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A friend asked me to write a bio about myself for his blog and after all that I have heard in this town it sounds like I am a really bad guy. So I will write the story with as many details as my memory allows. My first lucid memories occur at around age six or seven. I remember Donald Eames teaching me how to slab hay to the 70 plus dairy cows after they came into the barn for milking. The Huguenot farm in the Nipmuck territory was part of the grant from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for the town of New Oxford back in 1687. Like a salmon returning to the pond of its birth I too have returned to my roots and now I find myself on watch of the Huguenot Farms of Bondet Hill, once a signal station for the Nipmuck tribe.

I was born on November 6, 1957 as the second child of six. My father's wish for all of his children was to, “take a road that goes somewhere.” I am sure now he meant it in a philosophical sense. At age 12 however I took him literally and hitchhiked to Miami. For such things as that I was deemed a stubborn child and committed to the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and, read more»

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Posted on 10 Jan 2010, 14:23 by Peter Frei
Father Joe (Joseph Fredette) mentioned in James LaMountain's autobiography was tried in Worcester Superior Court and sentenced to serve a state prison sentence in 1995. A spokesman for the state Department of Correction said that Rev. Fredette served his sentence and was released in 1999.
Fredette was the founder of "Come Alive" and raped and sexually abused the young boys in any unthinkable way which were in his "care" served the same sentence (4 years) as James LaMountain who had consensual sex with a femal two weeks shy of her 16th birthday!


Posted on 11 Jan 2010, 6:40 by James P.
Fr Joe
When I went to prison, I hired the private detective to locate Fr Joe. Attny Roderick MacLeash helped me. Anyhow I reported the location of Fr Joe to Kathleen Shaw and Karen Griffen of the Worc Telegram as well as the Worcester Police, who broke the story. As I was in prison at the time I did not go public by name until my release in 94. I then testified in front of the grand Jury.
When we located Fr Joe in Canada after close to 20 years on the run , he was in charge of another "home for boys". I am glad I was able to bring him back to face the charges if that meant one boy not being abused in Canada.
My anger from this entire matter is the fact that the directors of come alive and the Department of youth services knew about the abuse at Come Alive and took no action to help stop it. They also emancipated me without addressing the abuse in any way.
By the way, two of the Boys I was at come alive with ended up committing suicide.
God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Jim LaMountian

Posted on 21 Mar 2013, 10:09 by c lavoie
good guy
I was googeling Dicky LaMountain because he was a friend of mine and I was recently thinking about him. I came across this article and recalled many years ago when I was a tean dating Pete B I heard this story. At that times I wasnt aware of most of these facts. What a Story! I'd just like to say if I know the the LaMountain's like I think I do someone got a bum deal. I'm sorry.


Posted on 27 Apr 2013, 20:10 by James LaMountain
RIP INDY, 2002 - April 24, 2013


James LaMountain

Posted on 7 Nov 2013, 15:24 by V. Dianne

Posted on 7 Nov 2013, 15:39 by V. Dianne
I had no idea you had been through so much, Jimmy even thogh we had been partners in crime. I DO remember you told me about that perve Father Joe but not the Gory details! I am so sorry for what you went through.

Posted on 7 Nov 2013, 15:45 by V. Dianne
Long time no see.
You probaly can figure out easily who I am. We are related by Marridge.

Posted on 11 Nov 2013, 9:52 by V. Dianne
Not Alone
I shared your story with another towny fron Oxford, Scott (nicholas ) Leduc. He had his own experiance with priestly abuse and was all over the Worcester papers a few years back. It was about that other perv, Joe Coonan. At least 15 guys from Oxford came forth to accuse him. The church finally defrocked him. Then Coonan did every one a favor and died .

Posted on 21 Nov 2013, 20:47 by Jim.... '... L
V . Diane
Hi Diane... We are related by more than marriage..remember always the summer of 71..
George Daigle is my houseguest for a few days and he was asking about you.
How did u find this bio Dianne ..? Did you google me..???? .. I didn't know Coonan died...
No loss tho... Nice seeing u here my old friend... Keep in touch..

