Peter Frei filed Notice of Appeal

Brian O. Lees. the clerk of the Superior Court for the Hampden County issued a judgment on February 19, and an amended judgment on February 20, 2009, after judge Velis granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss, see also my previous post, Superior Court Judge Dismisses Johnson LandGate Suit.
Yesterday, I filed plaintiff’s notice of appeal, appealing judge Velis’s decision. I also filed the required plaintiff’s notice pursuant Mass. R.A.P. rule 8. The case will now be scheduled to be heard by a panel of three judges of the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth. To read any documents, just click on the bold text in italic describing the document; this is consistent throughout this blog, any bold text in italic is a link! To read all the posts about the Johnson LandGate, click on the link Johnson LandGate which can be found under the heading Categories on the left in the Menu section.
Peter Frei

Posted on 11 Mar 2009, 13:04 - Category: Johnson LandGate
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Posted on 11 Mar 2009, 19:42 by Legal Student
This is the exact same set of circumstances Mr. Frei beat the town on last time. They should know by now what constructive approval means.

I wonder who will get the contract to demolish, dismantle, or move those two illegal homes.

Is there any way we can have this land returned to the rightful owners.. We the inhabitants of Holland...?????

How can anyone workiing with this Johnson Clan and turning a blind eye to the corruption be taken seriously while working in the town hall. Cmon ethical ones stand and be counted. Send a message elect fresh people this election.

Thank you Herr Frei.

Posted on 11 Mar 2009, 24:01 by Peter Frei
Wettlaufer's Logic
This is what Wettlaufer said according to an interview published in the issue of February 2nd, 2009, of the Southbridge Evening News (SEN): "[T]hat [decision in my favor by the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth] was due to a technicality, not necessarily merit.“
Is that right Mr. Wettlaufer? What could the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) probably say, how could they talk themselves out if their mess?? The ZBA choose to do nothing for a good reason... You are right LegalEagle, the Planning Board did the same twice, and the Assessors Office does the same right now, not taking any action on one of my appeals and another lawsuit will ensue. Once I file suit, they lose by default (or by a technicality as Wettlaufer puts it, that sounds better...)

Wettlaufer goes on in his interview in the SEN: "This is all fabrication on the part of Mr. Frei,” Wettlaufer said, speaking to what he sees as the absurdity of Frei’s claim that a handful of municipal employees, who Wettlaufer said “couldn't even stand each other,” conspired against the town to obtain the land in question nearly 20 years ago. Since when does corruption only happen among a group of friends, Mr. Wettlaufer?

The interview in the SEN goes on: “It’ll be interesting to see what he appeals on,” Wettlaufer continued, saying that Frei will have to establish some sort of relevant standing in order for his appeal to even be heard. “Mr. Frei will claim the judge doesn’t understand and our lawyers lied,”
Yes Mr. Wettlaufer, that was the case last time, in my case against the Planning Board, and the three Judges of the Appeals Court saw it the same way....

The interview in the SEN goes on: Wettlaufer said, suggesting Frei’s motivation is personal, rather than altruistic. “I think he has a political agenda if you want to know what I think,” Wettlaufer said. “I think he’s using the court for his personal gain.”
How in the world can I gain from this lawsuit? Who is profiting if Wettlaufer, Johnson, and all the other corrupt officials are going to be exposed for their self-serving corrupt actions? Is it the entire town who profits if town property is sold to the highest bidder instead of being deeded over to family members of town officials, or am I the one who profits??

The interview in the SEN goes on: In the event of an appeal by Frei, Wettlaufer said that town will “vigorously defend itself,” possibly going as far as filing litigation against Frei to recoup some of the $100,000 the town of Holland has spent on what he estimates to be five lawsuits filed by Frei over the years. “It’s an unfortunate thing the tax payer has to deal with this,” Wettlaufer said. “If there’s any way to go back and cover the cost of our legal fees we will vigorously do so.”
Mr. Wettlaufer, I guess you are going to do it the same way you did it the last four times when you and the other town officials lost despite your "vigorous" efforts, efforts by lawyers on behalf of corrupt town officials paid by the taxpayers of our community.

Imagine, first you guys deeded town-property over to family embers, then illegally subdivided the property, and now you use taxpayers' money to defend your illegal self-serving actions and I'm the one who profits from it all???? How dumb do you think the towns' residents are Mr. Wettlaufer???? Will you ever learn???

Posted on 12 Mar 2009, 6:59 by LegalEagle
Wettlaufer Threat
Was that the the same article where Wettlaufer went on to threaten you and LaMountain with tragic consequences if you and he continued to "mess " with people?

There is an application for a criminal complaint and a hearing on 16 March at 2:30 PM in the Dudley Court because of the Wettlaufer Quote in that article. Earl Johnson was quoted as calling Frei and LaMountain as dirt bags costing the town money with the lawsuits.

Dont do Illegal things while acting as town officials and there will not be lawsuits.

I bet if you took all the Johnsons IQs and added them together the total would be two points less than plant life.

How about all the sand the Johnson Highway department spread around our lake this winter. It all washes into the lake because Brian Johnson does not use a crew and sweeper to pick it up.. What a shame.

Poor Holland........


Posted on 12 Mar 2009, 7:11 by Legal * Eagle
Stacy Quinonnes
The lawsuit filed against Chief Gleason and Earl Johnson by the former police Officer should be posted on this blog so people can read about our elected officials conduct. The Town settled that one out of court by paying the former Police Officer Fifty thousand dollars. If that is not an admission of wrongdoing than what is.

I think the town should have dismissed Johnson and Gleason based on that suit alone. Then the town would not be in the HUGE Federal case they find themselves in now. I can see at least another couple hundred thousand the town will need to spend to defend these corrupt officials.

I hear another Federal suit is in the works too.

Posted on 16 Mar 2009, 14:22 by Concerned Citizen
It is interesting that you filed a notice of appeal and when you looking at the documents on this blog, there is no stamp from the Hamden County Court or Mr. Frei's signature.

Posted on 16 Mar 2009, 16:36 by Peter Frei
I understand your concern
Concerned Citizen, I do understand your concern. Every concerned citizen shares your concern that I would miss the deadline to timely file the notice of appeal. I can assure you that Earl Johnson and all the other corrupt town officials involved in the Johnson LandGate case will face justice sooner or later.
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