Sturbridge Road Work

Work will be beginning, the first week of July, on Sturbridge Road from Sand Hill Rd to Leno Rd. Expect detours and/or delays.

Posted on 5 Jul 2011, 10:05 - Category: Announcements
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Posted on 5 Jul 2011, 11:32 by The Hamilton
just asking..
who are they going to sell the road tailings to?? Do the proceeds from the road go back into the budget? who was contracted to do the job?


Posted on 9 Jul 2011, 8:43 by Peter Frei
Sturbridge Road Work
According to Wettlaufer, the contracts for the work on Sturbridge Road were signed with,
C & A Construction Co.
157 Carmelinas Cir
Ludlow, MA 01056

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