Posted on 26 Nov 2013, 16:25 by V. Dianne
Hello again
Hey Jimmy! I found you completlly by accident when i googled your name. Yeah, Joe Coonan died ayear or two ago and there was rejoicing in the streets of Oxford. I don"t have a computer or EMAIL but I have access to one at work where I wrote this. I was just thinking of George Daigle! I hope he is well. As for me, I am a good girl now. Still a JW and very happy. Married to a great guy for 35 years now.(wow Am I old!) Hey guess who I think died. Shelley Richard! Hav not been able to verify it but I think she died of cancer. She has a daughter Naomi. Maybe you can find out. Talk to you again, man were we crazy kids!

Posted on 30 Nov 2013, 9:20 by V. Dianne
Hey again!
The summer of 71....what a time! You and S.R. were a couple and she was my best friend, Remember also our "collection " door to door for the O.C.C...or our unauthorized car rides...or flattening 4 car tires at the Burgerama...and thats just for starters.

Posted on 30 Nov 2013, 9:42 by V. Dianne
Summer of 74
Equally memorable was the summer of 74 when we spent a lot of time in that old backwater, Manchuag. George D. was there a lot to. Remember Sandy M.? I actually saw her a couple of years ago at a class for pharmacy technicians, ( isen't that rich.. me working in a pharmacy!) Lots of parties also at Loew's Pond that summer. Oh, to be young! Do you have email Jim? That is better than talking on this blog.

Posted on 3 Dec 2013, 10:25 by Jim L 71
So cool
Dianne.. You have a great memory... I will se what I can find on SR... My email is theeduke47@aol.com

Posted on 3 Dec 2013, 14:22 by V. Dianne
Hi again Jim
Its easy to have a good memory when it comes to our youth...it was so memorable! I laugh when I think of it now (even though I am so straight)Thanks for the email address. I still donot have a computer and I was told not to use the work computer for personal email. So I will use this blog until I get it. My Mom also says hi. Will chat again soon.

Posted on 3 Dec 2013, 16:26 by ......
Dark Ages
I love your Mom and had a lot of respect for ur Dad. Anyone who can bear and raise 12 kids is an automatic awesome.
No computer or phone...Ahhh the simple life.
U are Married 35 years and happy too..??.. I am so glad to know you found the path to your happily ever after...
I am named 'he who walks alone by the Natives...I love the path I found too.
I think you and I lost touch around the time when I joined the Navy.. Still these past decades your family through Carl, Peter, Michael and Tommy has played a major role in the growth and success of LaMountain Bros and the personal bonds we forged as youngsters remain strong and it is great out niece and nephew got together and we share common descendants...
Sandy M...... :-) ....
I sit here on the lake... in front of the fire.... with the 3 Dogs who are all wondering what is making me smile.
Thanks for the memories ....

Oh yea I hope u were not surprised when u googled me by all the negative ink... The truth is never what is writte or broadcast by mainstream media.. But we tried to keep it on this site.

Posted on 5 Dec 2013, 8:49 by V. Dianne
not surprised
I was not surprised about anything I read; I was aware about a lot of it. I don't think anything we did in youth should be held against us; I would be in big trouble if thast was the case. In fact I have had a great interest in the priest abuse situation because of friends who have been involved; I also knew Dana V. from come alive. My volunteer work takes me out your way at times, . N. Ledu and my hubby would love to visit you sometime. Would that be okay? I do have a phone, just not a smart phone.

Posted on 5 Dec 2013, 8:53 by V. Dianne
one more thing
Oh yeah! of course I want to visit you also when N. Ledu goes. (no preaching I promise)

Posted on 5 Dec 2013, 9:41 by V. Dianne
Yet one more thing (I feel like Columbo)
Jim I will send you my phone # via snail mail. I would prefer not to leave it here. I am in the phone book if you remember my married name. You must like animals with 3 dogs; I do to. At one time I wanted to be a vet. I have one really pretty cat named Dusty.

