“Speak Out Holland” Number One On Google and Yahoo

As the readers may know, the Holland Blog has one more domain name, www.speakoutholland.com in addition to www.01521.com. Both searches, the search 01521 and the search speak out Holland rank on top as number one on Google and Yahoo, chek it out!
Peter Frei

Posted on 23 Apr 2009, 18:42 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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Good News! The Holland Blog has an additional domain name,


in addition to, www.01521.com
Peter Frei

Posted on 18 Apr 2009, 1:43 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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What is Holland thinking?

Jack posted the following comment on 2 Apr 2009, 8:47: I'm civil. Admittingly my comment may have had a wise-ass tone. You kept referring to me as “you and other town officials” and “you would love to just dump your garbage here.” I do not have an agenda. When I came across the site. I thought, nice to have a place Holland residents can post comments and thoughts. I'm all for hearing other peoples point of view. Pro or con on different subjects. It will only make me an more informed resident and voter. If I can make a suggestion. Have a section like “What is Holland thinking,” where people could make comments about Holland. If it makes you feel any better I registered as an independent.
Here is your wish Jack, lets see what Holland's residents have on their minds.... I encourage everybody to comment on anything you like, just click on the “comment” link and leave a comment! (Please no name-calling)
Peter Frei

Posted on 6 Apr 2009, 21:51 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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