that sees us as a burden because we are no hartford?
Is there any connection to the Johnsons, Wettlaufer or any other town official and the programing that Cox offerred?...???? I like watching the yankee's myself.

Anyhow you are right..New Contract......Charter Communications or whomever takes care of the rest of Massachusetts will be happy to pick up Holland and offer whatever individualized package the residents can afford. Programing should not be an issue as all channels are there if you are willling to take your time , do the research and select the package right for your individual needs. I do not need Selectmen determining what programs I will watch for free in exchange for substandard outmoded and obselete service.
Is there a reason why Cox ONLY does business with 1 town in Massachusetts??? Us?????
As far as the digital phone goes ..instead of worrying about what channels our Selectmen and their friends get Wettlaufer should have disqualified cox from bidding for not being willing to provide the same high standards of services as the others.
OH good he said he is sorry, we already know that.

Thank you for your clarification and well thought out and presented post Mr Spinner. Next time sign it

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 12:39 by Blunkie
To Police Chief &Other Blogs.com
As a Blog Junkie I like to read em all. ANY other blogs.com (sorry no free advertisement here yet) Oxford, Charlton, Sturbridge, Southbridge, Brookfield, all actually have public officials blogging and speaking candidly and honestly about issues and answering questions and concerns of all residents. They actually hold a dialogue with those willing to show courtesy. And they sign their real names.

Amazing... If only our elected ones would be so open and approchable. Or perhaps some of the Officials in our town have too much to hide to be open and honest. They work for themselves first. Ask Johnson Bros Incorporated working out of our Town Barn.

Acting Chief Seargant Haughey,, GREAT JOB last night. You got a couple good looking young men there willing to gain experience in Holland. You say they come highly recommended. Would you tell us who recommended them please? You are right about Officer Stanley too. It is a tough loss for Holland.
It was good that you explained the difference in "Municipal Police Accademy" and Full time Police Training. I am also sorry your budget was cut so X Chief Gleason, Earl, Brian, Kristen, Ms Talbott and their friends could get a pension plan. I hear we will get the money that Gleason stole back from his pension plan we paid for. Is that true?
Will you offer the full academy to our young officers in exchange for a multi year commitment? ANyhow you have alot to do to fix things here in Holland and you are hitting the ground running. I salute and support you sir.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 12:42 by Apple Pie Lover
Apple Pie Contest
Does anybody know if the apple pie contest is going on at the senior center this fall? If so, when is it and what are the rules?

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 14:56 by Pie Judges
Apple Pie Contest is now
Ok Bring the pies to 14 lakeridge drive Holland ma. We will be happy to judge them. Leave a number but no name as we want to be impartial. Contest runs from now until after christmes.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 15:59 by danny
to blunkie
Yeah, he is still not qualified for his position, as a full time officer.
was offered, and took the job knowing he does not qualify as a full time officer in the state of mass., his training does not qualify according to mass general law. Campus cops can not work as municipal cops full time in Mass.,(however part time is legal,(go figure); otherwise all campus cops would leave for town jobs.


Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 17:00 by Heard it from the source
Retired State Police Commander?
Our campus cops working at the school that Officer Forcier works for are supervised by a retired State Police Colonel. Alot are also
X-Military. If they get Full time benefits from the school they work at and are allowed to take part time jobs then I say Holland is lucky to have them folks working in our town.


Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 22:52 by Peter Frei
Some Stats
The Holland Blog was visited 1690 times over the last 8 days and a total of 7957 pages were viewed according to Google analytics.
78 visiters spending an average of 7:22 minutes on the Holland Blog in the last 8 days used a “T1” connection or better, among them:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (33 visits in the last 8 days, spending a total of 174 minutes on the Blog;)
Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association, (20 visits in the last 8 days, a total of 133 minutes;)
Stonebridge Press Inc., (17 visits 82 minutes;)
Other visitors of the Holland Blog over the last 8 days: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Headquarters USAISC, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Tantasqua School District, Southern New hampshire University, Town of Hopkinton, Amherst College, Harrington Memorial Hospital Inc., State of Delaware, Town of Manchester CT.

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 7:55 by James P LaMountain
Shining the light on corruption
Great, District attorney spending time on the blog? HMMMMM and who is the Commonwealth? Attorney General Perhaps, It is only a matter of time till things get cleaned up here in Holland. This town deserves a fair shake.

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 8:30 by Mike LaMountain
What do I win?
I was number 100000 on the hit meter. I assume there is a prize. You can deliver it to the hill. Cash only.

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 8:36 by Peter Frei
What is your IP?
Mike, I will treat you for pizza at Enrico's if you were using the IP that generated the 100,000 count. To find out your IP go to www.whatismyipaddress.com.

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 13:51 by Mike LaMountain
Hey Peter

So my ip is 72200170131.

Do you know where Enrico gets all the firewood to keep his brick oven going??? That's right. The wood that fires Enricos pizza oven all comes from my Holland Farm. Just another satisfied wood customer, who just happens to make some awesome pizza with it.

Happy 100,000th

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 15:30 by MMMMMMMMM
Pie Judge
Ok APPLE Pie number 1 was very nice, The crust could have been a little flakier though. Keep bringing those pies. The contest ends the week before Christmas

Posted on 24 Oct 2009, 14:33 by Jim L
Pie Judge
Pie # 2 ... Number 2 was a nice Apple pear combination. Same as # 1 on the crust.. Could have been flakier but the pears are a nice twist. On a 40 scale it scored 21 by a panel of 4 Judges.
Pie number 3 just came in the door and out of a possible 40 it scores 32. It is a pecan pumpkin combination that is just so well put together. Keep the Pies coming to 14 Lakeridge drive and we will announce the names of the contributors and winning entries at the end of the contest.

Thank You for the Pies

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