Petition against Truck Stop, take two.

The organizers of the petition against the truck stop encountered two legal bumps; first, a large number of signatures turned out to be from individuals which are not registered voters; second, the text of the petition did not clearly request a specific action to be taken if accepted by the voters.
To read the new petition, click here for page one, and, click here for page two.
Anybody who wants to sign the petition can printout page one, turn the paper and print page two on the backside of page one. Ask your neighbor or anybody else who might be interested in signing the petition.
Mail the signed form to: The Bousquet’s, 9 Lakeridge Drive, Holland MA, 01521. Night-Satellite-Photo
Holland is one of the 35 towns located in the Last Green Valley formed by the Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers. The area of the Last Green Valley is relatively undeveloped and forms an island in the midst of the most urbanized region in the nation. Its 300’000 inhabitants reside only 2-1/2 hours from 25 million people. The Congress recognized the importance on a local, regional and national level and designated “The Last Green Valley, Quinebaug and Shetucket Heritage Corridor” in 1994. In 1999 the corridor, which is one of 37 declared “heritage corridors” in the country, was enlarged to include the town of Holland. The Last Green Valley, Quinebaug and Shetucket Heritage Corridor, is authorized to receive up to $1 million in grants each year from the federal government. The management entity for the Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor is maintaining a webpage with more information. There is a link on the left under “Local Links.”

Under the pretence of a promised increase of tax revenues which would lower the tax burden of everybody, the voters of Holland favored rezoning the locus to accommodate the proposed Flying J truck stop, following the recommendation of the two selectmen Earl Johnson and James Wettlaufer.
However, the promised increase of tax revenues is a myth; the truck stop will bring higher taxes for everybody and not lower taxes as outlined in the piece Sturbridge Voters Not As Smart As Holland Voters? The truck stop would also have very negative impacts on the Environment, the Economy, the social fabric of the community, and on Traffic, as outlined in this piece, A Truck Stop in our Community?
Watch the video posted in the piece Petition against proposed Truck Stop.
Peter Frei

Posted on 14 Jul 2009, 08:50 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 14 Jul 2009, 17:14 by Skipper
Higher taxes?
I see, just a lame attempt by the powers-that-be to cast a wrench in the cogwheels of truth and justice to dissuade the forthright people of Holland from focusing further on their local politicos ongoing sleazy activities!

Posted on 15 Jul 2009, 20:46 by I was there...
where were you?
Ok Joe Bousquet... Complaining now? Where were you years ago when this was brought to the floor at the annual town meeting? I certainly didn't see YOU there! Talk about to little TOO LATE! Have fun w/ your petition, you won't get results. IF you had a bone to pick with what was coming forward, when we all voted YES to the commercial land developement, you should have said something then! what is your motive now neighbor?

Posted on 15 Jul 2009, 22:39 by Jim L
all who voted?????
Who put it on the warrent to build the truck stop????? Jim "grossi" wettlaufer? Or Earl "stack the meeting" Johnson" ?

I think the petition needs to go to the Market, the gas station, and the pizza parlor. Also a door to door campaign and a mailing should do the trick.


Posted on 15 Jul 2009, 22:42 by Question
What happens when the unstopable force meets the inmovable object?

Posted on 15 Jul 2009, 22:58 by Peter Frei
Petition against Truck Stop at Team Hoyt Finish Line
Anybody who wants to sign the petition can do so at Hoyt's Finish Line. The petition is on a clip board next to the order window.

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 19:21 by waiting to see politics get in the way of good business
team hoyts
It is unfortunate that Team Hoyts has the petition posted on their site.
Mixing town business and politics is not a sensible idea.
I certainly hope Dick Hoyt doesn't get sucked into this nonsense.

