Office or residence?

Despite the fact that you donít see much of Earl Johnson's son Brian Johnson on the roads of Holland, he is a busy man; he also calls himself a president of a corporation, read moreĽ

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 00:01 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 5:53 by More Corruption
Planet of the Apes or Geico Caveman??
Who is the guy in the picture????? Is he an actor from the 1960's movie Planet of the Apes. Or perhaps it is the caveman from the Geico Insurance commercial.

I have seen that green truck in the Johnson Bros Construction companies driveway at the town barn being loaded up on several occassions. I have also seen that truck working on jobs of contractors that recieve favorable waivers from our planning board.

How can Brian Johnson run our Highway department yet still find the time to be president of a corpporation. I wonder how many materials Johnson purchases on town accounts that end up on a job of Johnson Construction. I have seen the Howlett slips signed by Johnson. Lets do an inventory.
Which job is part time for Johnson. Corporate President or town highway surveyor? I believe he gives his employees a full benifit package too. Oh yea the town pays for those benifits. Highway personal supposedly work four ten hour days but I would like to see the dispatch records of the Highway workers as I never see them working in town any more. Bend over Holland

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 6:25 by Ripped off
Only one share??
Hey does the G in J and G Construction and Highway department mean Gendreau.. Why is there only one share valued at one dollar issued to this company. It is obvious that the corporation is worth more than one dollar. Did Johnson file a false report to the state secretary.
And if there is only one share then what does Scotty get for his part in this ongoing rip off of our town?
How does Johnson start a construction company in the midst of one of the biggest construction downturns and depressions in our nations history.
Is this company a front to hide bribes given to the Johnsons by those wishing to build truck stops or get waivors and bylaw changes for the development of Holland. Several homes have been granted waivors on otherwise unbuildable lots in town with waivors arranged and town meetings called and stacked by Earl Johnson better known as Boss Hog.
Are any of these Holland Contractors on the client list of Johnson Bros Construction Company.
Are Highway employees listed as directors of Johnson Bros as rewards or payment for silence regarding Johnson looting our Town Barn.
Will Selectman Earl Johnson stand by and watch his son join the other two town officials that have been Jailed for corruption while carrying out Boss Hogs will?

This looting, sacking and pillaging of town assetts by the Johnson Gang has got to stop.
Does Johnson Kiss the residents and honest hardworkong taxpayers of Holland before he Fu*ks us?


Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 6:41 by Corporate Council
Scott gets ripped off too.
Hey Scott >>Who is the shareholder of this corporation. ???
Being a director does not make you an owner. If only one share has been issued then there is only one shareholder. Is that you or Brian Johnson.

Get away Scott while you still can or you will be the next town employee going to Prison for Illegal Johnson activities.

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 6:56 by Wondering
Home Occupation
Is this business registered in Holland. Does it meet the requirements as a home occupation. Did Brian Johnson tell his Daddy Earl Johnson who is a tax assessor about the equipment owned by the corporation. Does Johnson Bros Company pay personal property taxes on that eqipment as is required by Holland law?

Or does the law only apply to those that oppose the Johnsons


Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 7:13 by observer
Fridays Off
Might this be why these guys get Fridays off?

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 17:24 by Worried about our Taxes
Cameras on the Gas Pumps
WE REALLY need to put a camera on the town gas pumps. This is getting past "bizarre" They can also put a tape to see who goes in the middle of the night. We are struggling and these people have no conscience. Makes me sick to my stomach that we can't seem to go forward. This is a beautiful place to live, but due to the corruption and crime, it is getting way to expensive to live here. PLEASE get the cameras for that whole lot at the barn.

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 20:24 by Specifications
Key System on Gas Pumps.
To turn on a gas pump at the Town barn requires a key if they did not bypass the system. Each vehicle is issued it's own key with inventory counter. But I agree. Lets get some survailance on them.


Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 21:58 by Friend of an honest man
To Catch a Thief
In response to Planet of the Apes, by the way hilarious, have you thought of getting this on video? I think our state officials should get their hands, eyes and backbone on this! Don't underestimate what could become of that video. It would be a piece added to the puzzle that could bring these bastards down and end them in their tracks! These people are running out of legs to stand on and they can't avoid being investegated by authorities forever.
Return film to Peter Frei, he'll know what to do with it.


Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 6:24 by Sammy G
Crime Family
It is funny that the same Johnson Bros that benfited close to the tune of a million dollars after fraudulently transferring 12 acres of landlocked town property to their family are now stealing town manhours, materials, and credibility.

I say lets vote in a person with basic management skills to run the highway department. Then put Tom in charge while a search is conducted to HIRE a competent qualified individual to oversee the department. Whomever we elect will pass his salary ovet to the new administrator of the department. In todays day and age andminnistration of a highway department is a full time joob in and of itself.
Then go to town meeting and make the position an appointed one. Minimum qualifications require basic engineering and grant writing skills. All of our town roads could be repaired for liitle cost to the town if Johnson took the time to do the paperwork and apply for the grants. A new corporation takes many hours of hard work to get off the ground and our roads suffer while Johnson and company put their energy into their "private" company. Had enough Holland??

Or is the ostrich syndrome going to allow the Johnson Crime family to continue robbing our town coffers?

Earl Johnson sits back and watches as his Children continue his legacy of looting out town treasures.

Let this be a call to action. "save our community" Oust the Johnson Team.

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 6:30 by Travels on "horrendous" roads.
Stacked Town Meeting Transfers HRoad Money to Selectmen!!
Selectmen have for the past few years taken our State Chapter 90 funds and transferred the monies to their discretionary account. Our roads suffer for this. They do this by stacking a town meeting with town employees and Johnson supporters as wella s the senior citiens who vote as a group with Johnson.
What have the Selectmen done with our State Road repair funds?

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 20:54 by Peter Frei
Leaking Roofs..
For those readers of the Holland Blog who wonder why Brian Johnson and his Highway Department crew choose to found a business in the form of a corporation, here a few facts:
If Brianís crew would just work on the side without an insurance, they could be sued personally and could loose there shirt. In order to prevent that they could do work that would not give rise to complaints (like leaking roofs etc.) or hide behind the legal entity of a corporation. A corporation is separate from the persons who manage or operate it. In other words, something goes wrong (roofs leak for example), they can be sued but are basically judgment-proof as Brian Johnson and his crew or their non-existent shareholders do not really have any capital.


Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 17:21 by James LaMountain
Highway Crew
Today while driving up Union road I had to stop for the wacker compactor that Kyle was driving in the road pounding hot top that scotty was spreading with a rake. Brian Johnson was in the town pickup truck on the phone and there was no body directing traffic. So I waited until Scotty G way down the street noticed me and cleared the road after waving me through. As i got close to the work area I rolled down my window and asked scotty if the compactor was town property. He said yes. Perhaps that is why they use an earth pounder as an asphault roller who knows but the finished product reflects that they use the improper tools. I did not see a loot on the job.
Anyhow I asked Scotty how they were treating him and he said "Hot" . I did not get a chance to talk to him further as in my mirror I saw that Brian got out of his truck and started to approach me very fast. I told Scott to enjoy the nice work weather and got on my way. I will say this. I was intimidated and felt threatened by Brians Body language as he got off the phone (Jand G sales call perhaps?)and started towards me. Maybe his cell phone records should be produced to see how much time he spends on personal business during the 4 days he works for us.

Jim L


Posted on 13 Oct 2009, 10:18 by Concerned Resident
Private or Business?
A few minutes ago, Brian Johnson accompanied with another Highway Department employee has been seen visiting the Credit Union Branch in Southbridge. The two were driving a Holland Town Truck burning fuel paid for by the taxpayers of Holland.

Posted on 13 Oct 2009, 12:49 by Jim L
Whats wrong with that?
Aww cmon its only about 10 bux worth of gas and another 2 hrs of taxpayor time they are using. I bet they don't do it too often ...Do they?

Posted on 17 Mar 2010, 23:47 by Peter Frei
Double Dipping?
I bought one of the delicious grinders for late lunch today at the Holland Market. At the cash register I was behind Scott Gendreau and Brian Johnson, I thought that both suppose to work four 10 hour days a week for the Town's Highway Department.
Scotti: "The Blog doesn't do that well huh?" My answer was, "120 visitors a day isn't bad.."
The time was 3:38 p.m. and surprisingly the two guys apparently had already called it a day as they both took off in a late model white van with ladders on the roof. As far as I know the town does not own an unmarked white van. It must have been a J and G Construction company van.
Brian and Scotti, how do you do it??

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