Our elected Highway Superintendent a liar?

There is a pattern evolving that is most unflattering for one of our elected officials, Brian Johnson, son of selectman Earl Johnson. He needs to lie to keep his scheme going, read more»

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Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 13:00 by Clement
You are lucky Mr Frei
Hey Frei Good thing Gleason was not Chief or you would have found yourself in Jail based on those Johnson Lies.

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 13:17 by Hi Scotty
Thats no onlooker
The onlookers in Mr Frei's group photo is Non other than President Brian Johnson's sidekick and Vice President of Johnson Gang Contracting Corp .

Say hello Mr Vice president Scooty G and attracive lady friend. What have you to say about all this.

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 16:07 by Holland TAXES payer
State Police?
Why did the scared lil Ms Johnson call the State Police and not Holland to help her. Could it be that the Holland cops are wise to the Johnson lies. Did acting Chief Haughy actually read the quinonnes lawsuit a figure out how vile the Johnson Clan really is.???

Our first Family of Johnsonville can not make the new Chief into a Puppet??? Thank you Chief. Maybe you can teach the same trick to the Fire Chief.

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 17:39 by scotty g
scotty g
get a life frie ,korny,and lamountain you guys need friends and yes this is me scott not like you fucks i make sure you know who i am have nothing to hide like you scum fucks and yes brian is my friend and we do run j and g construction do you need you roof done

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 18:08 by Scum F*cks
Hey Peter????? When did Korney join the Good Guys? Scotty calm down. This is a family blog. If you are really the guy we think you are then you really believe what you wrote. You have been indoctrinated by the dark side and set up for a fall. I admire your loyalty but our roads suck Scotty. Say what you will but there is a definite conflict of interest going on here.
And it is spelled LaMountain. And we are many more than Frei and Korney.. Hi Ray.....How did you get on the black list?

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 18:28 by Why Ms J is scared
False Johnson Police Report
Perhaps the reason Ms Johnson is afraid to leave her house is because all the residents in Holland are aware of the Johnson Crimes. She must have a hard time facing any residents in Holland that have the intelligence to figure out what is happening or to read this blog. She fears for her children because little Dicky and Jane in the Elementary School hear the talk about corruption at the dinner table perhaps and carry it to the school.
It is good her Children get to use the same text books at the school that their father used. All because Selectman Grampy Earl and wettlaufer rob our school of their school choice funds.

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 18:31 by scotty g
scotty g
and you still cant leave your real name i wonder why maybe you have something to hide and if you think the roads suck in holland vote to hire a couple more guys to work and find some money to pay for that you guys are so smart get it on

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 18:49 by Accounting??
More Money??
Scotty........shhhhhhhhhh. You are no accountant. There is plenty of money available. It has just been...how to say this delicately???....
What you are saying turns you into one of Earl Johnson's Parrots. If you had all the facts you would change your tune.
Good for you for standing tall. We will take it from here.

Eliot Ness

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 7:09 by Kristin LaPlante
Taking a Stand
Normally I would not post on this blog, because I think it is basically the same 4 people using different names to trying to make other people think there is more support for the attacks than there actually is. But I do believe that people look at this blog, kind of like the National Enquirer, It's almost humourous sometimes. It is for that reason that I am breaking my silence, I feel that this blog has gone too far. You are attacking good, hard-working people. They are human beings with families, and you don't care if you hurt them or their children. Any mother or father looking at this, tell me, would you like to have a stranger outside in your driveway taking pictures like a stalker while you try to feed your children supper, not once, but twice. To be afraid to let your kids go out and play? Put yourself in her shoes, she has every right to be upset, and it is not an act or "spin". I know her, I love her and those beautiful children and they are not the ones who should have to be banished to their home. They have a right to live without fear. You think you look like a victim because the police chased you away? You look like a madman who is victimizing an innocent woman and her children. These are good people. You have gotten so carried away, hell bent on making Earl Johnson pay that you don't care whose lives you destroy to get to him. Let it go, it is time to move on. Life does not always go the way you want. I know that there is no way to reason with you, I could present you with cold hard facts and because of your obsession you will find a way to believe its a lie, if it does not support your theory that the Johnson's are bad. Here is just one thing I would like everyone who reads this to do; call Mass Highway, ask them how the Town Of Holland's Chapter 90 money is used. Ask them if it is remotely possible for the Selectmen or anyone to use the money for anything other than roads. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! If this blog had journalistic integrity, they would have checked this before just accepting it as fact, but they did accept it because to say Brian diverts chapter 90 money supports the theory that they want everyone to believe.They claim to be responsible for taking down the ex police chief, I hate to tell you but he took himself down. You think you can try the same thing with these guys but Brian and Scott and the Highway Dept. don't do anything wrong and they work hard for the town. I think you will find that the reason people like Scotty and myself have the balls to post our real names on here when before we didn't "get invoved" is because Brian Johnson deserves our support. He is a good person, and he does a good job. This is not loyalty because we get "perks," it is loyalty because Brian and Scotty and their families are good and honest people who do not deserve to be punished for what you SAY his happened 30 or 40 years ago. Brian has our support, and the majority of the Town's support, because he has earned it. So put me on the black list, I don't care anymore, right is right. Good people of Holland, if I can do it, you can do it. Show your support, lets see how many posts actually make it on this blog, and if your comment does not make it, you'll have to ask yourself just how unbiased and objective this blog is.

