2015 Annual Town Election Results, Congratulations Mr. Gillen!

A total of 465 voters made the annual trip to the Holland Community Center to exercise their constitutional right to participate in forming the government of their community. (Last year the count was 437.)
The annual town election took place at the Community Center for the first time, read more»

Posted on 8 Jun 2015, 21:59 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 8 Jun 2015, 23:58 by its been 30
look 2010
Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 15:30 by Outsider
Not From Holland and GLAD!!
What did Thomas Jefferson say, " A government that is large enough to give everything to it's people is surly big enough to take anything it wants from them"?
I've been reading this blog forever and I don't understand how the people of Holland allow these men to keep doing what they do.
Sadly, your towns people seem to be such drones to their leadership that so long as they "keep getting theirs" that they don't care what their elected officials do.
It is not easy to change a long standing governmental body, but, it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!


Posted on 23 Jun 2015, 2:46 by from years ago/why not much has changed
copied and pasted
As long as the needed medicine in form of citizen ‘s involvement is absent, the malignant cancer keeps metastasizing unhindered under the roof of our Townhall.

Citizen involvement-Holland residents are too lazy to even vote

and 2/3 of the 465 voters that do vote, year after year, see to it that the malignant cancer keeps metastasizing at Town Hall.


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