Posted on 6 Dec 2013, 12:40 by Really..?
How did you ever meet Dana..?..What do you do for work now...
I try not to dwell in the past..I live in the now as it is all any of us really have..I am not into any man made religion.. My spiritual walk is personal. I don't debate anyone's religion or beliefs yet I do know that hundreds of millions of people were killed In the name of god by religious people...I have kids and grandkids and they are a big part of my life.. None of the dogs are mine... I buried mine in April. He was my best friend and I don't feel like making another 10 plus year commitment it takes to have another.
I don't quite remember your married name but I feel like I should.
. I dnt mind posting my phone number tho.. 413 245 4502.. I must tell you tho I am comfortable living up to my native name but I will always take YOUR call..
George left yesterday driving back to the left coast.. It was good to see him.
Well take care ole Friend and it's great hearing from you..

Posted on 10 Dec 2013, 9:52 by V. Dianne
about Dana V.
I guess you don"t remember but you introduced me to him. Then a year or 2 later I met him again on the Worcester common and we became friends(only friends) I understand totally what you mean about Religion. Thats why I am a JW. In WWll many were killed in concentration camps for refusal to fight . I now work at UMASS as a PCA. I see your sister from time to time.I know what you mean about your dog. I lost a cat when she was 25 yrs. old and I still have not got over it.

Posted on 10 Dec 2013, 10:11 by V. Dianne
Where did you get the name "He who walks alone" ?

Posted on 13 Dec 2013, 9:02 by Wow..!...?
25 year old cat..?
Never knew cats could live that long...You have a special touch to keep one that long.. Good Job.
My name...Although I don't have any Indian Blood that I know of I do have many Indian Friends.. I attended a naming ceremony for some friends at a group called the Native American Spiritual Awareness Council back around 92. The Elders I met were Slow Turtle of the Wampanoag and Medicine Story of the Mashapee. Both were Spiritual Leaders in their tribes.. Although I was not an Indian I was still given the Name in a Native Ceremony. The older I get the more I love it.

Posted on 14 Dec 2013, 8:52 by V. Dianne
Family news
I believe I have Indian blood on my Fathers side. I have a picture of my Great Grandma and she sure looks it. So George D. was with you for a little while. I hope he is healthy. I am surprised any of us are still alive. My Mom told me that Jen and Jason Have moved back to Oxford to Fed. Hill. Rd. Sometimes I would like to move back and be a little closer to the Fam. I guess our Niece and Nep. got some land from your Bro. recently or a house or something. Do you ever miss Oxford?

Posted on 15 Dec 2013, 12:25 by V. Dianne
Peoples prejudices
I was thinking a bit about Dana V. and aboyt an incident involving him. I think it was about 91 or 92 ther was an article in the paper about the case he was pressing against F. Joe. I remember also seeing a tearful Dana on TV when the case was being covered. At the time I was working for a wealthy wm. from Worcester on a private duty case. She was VERY CATHOLIC and was all bent out off shape when she read about Danas case. She flatly said he was lying and that all the kids who were victims were lying. Well, like you, it is hard for me to be silent when injustice goes down. I told her in no uncertain terms that I knew for a fact that what Dana said was true because he told me years ago about it; also I told her I knew he was not the only one; teenage boys don't lie about such things. They are embarassed. I came really close to losing that job for my outspokenness but nothing gets me more angry than peoples prejudices on the subject and how they stick up for a church that is so reprehensible!

Posted on 17 Dec 2013, 11:32 by V. Dianne
I was wondering...
Do you really have 7 children? I just took it for granted you were divorced, but did you remarry? Do you ever hear from Kathy? I always liked her. (we were at your wedding in 79) I never had kids. Partly because my hubby and I were not keen on it and partly because I had some health issues.