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 7:35 by You Are just as bad
Yay Krisitin
First Kristin Thank You for your damage control and spin but guess what. I was at 2 town meetings when chapter 90 funds were voted to be transferred into the selectmens discretionary account OK. So stop lying it does not become you.
Also you are the town clerk, the executive secretary, and the Highway department accountant so it is you who eliminate oversight by others.
National Enquirer... HAHAHAH how about we have the backup documentation for what we say. Earls land grab and subsequent development did not happen 30 or 40 years ago.. It began in the 1980's and continued until the homes were built in 2006.
Johnson had to corrupt at least 14 other town officials along the way to make it happen. Are you one of em too????

Yes you are a friend of the Johnsons. If you were not then you would have a real job.

Our town is being robbed by all in the Town barn and you are one that enables it to happen. You know darn well what you have witnessed over the years but you choose to Ignore it because you LOVE your place in Johnsonville.
Thank you for your post and believe me there are more than 4 or 5 of us. What are Brian's qualifications to be Highway Super.. High School football captain... HMMMM any engineering or college????

Nice try.. Thanks for showing your colors and they are not for Holland but Johnsonville.

Eliot Ness

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 7:42 by Local Girl
Stafford Road is Public Property
I just want to say that Stafford Road belongs to us taxpayors and residants not the johnson family and if anyone wants to take pictures of any houses from the street there is nothing wrong with that unless you have something to hide. I worry mere about the detention of Frei by Johnson and his neighbor and the conspiracy involving so many of our town workers.

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 7:56 by Jim L
Hello Ms Town Clerk thank you for breaking the silence. You are right. There are hardworking Men and women trying to take care of their young chilldren and families in this town. I am one of them. Your bosses are ignoring and breaking the law and you know it. Gleason did do it to himself. But his conduct was reported to the town a year before in the Twinning Report and Our Selectmen called the report Garbage and no-one took action. It took this blog to make it happen as well as Ethical Honest Men and Women in the Massachusetts State Police Department that I personally spoke to on several occassions.

Nobody wishes any physical harm to come to the Johnsons or any others in this town. Can you say the same for the Johnsons. You personally saw Brian chase Mr Frei into the town hall and attack him.

So I think you are a good person who is wrapped up in more than you can handlel but like Sara Meier you worry about your job and support. As Peter Says. When you dance with the devil ..you do not change him.. He changes you. I am glad to see you have the courage to post under your own name. Do not use this blog to diseminate false information and you will not be censored.

Jim L AKA TheeDuke

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 8:11 by Nice Try
Highway Employee's

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 8:27 by Eliot Ness
Tax Collector
Kristin also worked alongside Nancy Talbot in the Tax Collectors office which is where the dirty land deeds begin. Did you witness the Dirty Deed that Nancy helped transfrer to her son Deric. That land should have become a town asset and you know it Kristin. Running a Town is not a popularity contest and the first requirement is Ethics young lady.

Look it up and search your soul. You are in so deep you need a life preserver. We will throw one to you and Tom if you start putting together the evidence we requested.


Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 9:01 by Mr. LaMountain
Talbot Report
Deric Talbot spent nearly every day in my home a couple years back. As a matter of fact he holds a 16 guage shotgun for my Adopted Son Brandon. Deric is quite the woodsman and avid hunter and young enough to not have been indoctrinated by the Johnsons. It was like a pipeline into town hall goings on. I saw a picture of Earl Johnson sitting on a childs bicycle that Earl had won when he slyly put his ticket into the childrens raffel at the senior center.
Deric was dating my Foster Daughter Lisa at the time and one year there was a Christmas party being thrown by Earl and the gang at the town hall. Everyone was going including Kevin Gleason (designated driver?)
Deric reported that he overheard his mother on the phone in a heated conversation with Selectman/TaxAssessor/Planning Board member Earl Johnson.
You will remember Earl Johnson Transferred the 12 acres of town land to his mother in law during one such gathering of town officials back in 1980's thus launching landgate. The deed was signed on 20 December.
Anyhow I digress, What Deric Reported was that he overheard his mother say on the telephone was " EARL ! I am NOT going to your F*CKING Chrismas party"... " I have enough on you to put you in jail for a very long time"

Shortly thereafter Nancy Talbot was publically praised by Johnson and the Talbot Landgate took place. Deric was very upset when we compared his family to the Johnsons and I do not see him anymore although he still has my sons firearm. By the way Deric my Nephew Henry J LaMountain IV of 139 Federal Hill Road Oxford Ma will be by for the Remmington.
Ms Talbot.. What is it you know that will put Earl Johnson in prison for a very long time??? Make your son proud and provide the evidence. CMON Nancy, Tell the truth, Scotty and Krisitin are not afraid to say what they think. Deric I miss you.. Holland needs young people who begin so true such as you did to remain that way.
Best Wishes
Mr. LaMountain

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 9:38 by bloger
Kristin, I'm pretty sure your wrong about your statement about it being the same 4 people blogging. Either way the crap on this blog has been read over 90,000 times by people everywhere. All this has done is made awareness. Tell us what kind of training did Brian have when he was voted into his position? does he have a degree in anything?I know, I know, He had none! Water runs up hill right? You keep writing crap and I'm sure people will read it. You know the truth, some of us just wish it would just come out. Ask some of the old timers why earl had to resign from the board in the early 80's. There are a few that know. We can't just sit here and let the puppets sell any more of the lies. Now that there is question in many peoples minds about public officials not telling the whole truth, one can only hope they won't vote the same next time. Screw the team. Start fresh! Let us know when everyone wants to come clean.

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 12:05 by neutral like Switzerland
and 4 goes to 5....6...7...8...100...
If there were only four people posting before.... Kristen you make five, Scotty makes six and I make seven! We all know it is more than four.
Kristen, you are smart. You are a hard worker. I have met you and believe that you are a well adjusted balanced and caring individual. I think you are honest and I am sure you know right from wrong. Still, with all of that in your favor, I can't imagine you have not had to turn a blind eye to all the things you see at the town hall. A previous post said it best... you are the town clerk, the executive secretary and the accountant for the highway department... the same highway department for which your husband works.... You COULD actually eliminate oversight.... PLUS you have an older connection to Nancy Talbot in the Tax Collectors office where deeds get laundered?!!!
Peter Frei is not obsessed. Peter Frei is not stalking anyone and is not going to harm anyone's children. You actually CAN reason with him. He is educated, open minded and enjoys stimulating conversation...and quite frankly is versed on any topic you can think of. His knowledge goes far beyond politics. Do you want to know how a microwave works? or about radio waves? What do you know about wind currents and isobars? Granted...you might not care.... but Peter is actually a kind man with no ill-intent. In fact he holds the utmost respect for you because you are always pleasant to him and put an equal effort into his questions or requests as you do for everyone else. Your titles, by default, place you in the middle since the job makes your personal life overlap with your professional life.
A lot of what Gleason did he did do on his own, but at the same time he was a puppet, and he did do Johnson's bidding. (Harassing Stacey Quinones so much that she dropped out of the race for selectman leaving Earl Johnson running UNOPPOSED.... there is plenty more.) It is a problem for the Johnson's to no longer have the police Chief in their back pocket....especially with so many people asking questions....
And now that people ARE asking questions....
Now that people are READING the blog...
You want everyone to just stand down??
Let people read.... let them form their own opinions. Let the Johnson's ANSWER the questions... starting with Do any of them PAY for trash removal or were they letting the Town of Holland pick up the tab? Don't discourage people from getting involved! That has been the problem for too long! It is a false accusation to say that only 4 people post....
Opposing opinions do not get deleted. Your opinion differs... yet it is still posted.... does that describe the behavior of a "madman" (your words) being at the helm?
And what about Scotty G? Usually the f bomb comments do get put int he trash bin... NOT DELETED.
Scotty.... Is your sister Robin Gendreau? Did she marry ....Mueller... Eric right? And they had 2 kids... and then didn't she try to burn the family home down with her 2 kids STILL INSIDE?? I thought she went to the Framingham Women's prison for that. The truth is I went to school with your sister. Mental illness runs strong in your family. It is no surprise that you would be seduced by the friendship and perks of the Johnson's, including being a VP. Have you ever done Johnson Construction company work and gotten paid your town salary at THE SAME TIME? (double dipping...that's a nice perc!) Can you PROVE it has never happened? You aren't worried that the blog CAN PROVE it it has happened, or are you?
Everyone with something to lose seems to be in a panic and wants the inquiries and exposures to cease immediately.... but there are more people coming into enlightenment.... they want more information... they are asking questions.... it is their right!

