Newly discovered document raises question of Culpability.

In a letter obtained by the Holland Blog, the Board of Selectmen discarded concerns voiced by former member of the Board of selectman, Carolyn Reardon, about excessive firearms purchases by former Police Chief Kevin Gleason.
The letter dated May 24, 2005 and signed by selectman James Wettlaufer, clearly shows that early signs of irregularities were ignored and dismissed:
“Some of the purchase orders you [Carolyn Reardon] copied were either cancelled prior to delivery or returned.”
Mr. Wettlaufer, is this normal procedure? A chief randomly orders firearms just to be cancelled? Some firearms that were ordered and delivered were returned? If there was no need for the delivered firearms, why were they ordered in the first place? This behavior by Gleason did not raise red flags in your mind?
Mr. Wettlaufer, What did you mean with your statement:
“I have looked into the matter with Chief Gleason, and I am with the accounting of the weapons inventory and other equipment.”

This statement is confusing, do you agree Mr. Wettlaufer? It seems to me that you were confused yourself but ignored even your own confusion. Gleason-interview-to-became-Chief-of-Police
I personally expect more responsibility from individuals who carry the highest office in our community. In my opinion are you, together with Johnson, culpable for the Gleason debacle. This is nothing new; this letter just reaffirms my conclusion.
The word in town is that it was Petersen who finally took action to bring Gleason down. The Word is also that Johnson tried hard to undermine Petersen’s efforts and tried to prevent the inevitable. Click here to view the letter signed by Wettlaufer.
Peter Frei

Posted on 12 Dec 2009, 17:31 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 12 Dec 2009, 21:23 by Curious

Mr. Frei--
In the letter that Wettlaufer writes in reply to Carolyn Reardon, he states that the purchase orders about the weapons she inquired about were either canceled or returned.

This is one of those things that makes you go "Hmmmmm."

If Gleason was purchasing guns with town money and then selling the guns in private sales to then pocket the money (and we KNOW he was because he was supposed to spend 2 years in jail for this unethical conduct) then Gleason would also need a way to explain to the town (or anyone else that might ask) why the weapons were not in the police department inventory. Gleason needed to create a way for the guns to not be part of the town's inventory. In my opinion he did this by saying the orders were canceled or returned (because isn't it a different department that manages the money-- and the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing...) By saying he returned the weapons he was free to take them himself and sell them. It would be months before accounting would be looking for the refund...if they looked at all...

So... maybe Gleason is the mastermind and lied to Wettlaufer saying orders for guns were canceled or that guns were returned... OR.... maybe Wettlaufer was stonewalling Carolyn Reardon because Wettlaufer KNEW what was going on. Maybe Wettlaufer HELPED Gleason cover up the whole malfeasance!

Posted on 13 Dec 2009, 7:35 by Disgusted
Does not matter
This is Horrible. It does not matter how it happened. Checks were signed, guns were paid for and questions about their existance were asked.
But our slip shod selectmen allowed it to happen even after a citien brought the matter to the selectmens attention. But because Wettlaufer and Gleason do bnot like Corolyn Reardon and because she was not one opf their drones the Selectmen just brushed her discovery under the rug thus causing our community to have a corrupt Police Chief for another four years.
That is how our official operate and it will continue as long as Holland residents allow the beast in out town hall to continue to mesmerie them with lies and misdirection.
We have devient lawbreakers running our town .. what else would u expect?

Posted on 13 Dec 2009, 16:22 by earl j
Prone taxpayer
I think the guy on the floor is the taxpayyer and wettlaufer is looking at earl who is just out of the picture behind the taxpayer unzipping his pants. Wettlaufer should be saying.. "forget the grease Earl"

Posted on 14 Dec 2009, 12:49 by Looking and Listening
Wettlaufer and Johnson knew
You know that this guy knew.. Cmon if you are a corrupt politician who lies for a living and you just discovered your police chief has been cooking the books and selling guns.....You would have an assett in that the police chief would be your puppet.

It could have been the other way around but I think Kevin Gleason is on the basic level a good guy who sometimes is a knucklehead.
Kevin I lost your e mail address. Send it to

Anyhow this is the smoking gun as far as Wettlaufers involvement with the Guns on the Street. He knew. His language betrays him an the letter he wrote. " I am with the accounting of the weapons and other equipment" Did he think Carolyn Reardon was under his thumb enough where such a declaration would in itself deter her from further audit of Town Books? Look how he hired a new zoning enforcement officer whose first act will be to tell Carol who or what she can have on her land.
Wettlaufer knows language and is very careful how to twist words to distort reality but this is a case where he took great pains to let Carolyn Reardon know he was on board with the Police Chief and she better back off. I look at the letter as a threat if I am Carolyn Reardon.
Good Luck Carolyn,
Jim L

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 10:51 by TBK a Law Abiding Resident & Taxpayer
Thank You for keeping us informed
Thank you Peter Frei for keeping the Holland residents aware of what (some of) our corrupt officials who we foolishly elected into office are doing/not doing where they should. Unfortunately this website is our only source of news since the newspapers have stopped covering our area. And another thank you to Carolyn Reardon for stepping up to the plate and revealing what you did. What took you so long? You should have brought this matter forward when Gleason was first exposed and subsequently charged. Your insight in this matter is of great significance and could have helped you win your courageous run @ the last election - especially if the news media were made aware of your involvement and printed these facts. Hopefully Ms. Reardon & others will run & oust the current two corrupt selectmen. And also thank you Mr. Petersen for bringing this matter to the forefront. How come you're not chairman after your many years of service on the board? Is it because Mr. Wettlaufer has to have control over everything? Voters please get rid of him and EJ SOON!!!

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 12:03 by prone taxpayer
Anyone ethical to fill the seats??????

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 13:04 by Peter Frei
Please, be realistic..
To "prone taxpayer," Please be realistic! I want to just delete your comment. The comment is not helpful; I perceive your comment like a dog peeing on the blog. Who is going to collect signatures for a re-call? Are you? You don't even have the guts to sign your comment with your name. You are not helpful.
If enough voters get informed by the Holland Blog, the incumbent officials exposed as corrupt hopefully will not get re-elected.
Your comment scares moderate readers away, and rightfully so.

Posted on 15 Dec 2009, 13:27 by Moderate one
How many
How many signatures do we need?

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 8:27 by Mike LaMountain
"It's easy to lose faith in politicians and the political process when elected officials blatantly disregard the interests of the citizens and then loudly proclaim to be doing just the opposite.

Posted on 7 Jan 2010, 6:58 by Jim L
Complaint to Selectmen
Dear Mr Wettlaufer,
It has come to our attention that the Holland tax collector Nancy talbot engaged in questionable or Illegal practices under MGL Ch 268A sec 23, regarding the fraudulant transfer of tax delinquent land to a family member. Please review the affidavit attached and take appropriate action. Remember when we complained about the police chief in 2008 and you said it was garbage? Well what happened to that? Is the Police Chief still in jail or did he get released after serving less than 3 months of a 2 year sentence. I am sure you will try to sweep this under the rug too. You knew for years there was a problem with the police weapons inventory and took no action. Have you considered resigning your position due to conflicts?.... You should. The Affidavit is attached and you can see the links below for the "Talbot deed" and further documentation. Note the talbot deed is dated may 2008 and part of the agreement is to pay delinquent taxes. This is similar to what Johnson did with the Landgate property. Please represent the taxpayors and take appropriate action...

Jim LaMountain 14 Lakeridge Drive Holland Ma


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