Posted on 17 Dec 2013, 18:15 by Yup..!!..
7 Kids
Sure I do.. I have Mike age 31 and Mark age 29 with Kathy and Jerica 19 and Jacob 17 with Tonya...All born LaMountain and I was present to watch em get born.. The three boys are biological and Jerica is my mystic child born in the spirit world ..A true miracle...an immaculate conception.... Then there are my three bonus children...I have Brandon whose Mom gave him to me when he was 4.. His bio dad is dead.. He is almost 18 now.... Then there is Brandon's brother Eric.. His mom gave him to me when he was 2... He is almost 16 now.. Then there is Lisa.. Her Mom signed her over to me when she was 15.. Then her mom and dad died... She is 27...So those are my kids....My Braintrust with whom I leave my love. I designed and drew the house that Jen and Jason live in....It is a work of Art.. I do own over 10 acres of a Farm in Oxford but I don't want to live there as there is no lake. Catholics did far worse than diddling a few kids.. They murdered millions of people in the name of God.. I try not to let the past affect my today...But genocide has no statute of limitations.

Posted on 17 Dec 2013, 18:26 by Oxford Center
7 is nothing I know a family with 12..!!!!
Yea I can name your whole family almost in order.. Your Older Brother is Raymond.. An Old Friend... Then You Dianne... Then Carl, John , Mary-Ellen, and Peter.. Next there is Renee, David, Tommy, Michael, Cindy, and Matthew....I saw a TV show about finding ghosts in haunted houses.. They featured your families house in Oxford Center..I spent a lot of days and nights in that house and I can tell you ther was no spare room for a ghost... Too funny.

Posted on 19 Dec 2013, 9:14 by V. Dianne
This is fun
This is fun. I have enjoyed sharing messages with you. It gives me something to look forward to at work. I won't be here the next 5 days so I won"t be able to see your message till 24th.What do you mean by mystic child? That sounda a little twilight zone to me. But I am sure you have an interesting explanation... . As far as the "haunting" of the Oxford house ,I beleive the weird stuff that has taken oplace is directly related to my dabbling in witchcraft way back. It was a bad thing to do as it attracts demons , I beleive. I stay far away from that stuff now. Talk to you a little later. My hubby Paul says hi.

Posted on 19 Dec 2013, 9:38 by V. Dianne
We really should get together
We really should get together. You'd like Paul. He is a gentle man with great inner strength.He actually built a race car way back, has a motercycle, is a good sailer, terrific skier (before his arthritis) a very good electrician and jack of all trades. He was raised on a farm in Sutton and has a great love of nature. Most important to me is his spirituality. I remember every last time I saw you. At my wedding in 78, at your wedding in 79,( I have 2 photos of you and Kathy) I saw you at my Moms house once in the mid 80s, at my bro. Carls wedding in 88' at my Dads calling hours in Feb. 2004(thank you for coming) and then At Jen and Jasons wedding at Indian ranch.

Posted on 19 Dec 2013, 10:47 by V. Dianne
More memories...
I can't help but remember all the fun we all had in Carls room in the basement....perfectly located for sneaking out of the house. Remember listening to Led Zepplin, Steppenwolf, Grand Funk Railroad, The Who, early Aerosmith,Alice Cooper,Jetro Tull,...the list goes on. I thought my Dad was remarkably tolerant of Carl's jamming with his friends.

Posted on 25 Dec 2013, 10:39 by V. Dianne
Hi Jim
Well, here I am at work on the Holiday; but its not a big deal for me as I don,t celebrate it. You probaly are with your family today. My brother Matt is here from Missouri where he is a research Scientist ( as well as his wife) Chat with you another day when you are less busy.

Posted on 27 Dec 2013, 17:13 by Not interested
Me either
I don't celebrate holidays or fall into lockstep with the sheeple..no Christmas trees or gifts in this house for such a holiday.. I think people are mindless drones to fall prey to such a thing... I gift my kids throughout the year " just because " .

Posted on 28 Dec 2013, 10:27 by V. Dianne
News about Shelley
I finally have definate news about Shelley R. and you won,t beleive how I found it.I can,t purchase the obit on line( no email or internet yet) So I called the Worcester Tand G with the hope of getting info. I asked this girl if I could buy a hard copy of Shelleys obit if she were in fact dead.She got very quiet and asked me how I know Shelley and I told her. Then she told me that Shelley had actually worked at the Tand G. and she was in fact dead. Then a voice in the background asked if I was Dianne V. and I said yes. The "voice" was Shelleys sister who also worked there and she remembered me quite well. She is graciously going to send o copy of the obit. to me. I'll give you the details when I get it. Talk about seredipity!