The truth doesn't take sides.

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 12:06 by Peter Frei
Good Honest People?
Kristin LaPlante, yes, the Holland blog is humorous at time, it is intentional. I try to present said facts in a humorous way, the second Riddle is a good example. I wrote a poem about the incident when Earl Johnson horsed around with his buddy Kevin Gleason on a public road and Gleason ended up in the hospital with a broken collarbone. I guess that is ok, but stopping a car on the side of the road to take a picture for this blog is not...
Nancy Grace is so successful with her show because everybody likes children (so do I) and it is so easy to get people’s attention and provoke a strong emotional response if a child’s wellbeing is threatened. This is not about Kristen Johnson or her children (when I think about it, I feel truly sorry that they ended up with a guy like Brian as father). What is telling is the fact that Kristen Johnson feels about me the same way as she feels about James LaMountain; it shows that her fear has nothing to do with the fact that James LaMountain admitted to making an implied threat while angry. I haven’t done so; I actually have no criminal record at all. That’s why it is so difficult to criminalize me, but still the Johnson’s are trying really hard and all means are used.
You call them “good, hard working people,” you go as far as calling them “honest.” Honest people don’t lie (I’m aware that President Clinton made lying fashionable, however, it is still dishonest to lie). Good people don’t call upstanding citizens “white trash” and “scumbags” for no justifiable reason (if there are any) of all the places inside the town hall. It happened on Tuesday, May 20, 2008, in your presence and is documented in a letter sent to the selectboard. The letter in response signed by James Wettlaufer is an interesting read for people interested in First Amendment Rights.
You stated: “Any mother or father looking at this, tell me, would you like to have a stranger outside in your driveway taking pictures like a stalker while you try to feed your children supper, not once, but twice.”
I’m no “stranger,” everybody in town knows that I’m the one who files those “frivolous law suits” which the town looses on appeal and otherwise and which cost the taxpayer lots of money, I’m the only one in town driving a metallic green 1991 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe.” The Johnson Residence is at least 800 feet away from Stafford Road, my camera measures 3-1/2” by 2-1/2” by 5/8,” mothers and fathers, place an object this size inside a car behind a window 800 feet away and try to make out that it is even there while feeding your children. DSS should get involved; there is a lot of traffic on Stafford Road, her children must be starving! Brian’s wife could not feed her children?
I learned that the neighbor who lives along Stafford Road is very close to Brian. He allegedly is involved in motorcycle hill climb racing and Brian lets him use a Bobcat to move dirt to prepare the tracks. He is the one who called Brian when he spotted me on Stafford Road. He was also right there the first time I was there in May or June of 2008 (not taking pictures by the way, I had no camera with me at that time).
I know my rights and exercise them; my parents never thought me how to be intimidated, that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. If I need another picture for the blog, I have the right to take them and I will, even if it is at 61 Stafford Road. If there is no way to get to where I need to go by land, I do it from the air. I pilot helicopters and did so to take the picture of the illegal houses built by the Johnson’s on the land owned by the town and Earl Johnson conveyed, and did so without paying for it according to the DD 111 report. I do not do the Johnson’s the favor of trespassing, I don’t need to!
The incidence described in the post above reminds me to the late 80’s when I was traveling from west Berlin to Germany on the “Autobahn” which in part led through the Russian controlled part of the “DDR,” (Deutsche Demokratische Republick, or German Democratic Republic.)” There where signs all over that forbid travelers to stop their cars or take pictures. This was more than twenty years ago and before the wall separating East from West Berlin came down.
The “DDR” had little to do with Democracy. To label things is easy; most of the times it is done to hide the true nature of the beast. Kristin, look around you, democracy is on the line. Our freedom our founding fathers fought for so hard is dwindling, people are more and more isolated and do not have a way to inform themselves about what is happening. The Holland Blog has changed that. I have nothing to gain by providing this Blog to the community as an instrument to have a voice. There was a comment on The Republican webblog accusing this blog to ”spew forth the message of hate.” I do not hate, people who know me would confirm that. I see a lot of hate on the side of the people the Holland Blog exposes.
People need access to information. If the people of Holland would have had all the information I had about Gleason they would not have signed a petition at the Holland Market in support of Gleason because he was a “good” and “honest” chief... Gleason on the other hand would probably not have believed he was beyond approach and would not be in jail as he would not have dared to taken it so far.
The Holland Blog provides information; if there is nothing wrong with deeding over 12 acres of land without paying a dime for it, then build homes without frontage on the property with the help of the different boards and other officials ignoring the law while denying others who dare to remind them about the rule of law their fundamental rights; if there is nothing wrong with disposing personal trash at the taxpayer’s expense or running a construction company while holding office and garnishing a salary for fulltime employment, Earl and Brian Johnson should be proud of their actions. And Earl should be proud of having a son, and Brian of being the president of J and G Construction. If there is nothing wrong with all this, they should be thankful that the Holland Blog spreads the word. The Holland Blog provides information, what people do with the information is up to them.