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 22:05 by Peter Frei
Please tell me you have more!
Obviously Mr. Hoyt has not "learned" yet or is "brave" enough not to be scared by people like the commenter above (another one who hides behind an alias and does not have the guts to sign his "scarecrow" comment. )

Everybody I talked to who has read the posts on the blog with half a brain sees through your nonsense and does not want to ruin the town with a truck stop which will bring higher taxes and not lower taxes for everybody.
The total assessed value of properties in Holland according to the “At A Glance Report for Holland” by the Department of Revenue (DOR) is $360,260,225 for FY 2008.
According to a DOR report, 60% of homes in Holland are second homes. Most of these homes are lake front properties with an average value higher than the houses away from the lake. 60% of $360 millions is $216 millions, (the value is actually higher as 60% is referring to number of homes not value. The second homes are worth more as most of them are lakefront properties.
Holland is therefore fortunate to tax properties worth at least $216 millions without carrying the high cost associated with educating the children living (part time) in these homes.
If my assumption is correct that the public at large does not find it appealing to live in a community with a truck stop, the fortune of our town will turn for the worse and not for the better. Just a decline of property values of 2% or less would wipe out the additional taxes paid by Flying J Inc. on a facility worth $5,000,000. If the loss of attractiveness on second homes would attract more year round residents and 6 more pupils would join the Holland educational system, the increase in tax revenue would be wiped-out even if the property values would not be affected by the truck stop. Each pupil is costing the taxpayer $ 9755 (FY 2007).
Either, the previous commenter has a personal gain or no clue.
It is easy to discard an issue as "nonsense," if the previous commenter has something more, maybe an argument in favor of the truck stop, I would love to hear it...

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 23:15 by John Q.
what "nonsense"
This is a response to the post titled waiting to see above.
I would just like to say that any public gathering place is a place that petitions for the public should be posted. It is a New England tradition to do so.
That does not mean the business owner supports the ideals of the petition. I am sure that they hold neutral public positions on the matter and are providing a public service by allowing public information to be displayed in their public place.
I go into Holland Pizza and Holland Market at least once a week and there are town warrants posted for meetings and other information. I don't find that to be political. Just a way to let the people in this small town know what is going on.
Now for you to threaten Mr Hoyt is a little extreme even if your threat is veiled. And for you to call the issue nonsense makes me wonder about your motives.
A Truck Stop next to a sole source aquifer is certainly not nonsense. And the noise and air pollution and traffic impacts caused by such an extreme development impacts the life of all Holland Citizens no matter the politics.
Why are you calling this politics? I believe you wrote your post because you have something to gain financially by this proposed development. And you probably better know that Mr Hoyt does not seem the type to be bullied. Mr Hoyt I will visit your place. I hope the other businesses stay out of politics and display the petition also.
I have been reading this Blog for quite a while now and after reviewing the documents and posts I truly believe the poster of the threat to Mr Hoyt is a Town Official. My guess would be Selectman JW, as his friends have the most to gain and he has advocated the loudest for the truck stop.
He met with the State to expedite the permitting process. JW also spoke at a Sturbridge meeting to push the Flying J. Politics aside this will affect Holland forever.
If there is something good that can come from this predatory development than please make a real argument and leave the threats at home. Tell Holland in a civil manner what we stand to gain by sacrificing our quiet way of life.
I am waiting. I want to thank Mr Bousquet for taking the initiative to put this out there. This issue needs leadeship that has the best interests of Holland as its motivation.
Thank You Mr Bousquet.

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 23:24 by silent majority
Dick Hoyt for Selectman 2010
Please Mr Hoyt..............You were put in Holland for a reason.

Posted on 18 Jul 2009, 16:13 by John Q
Hoyt Clams are Great.
Well I went to Hoyts to sign the petition and while I was there I ordered up some of their Whole Clams. Very good.
I needed to borrow the pen of the worker so if it was my petition I would drop off a dozen pens so the workers can make sure there is one near the petition.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 7:56 by Peter Frei
It isn't over yet!
Hoyt's is closed for the season but the organizers of the petition against the truck stop are still short of the needed 200 signatures.
If you are opposed to the truck-stop, please printout the petition and mail the signed form to:
The Bousquet’s, 9 Lakeridge Drive, Holland MA, 01521.
If you don't, who will??

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 8:11 by Wants to know
where is the petition
Print out the petition???????Is there a link?

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 8:20 by Peter Frei
Right here.....
Just read the above post... Links are right there!
To printout the petition,
click here for page one, and,
click here for page two.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 8:40 by Activist
Do a Mailer
How about printing out the petition and mailing it to all the registered voters. With a self adressed stamped return envelope. Does anyone want to participate. I would donate time and money.

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