Posted on 28 Dec 2013, 11:01 by V. Dianne
The truth
People have the right to beleive as they choose but they might be surprised if they knew the origin of Christmas customs. If you look up chris. tree or other customs on the internet , it is obvious these customs have zero to do with Jesus.

Posted on 28 Dec 2013, 15:38 by V. Dianne
Sad about Shelley
I'm a bit sad about Shelley; I had hoped to see her again and chat over old times. But I have hopes to see her again in the resurrection to life on earth that the bible speaks of. I never had a chance to express my sadness about your brother Dick. Rick Cronin died also a year or two ago and Jamie Ellis. It does make me a little sad to think off all these guys from my youth who I won't see again.(at least not for a while.) So anyway my very belated condolances for your loss.

Posted on 29 Dec 2013, 10:50 by V. Dianne
Shelleys Obit
I got the copy of Shelleys obit. yesterday. She was 55, she had lung cancer for two years. She died Jan. 14 in Virginia(I believe she was living with a sister there) Prior to her illness she was working at Worcester Telegram and Gazette in the legal depart. Her younger brother Jimmy is aparently dead. The obit commented on her sense of humor (she had a great one) She had 2 kids; Naomi and Jim.

Posted on 31 Dec 2013, 11:06 by Too sad..
Aw... Shelly was a funny person.... Rick Cronin worked for us before he died.. He too was very funny and a great metal fabricator.. I did not know Shelly had a sister and she only had the daughter when I last saw her in 82.
We lost a lot of our classmates..
I learned from my Brothers Death that any thing u get after u open ur eyes in the morning is a bonus.
Good work on findin the info on SR. She was a good kid and I enjoyed the time we spent together back in the day.. Too bad she never quit smoking.

Posted on 31 Dec 2013, 12:42 by ....
Thanks for ur condolences...You should see the Richard T LaMountain Memorial Park I built in Oxford.

Posted on 2 Jan 2014, 9:54 by V. Dianne
Where is it?
I did not know there was a memorial park for your brother. Where is it? I'd like to see it... I have been writing a series of funny memoirs about my youth and right now I,m writing a few chapters about Shelley. You will certainly be a part of them. Its just for fun, a personal thing but I won't use your name if you don,t want; I'll use a psydonym.Particularly when discussing the "more interesting" stories.

Posted on 2 Jan 2014, 10:14 by V. Dianne
George D.
Is there anything you can tell me about George D? I know he lives on the "left" coast. I don,t want you to betray any confidences. I would just likt to know; is he healthy? Does he have any family?

Posted on 3 Jan 2015, 14:08 by Ratcliffe
I applaud you for telling the truth on "father" Joseph Fredette, My name is Gloria Ratcliffe, I was wondering if you knew my father Daniel? I know you are telling the truth because the same thing happened to Danny, And many others I know, all troubled or abandoned boys. I'm 34 years old and sadly never meet my father. The scares that the priest left on him were lasting. The priest shock my mothers hand at their wedding, and continued to shame my father into seeing him in Canada. My father sadly spent, from what I can tell, after He left us in 1981, We never say him again. I would like to know what he was like before this man hurt him. I have heard rumor of him having abused drugs to cope and he was diagnosed with severe mental illness. I received a letter in 2008 from the government saying he had passed, no reason. It's likely he changed his name to avoid child support, He has no obit, and I wish we could write one, any help would be appreciated. Thank you, for telling your story and putting truth to the pain this man caused. sincerely Daughter of Daniel Ratcliffe

Posted on 25 Jun 2016, 14:14 by Rich
Dick LaMountain
Mr LaMountain - I stumbled upon your blog while searching to see if LaMountain Bros was still in business since my family and I are returning to MA to visit after being away for 17 yrs. 20 years ago while working for Shell I met your brother Dick. I was a young engineer working with John and Grant. Your brother helped me out greatly showing me the ropes and took me under his wing. During my few years there, we became friends and I have benefited greatly from the impact he made on my life. His death was tragic but his legacy is great.

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