Kristin LaPlant, I do appreciate your comment, everybody knows now where you stand. Every human being has the need to “belong,” now we know that you belong to the extended “Johnson clan.” You don’t need “balls” to sign your comment as one of them; it took balls not to hate the same people as they do for so long.
Kristin, I remember your response when I warned you with the aphorism, “if you dance with the devil..” Your answer was, “I’m an angel, the devil can’t touch me.”
Kristin, I would not be able to do what you do, it must be hard to be in the midst of everything and I know you are a sensitive individual who just want to do your job. Watch those feathers on your wings, look up the meaning of the words (good, honest); words you generously used in your comment.

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 13:42 by Peter Frei
burning books
for the same reason the Johnson clan hates this blog "leaders" burn books to this day!

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 19:33 by Duke
To Neutral
Lets leave Scotty's sister out of this.

Posted on 3 Oct 2009, 23:45 by scotty g
scotty g
this is what we are talking about first that is not my sister no relation duke .false info again and people are reading this so just keep making yourself look made dick that is your name

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 7:01 by Duke
I never said it was your sister. I Just said leave her out of this. It is you we speak of Mr Vice President. You should be a little more coherant in your writing. Do you fill out reports as part of your duties as Highway worker???? Go you need to write as part of yor vice presidential duties. Because your writing here boarders on
in comprehensable. I see you spin a laser once in a while .. Maybe that is why we have so many puddles in town.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 15:27 by Scared to say
Kristin is wrong
Kristin LaPlante, You have been watching GI Jane too much. Unless you and Tom are not all that meets the eye then you certainly have not got any balls as mentioned in your post.

Courage perhaps. But not balls. Please be more accurate with your posts as you do represent the Executive Secretary and the Town Clerk's Offices.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 23:03 by Peter Frei
Brian's supporters? Where are they?
Kristin LaPlant, I never censored the Holland Blog, every comment ever posted is still on the Blog. Comments that are inappropriate I move to the "Trash Bin."
As of now, I can't see much support for the clan you made a choice to belong to and defend here. As a commenter pointed out above, the truth doesn't take sides. You don't think it is outrageous for a town official to lie to two law enforcement officer to have me arrested?
Do you think that is "honest" and OK?

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 6:47 by Mike LaMountain
I'm still waiting
I'm still waiting to hear Scottys answer to neutrals question " have you ever done J & G Company work and gotten paid your town salary AT THE SAME TIME?"

That was the question you ignored

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 6:57 by Thomas Jefferson
Town employees
" When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself public property"

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 7:16 by Jim LaMountain
Shame Shame Shame
Our Highway Gang and support or lack thereof???
We hire them full time to work on the roads FULL TIME like in carreer and they choose to take Fridays off and moonlight leaving most of the winter sand on the roads to wash into the lake. Rather than putting in a little overtime which would certaily net them more cash than starting a business and all that entails. How can they concentrate on the job we hired em to do. Other than good job they do plowing which the partimers they hire work hard at they really do not try to solve Hollands road problems. (By the way they do not plow my property on Lakeridge even though they plow all my neighbors.) Tom is kind enough to sand it when he does the neighborhood but only him.

