Speak out Holland! (no.26)

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Peter Frei

Posted on 6 Jun 2011, 00:01 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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Posted on 12 Jun 2011, 8:09 by That Guy
grave yard worker
The town of Holland is about to take on another grave injustice! Wettlaufer is up for re-election and Brian Jonson is running for cemetery commission. Brian can't put cold patch down without putting in for over time now he wants to ravage the cemetery budget as well.. This would be a piss poor move to elect this pompous ass for another three years to any town position. If the public cares about the tax hikes the may want to do something about it.

Posted on 18 Jun 2011, 12:19 by Sole Propreitor
This is a great website Peter. The town of Holland is being well served by it. A pleasure meeting you last evening!

Posted on 20 Jun 2011, 15:20 by Not Brave
Mr. Peter
Here in Southbridge we have the same kinda of govermment that your town has. It was reported in todays Southbridge News how 3 people tamper with thier water meters after they were shut off for NON-PAYMENT of the water they used. Problem is that it was the LAZO family, they are members of town goverment. One of them is even the town council chair. The other on the School Committee. They think they are untouchable and they do what they want. Problem is they do get away with it. They scare people with intimidation and that what allows them to get away with what they do. They even have a business with a liquor lic. that hasnt been open in 6 years if that was you the permit would be gone in 6 months. But with the corupt goverment that we have in Southbridge they get away with it. So here in Southbridge it goes on just like Holland.

Posted on 9 Jul 2011, 9:45 by Jim L
Casey Anthony
To all u Casey Anthony haters and Monday Mornin Quarterbacks bitching and crying about the trial outcome... Get over it!!! A jury found her not guilty. Blame the cops for being inept welfare recipients dressed in blue milking the public if you think she is guilty. As far as her lying to Law Enforcement? Remember Bill Clinton & Monica? Or Weiner? What about Clemens? Cops lie all the time under oath to get convictions. Most politicians including our Holland Officials lie to the people all the time. Also there is a little matter of the fifthamendment. Casey Anthony did not have to say anything to the Cops.
Stop complaining and be nice to all Children if you want to do something in memory of little Kaylee Anthony may she RIP.


Posted on 16 Jul 2011, 8:48 by That guy
Wasting money
More often than not I've recently witnessed Holland municaple vehicals everywhere else but holland, from here on I'm taking it as my personal quest to follow and document what these ppl. Are doing on the tax payers buck, wake up Holland! These ppl. You all stupidly voted for are now stealing from you. Look for the red and green highway trucks for starters they are easy to spot they stick out like a sore thumb.

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