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Peter Frei

Posted on 6 Jul 2015, 08:35 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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Posted on 2 Sep 2015, 18:30 by LOL
Best idea in years!
Newly elected member of the Board of Selectmen, Andrew Harhay, proposed the idea to write down decisions made by the BOS, based on approved motions and promises made otherwise by the BOS and track their implementation and follow up with checks over time. BOS member Harhay had prepared already a spreadsheet with a list of recent action by the BOS in a spreadsheet.
Elias Gillen appeared to be less then impressed and made light of Harhay's idea in an unprofessional way. Gillen appeared somewhat immature in comparison to Harhay who brings a certain - not seen in many years - sophistication to the job. Unfortunately the one member which impresses in a positive way, BOS member Harhay, will be up for re-election the soonest.
Since Member James Wettlaufer is no longer on the BOS, meetings are actually worth watching as there is a refreshing lively dynamic going on, unlike the totally predictable controlled manner by which meetings were held under the chairmanship of Wettlaufer.

Posted on 11 Nov 2016, 10:14 by Thoughts...
I am a veteran and need no thanks or recognition.. There was no noble cause or desire to fight for anyone's freedom behind my choice to serve. I needed a job to help feed my little Brothers and Sisters after my Dad got sick and could not work was why I enlisted in the navy.
I was 19 and had yet to learn to think for myself. I was a sheep lulled by the carefully crafted holidays glorifying wars and indoctrinated by the public school system to accept as reality this un-natural social structure set up by the elite that we all live in today.
I am older now and have learned to think for myself. .
I live in a society surrounded by unthinking people who glorify war in the name of God and mindlessly wave flags without once giving a thought about how many hundreds of millions of people were murdered by the terror regime they are supporting. All wars past and present are a way for the elite to grow their wealth and position. The greedy few profit from war no matter the outcome.
We are living in the world envisioned by the greedy minority who have claimed ownership of the worlds resources for profit.
A handful of the elite own all radio stations, magazines, newspapers, and television stations.
They use their media nonstop to divide us.. ...man vs women.. Country vs Country.....Christians vs muslims ..Blacks vs White.... Red vs blue... Rich vs poor ,, gay vs straight.....On and on.. The elite broadcast through their media outlets any reason to distract us and keep the focus away from their despicable actions and unchecked greed.
From birth to death we are programmed to think and act how the elite determine. All the while thinking we are free because of war..
Wars fought against the people for world domination by the greedy ones and their unthinking drones in uniform who act like lap dogs accepting praise for being Americas hero's.
Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day are nothing but treats for the obedient dogs. I want no part of this.
I am a veteran who thoughtlessly volunteered to be part of a killing machine sanctioned by the elite.
. I am no hero.
I am ashamed that I ever wore a military uniform.
Jim L

Posted on 4 Dec 2016, 15:44 by Figured
Marijuana Dispensary/ commercial grow
It looks like marijuana permits will only go to you if you or your family is Kelli Robbins and works for the town.
Anyone else will be turned away.

Posted on 9 Dec 2016, 19:40 by Victor lapointe
Pot dispensary
OK , Ms Robbins should really check with the planning board. If I remember correctly, the board passed no area allotted for pot suspensory. No zoning allotments except for the truck stop/trailer parking lot off of Mashapaug Rd . After listening to the residents in that area, I think there might be a large contingency voicing very loudly against this. But oh wait! Isn't the truck stop owned by a former Selectman's best friend and neighbor? Wasn't the town secretary hired by the same selectman? After he released someone that already had started the job of executive secretary.with the hep of a selectman that had resigned. Something smells like a big fat dubbie..

Posted on 1 Jul 2017, 22:12 by Good Riddance
Paul Foster
Foster and his single digit IQ will not be missed on HFD..
He went out like a true Azzhole.


Posted on 25 Oct 2018, 18:19 by Citizens concerned
Union 61
Citizens of Union 61: if you have children that go to the High School or about to go, serious thought must go into how the school is being run, we have got a Principle and a VP who knowing overlook serious bulling issues and choose to avoid it and hope that it goes away, There are many things that Parents do not know that go on at that school and are just brushed off by Mr. Lucas and his cronies, It is time for a change for our children's sake, the should be learning and studying not worried about going to school the next day, Mr. Lucas in my opinion is useless. nuf said.

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