Anyhow they bandaid the private roads. They could pave them all and get paid back under chapter 90 if Brian and Company were not so busy with politics, personal business. damage control, and roofing contracting.

Once again we the tax payers get the shaft and our fearless leader Peety the Boss Hog Johnson and company go into high gear to make me look to be the bad guy. This town is a joke and the residents allow it to happen. You get what you allow so remember Register to vote, go to the caucus, This is very important and we will be happy to provide transportation to any that need it. Also town meetings and special town meetings have been stacked or ignored and that is why they have pensions and health insurance for part timers and they are going to put a truck stop in the special conservatory district that we lost to peety Wettlaufer and New England Lumber and Land Development. Think casino boys.
So I do not care who runs this town. Contrary to popular belief I have no political aspirations. All I ask is that it is done ethically and according to the law. It does not matter if the officials are friends or not, ethics cross all boundries.
Ask your town accountant or treasurer to present you with the legal expenditures for our Town in the past 5 years and demand of our leaders to know how they allowed this to happen. Earl and Kevin Gleason are as 2 peas in a pod. But Gleason can be saved I am not so sure about the Black Hearted one.
James LaMountain

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 10:38 by Wayne L
I'm astonished to read Kristen LaPlante's comment(s) in this blog because I've always thought she and Tom were respected citizens and hard working employees of this town. Now I'm starting to wonder if all the subsequent comments about her aren't true. Kristen how could you condone what the Johnson's have done when you and Tom worked so hard to build a new home of your own at your own expense while Johnson's deeded 12 acres to themselves for free? What they've done is unforgivable - especially to the rest of us tax paying residents. Your support of the Johnsons surprises a lot of people and now make them wonder about you. And Kristen Johnson's fear to participate in public events is nonsense because I believe she checked voters off at a town meeting this year way after she wrote her letter (of fear) to the judge in January. I sure hope the corruption bug hasn't bitten you too.

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 10:54 by R.S.
Brian, your father is in office for to long, power corrupts. I thought you are a nice guy, different... Kevin was a "nice guy" too! I'm disappointed..

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 11:34 by Scott P
Not up to code
Peter......I dont believe that deck is up to code. Maybe you should spend less time with this and follow the rules you supposedly fighting for and put a railing on it. Can your building permit be pulled if you arent up to code??

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 13:07 by Been there
Peter's Deck
Hey Scott P.
Peter's deck goes off his master bedroom/command central only. How does that affect anyone but peter. You should be more worried about houses built on Stafford Road by the Johnson's that have no frontage and how they got the land. Maybe worry about you too are repeating town spin anytime peter puts a pic of his house up. Who pays for the streetlight on Brian Johnsons land and how many dwellings does he have on his lot?
Now you try to shine the light on peters deck having no railing and away from the Johnsongate....!!!!!!??????? HAHAHAHAHAHA... Pathetic,,,just simply pathetic.

And Wayne.. I think Kristen LaPlante needed to speak up for the Johnson's because they pressured her into going public with her support. I can only imagine what kind of forces are pulling at that poor girls soul right now. I will ask the powers of the universe to make her strong and balanced in the position she finds herself in.

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 13:37 by Kristen Wins
KRISTEN . You are a winner. For your public show of support for the Johnson Family you will hereby be awarded a prize. Pleeze report to the Tax Collectors office for your deed. Like Nancy Talbot a buildable lot from the delinquint tax roles will be transferred over to you or a member of your family. (A nice Christmas gift for your Mother in Law perhaps.
Waivers, variences and special permits are included as part of the prize package to insure your lot is buildable.)

PETER FREI!!! What Brian Johnson did to you on Stafford Road with his neighbor is a crime. You were detained on public propert against your will. That is kidnapping ! You were treatened with violence. Please file a criminal complaint to stop this street gang of thugs from operating in our community.


Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 20:10 by Peter Frei
The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts grants every individual among others the following rights:
Article VII:
Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men: Therefore the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it.

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 20:27 by Scott P
Done that
Solid attitude done that. So if it only affects the people who live there then forget about code.....solid argument........obviously Holland Elementary is where you spend homecoming...wrong is wrong I am not defending anyone except the truth.........if its not up to snuff on one its not on the other.......

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 22:29 by Peter Frei
Answer to Scott Gendreau
I appreciate your concern about my safety using my deck/balcony.
Mr. Gendreau, you were still attending High School when I decided to remodel my house shown in the picture. I incorporated the balcony shown to the dismay of another corrupt former town official who died since. He was the chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and, despite being a lawyer and applying the grandfather clause (M.G.L. c.40A, s.6) routinely, choose to jerk me around by applying s.10 instead. I sued the town and succeeded as I new that I had the right to incorporate the deck/balcony.
As the lawsuit was still on-going at the time I finished my remodeling project, the deck/balcony was never really finished. I like it the way it is as nothing obstructs the view.
If someone did not follow the rules, it was (again) the town officials and not me. Whether the deck/balcony is up to code or not is irrelevant. Under the law/rules the balcony is now protected as pre-existing and there is nothing anybody can do to change that, see M.G.L. c.40A, s.7.
It is the section which the Johnson’s wish would not exist as my latest suit in which I request the demolishing of the two illegally built homes off of Stafford Road (Johnson-Landgate) is based on this provision. Section 7 provides a window to challenge unlawful structures or parts of a structure built with a building permit for six years, and ten years for structures or parts of structures built without building permit.
As my deck/balcony was built in 1994 and not challenged, it is now protected pursuant section 7 and therefore lawful. If I feel like it and if I find the time to put a railing up I will. However, it is not high up on my priority list. If I have a chance to help the community by rooting out the rampant corruption in town, I will. Helping the community is more important for me than further my own personal interests; a concept difficult to grasp for a self-centered individual like you and your friends.
Your comment was a nice try to purport me as someone that does not follow the law, try again! It would probably help you more if you would first answer questions raised in comments here. Who is paying for your garbage removal? Any double dipping going on at the Highway Department?
Sorry for not answering your comment earlier, I was working at 11:34 AM when you left the comment. . . I know, you do have computer/internet at the Highway Department and at 11:34 AM your work day is over, or has not started yet?

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 7:08 by Avid Blog Viewer

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 7:34 by VIEWERS LIKE YOU


Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 7:54 by Peter Frei
Brian's supporters? Where are they? (the second)
Kristin LaPlante (town clerk, wife of a Highway Department employee, secretary of the Highway Department under Brian Johnson, executive secretary of the select board were Earl Johnson is a long time member, and also the father of Brian Johnson, former part time help of Nancy Talbot, tax collector and mother of Derrick Talbot, the lucky guy who was able to buy two pieces of property which form a buildable lot for $100; just for those who don't know yet who Kristin LaPlante is), I'm still waiting for others to come forward and praise Brian Johnson as an individual and his work he does for the town.

I want to remind everybody that everything written in bold/italic is a link and you can click on anything written that way to see the document etc. mentioned that way!

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 8:06 by EYEBROWS RAISED

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 16:59 by Clean up the street gang.
I would start with a criminal complaint.
I would start at the Palmer Court with the Criminal Complaint. They will have to pay for their own attorney as Wettlaufer did. Anyhow Clerk Barns is gone and Jane the first assistant Magistrate is very familiar with the goings on here in Holland. As a matter of fact there has been an 01521.com sticker posted in the Courthouse for months now.
Once Brian and his neighbor are being arraigned they will be placed on pre trial probation and you can ask the Judge to order the offenders( Brian and neighbor) to have no contact with you (the Victim). I would not wait another day as I believe the Johnson's to be capable of violence to further their agenda.
Good Luck Mr Frei. I admire your determination , stamina , and courage.

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 24:22 by ActionNow
Grand Jury??
Why wait for elections in the spring. In order to clear the air now, protect their names, positions, and reputations, i think the Johnsons, Kristin, and Wettlaufer should call for a Grand Jury invstigation now into these claims and allegations concerning their actions and what is going on in Holland. Each ot the parties could then testify under oath as to their actions and those of their fellow officials and townfolk. I am sure that would help to clear this all up. What say you?

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 24:40 by Peter Frei
Some Stats
This post about Brian Johnson and his neighbor lying to two law officers, and their attempt to have me arrested has been viewed 655 times, of which 416 were unique viewers. The viewers spent an average of 4:19 minutes reading the post. The comments to this post have been viewed 268 times, of which 111 were unique viewers. The average time was 4:33 minutes.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 7:51 by Get Involved
And why should we take action with the Grand Jury or DA. If you want change in Holland then prove it and show up at the caucus. For a few people to continue to do all the work to oust these corrupt ones without support from the voters will only keep things open to continue as they are now. If you want real change it needs to be done at the poles .. Not the Courts. We will jail em all after we oust em.

Posted on 9 Oct 2009, 20:18 by Peter Frei
Gleason took himself down?
Kristin LaPlante, in your comment you stated, “They [The Holland Blog and its commenters] claim to be responsible for taking down the ex police chief, I hate to tell you but he took himself down.”
I know that someone from the selectboard started asking questions, and I do know that it was not selectmen Earl Johnson. Town treasurer Linda Blodgett confided that Kevin Gleason’s claim that he handed over the funds he took out of the evidence locker were false. Mrs. Blodgett’s integrity is beyond reproach. If Earl Johnson would be town treasurer, the missing funds would just be another thing that would have put Gleason deeper into Earl Johnson’s pocket. The missing funds would have spun another string to puppet Gleason. The statement “He took himself down,” raises the question who put him up there, Gleason did not get there without help.
I’m still waiting for comments supporting the good honest people the Johnson’s are in your opinion..

Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 8:14 by Not 1 of them
2 supporters
As I count the comments on both posts about Brian Johnson I fond 2 supporters. Scotty G who is business partner and employee of Brian and Kristen LaPlante who has a Husband working for Brian and whose livelyhood depends on the Johnsons. The third supporter has not commented yet because he is now in Jail and no longer Chief. Johnson supporters please write in and tell us why you support either Brian or Earl Johnson

Posted on 17 Oct 2009, 10:20 by Larry the Cable Guy
remember when Ms Twinning sent her request for an investigation of our Police Chief in March of 2008. OUR Selectmen Johnson and Wettlaufer said the complaint was garbage and they refused to ask for an independant third party investigation.

Kind of similar to this deal with Brian Johnson .. Deja Vu all over again! They put a petition in Holland Pizza in support of Gleason. HAHAHA... I would like to see the signatures on that petition. I wonder if Mike at the pizza parlor signed it.

So lets get a petition supporting Brian and the Johnson Construction company over to the pizza parlor and see who signs it. Kristin LaPlante put out a call for support for Brian Johnson 2 weeks ago and no one responded... NO ONE.. I support the Johnsons. I nominate them for inmate of the month. Now lets git-r-done and Jail the crooks.


Posted on 6 Nov 2009, 20:34 by Keith Herman
You guys are wacked!!!
This is my first time visting this site. Being a resident for over 40 years.. cant we all just get along!!! Highway dept does an awesome job why go through the highway dept to get to the selectman?? They are hard workers. Cut out the middle man and go to the selectman! And Kristen YOUR THE BEST!!!!

Posted on 6 Nov 2009, 20:49 by Keith Herman 2005 FAN
Tagged Rainbow Trout
Nice fish Keith. 1.86 lbs 17.25 inches ...MMMM Tastey....

Glad you like our roads so much. You must have a hover craft.

We are not "going after" the highway department. We are going after sloth and corruption wherever it is.

Posted on 6 Nov 2009, 21:06 by Keith Herman
No hover craft. Ice skates, tip ups, venisen, big bottle of jager and peters fire wood!!

Posted on 17 Nov 2009, 22:57 by D.B. E-Psy
It seems to me that Mrs. Johnson is suffering from a somewhat rare mental disorder called Agoraphobia.
Agoraphobia is a condition where the sufferer is afraid to leave his/her familiar environment and becomes anxious in environments that are unfamiliar or where he/she perceives that he/she has little control.
Triggers for this anxiety may include wide open spaces, crowds, or traveling (even short distances). This anxiety is often compounded by a fear of social embarrassment, as the agoraphobic fears the onset of a panic attack and appearing distraught in public.
I personally have met Mr.Frei and don't believe it has anything to do with his persona or true character.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 11:00 by Peter Frei
Trooper John Puccia..
Trooper Puccia,
things and situations sometimes don't appear to be what they are.
It is imperative for police officers to have an open mind and be free of preconceived opinions. (I'm referring to the above piece, "Our elected Highway Superintendent a liar?" Puccia didn't get what was going on and treated the two perpetrators, Alexander Haney and Brian Johnson, as the victims).

I hope you have an opportunity to read the police report written by one of your colleagues and Sergeant Forcier from the HPD. I also hope that you approach situations in the future with the professionalism most of your colleagues bring to the job, unless you condone activities alleged by your colleague Luis DeJesus #3100 in the police report about Alexander Haney.
Police officers have a lot of power; with power comes responsibility. If you are not capable of investigating any situation unbiased and in a responsible way, you need to turn in your badge as you are just a hindrance to the rest of the officers who do their job in a responsible way and a danger to any free society.

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