A Truck Stop in our Community?

"ideling Communities throughout the US faced with the prospect of having to live with a truck stop near their homes go to any length in finding ways to prevent such predatory developments. Not so in Holland. The proposed Flying J truck stop will be located in the midst of a sensitive watershed area and a tributary brook to the Hamilton Reservoir without the possibility to hook up to a sewer system. The selectboard and planning board supported the proposal, and the unassuming voters agreed and reversed the wise decision that once declared the locus as special conservancy district. The truck stop will not bring the expected increase of tax-revenue for the reasons outlined in this report. Instead, the facility will have very negative impacts on the Environment, the Economy, on the social fabric of the community, and Traffic. It is not too late to stop the project which will benefit a few and hurt the entire community. While Flying J is under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the voters have a unique opportunity to correct this tragic mistake and change the bylaws to prevent any truck stops from ever being built at that very sensitive site. But we have to act now, read more»

Posted on 3 Feb 2009, 12:08 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 15 Feb 2009, 20:08 by Monique Manna
Good Luck...
Holland is such a quaint town...very nice during the summer with all the kids swimming and water skiing, very quiet...how can anyone allow a truck stop in your community? There is one on Route 15...why another in Holland? It doesn't make sense. It also doesn't make sense that this is being allowed knowing the company is in Bankruptcy...sounds like bad business...Good luck with this!

Posted on 16 Feb 2009, 7:20 by Ethical Taxpayer
Wettlaufer Lies
This truck stop will destroy our community and pollute our lake. The only reason it is being allowed is because our Selectmen are corrupt and Wettlaufer is very good friends with the developer. They let the developer write his own by laws then they stack the town meetings to pass the changes.

Posted on 16 Feb 2009, 18:14 by concerned
It is hard to imagine that there could be any benefit to the community that would outweigh the potential damages this proposed truck stop could have on the community in general and the body of water it abuts speciffically. It is also hard to imagine that there was proper ovrsight or that the environmental impact report was properly considered when allowing this to go forward. It sounds typical though of small town greed and coruption that it did get this far. Good luck blocking it.

Posted on 20 Feb 2009, 18:01 by Monique M
Do a Petition - Picket
Have you talked to the Selectman about this?(I am sure you have though) How about your State Rep? You could always do a petition and present it to your town. Is this going to be near the school or playgrounds? You could also round up some folks and picket...make sure to see if you need a permit first though..

Doesn't Sturbidge have to okay something because of traffic? I thought I read that in the T&G...I know I read something about it because that is how I originally found out. It would be a wedge in this if this were the case and they said no.

Posted on 20 Feb 2009, 18:25 by Peter Frei
There is no way to talk to the selectboard, they live in a different world. The proposed truck stop will be near Interstate 84, towards Exit 74. If there is no broad interest on this issue by the public, I will not take the initiative and file a petition. Only 10 signatures of registered voters are necessary to have a ballot question on the ballot if it is presented to the voters at the annual town meeting. It is correct that Sturbridge will vote whether to rezone the area that is on Sturbridge property. However, the truck stop will be built regardless. If Sturbridge votes against rezoning to commercial, Holland will have to deal with that traffic too. As I understand, the developers plan to have an access road leading from the truck stop to Rt. 15.

I created this blog to inform residents of Holland. We will see if people will get involved in sufficient numbers to prevent the truck stop.

Posted on 25 Feb 2009, 6:13 by J.P. LaMountain
The Beast in our Town Hall
Picture a 3 headed octopus. The Beast has 24 tentacles. The 3 Heads are Fife, Wettlaufer and Johnson. The tentacles represent the arms that are eating the life out of our town and carry out the will of the beast. They are people like Mary VanDike of the Conservation commission, Brian Johnson, Lynn Arnold, Chris Macoo,John Jacobi, Cheif Gleason and even Ms Talbott, , The Carrons and the Korneys, Debra Beneviste, Christian Peterson DEP and the state reps. Some of these tentacles are willing participants, some are unwitting accomplices. There are others on the list that help feed the beast who are not known to be corrupt yet are also not known to be not corrupt. People like Kristan LaPlante, Linda Blodgette, Jack Keough and a few others who have been there too long to not be aware of whats going on yet take no action to stop it. Although they feed the beast they do not belong on the listwith the others who are blatently corrupt.

The beast attacks others with lies and misinformation in an attempt to hide the wrongdoing they are involved in. They have instituted pensions for themselves that cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.
They built the senior center with no stormwater management system a violation of state law.

Now they want to build this truckstop. We need to expose this monster for what it truly is.

Get involved Holland. Fill vacant boards. Remove Satans Beast from our town Hall before irreparable damages happen to our town. Save Holland. Oust the corrupt ones Before it is too late. Holland needs your help

Posted on 25 Feb 2009, 12:27 by Holland Resident
Help Wanted
Our Town Boards are in need of volunteers to fill positions. There has been mass resignations from many boards due to legal issues stemming from carrying out illegal policies of the current corrupt group in our local government.
If you are interested in any of the open positions and are not a friend of the current officials................
WE the ethical inhabitants of Holland need you.

Currently we need to fill any vacant seats in our town. We must demand that only one seat per elected or appointed official be allowed as very few individuals and their friends and family hold most of the seats right now with some families holding 5 or more positions.
We need volunteers to help with mailings to inform the public how to stop predatory development of the flying J.
We must put and end to the practices in our town hall that allow the Johnsons to continue to raid our town treasures for personal family gain.

Please contact 508 889 4619 for more information

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 8:16 by James P LaMountain
Polluted Lake
I want to take this time to ask WHY..? Why would Wettlaufer Chairman of Holland Selectman go to the meeting in Holland to push the Zoning change for his friend without disclosing to the residents of Holland his relationship with the developers. Wettlaufer also met with State Officials officials and asked them to expedite permitting and circumvent normal procedures for the truck stop next to the lake.
Wettlaufer is “good friends” with the principals that stand to make millions of dollars by constructing this environmental time bomb.
The handling of fuels is not an exact science and as a member of the petroleum equipment institute I can say with certainty it is not a matter of if there is a toxic and hazardous release it is a matter of when.
I was the contractor and project manager for the reconstruction of the Holland Gas Station. I did the project for Dave Sweetman. I also designed the Towns fueling system for the 1998 Federal Mandated EPA upgrade. I will tell you this. When I went for permits and license to rebuild Holland Gas station, our Selectmen instantly handed me a fuel license and our Fire Chief handed me permits to construct without so much as looking at the plans. The law requires a public hearing prior to issuing a license to store fuel in the amount underground at the Holland gas station. Our Selectmen never even notified the abutters.
The Fire Chief is responsible for insuring that any fueling facilities or tank work complies with complex state and Federal regulations. There were no inspections or oversight by the Town during construction of the Holland gas station and I was allowed to build the gas station in any manner I wished. Had I been a fly by night contractor it would have been simple to circumvent the law, and cut corners to maximize profit at the expense of public safety and nobody on watch in our Town Hall even cared to oversee the installation.
Our Fire Chief is not qualified to oversee such a high volume, complex fueling facility as needed by the truck stop. The fuels contain tolulene, xylene, and BENZINE, all of which can travel in the surface and subsurface water and pollute our wells and lake. Those chemicals are known carcinogens and will cause cancer with extended exposure. A few gallons of fuel can contaminate millions of gallons of clean fresh potable water. Why are we putting such a potential hazard in such an ecologically sensitive area? Drive down any interstate in America and look at the huge travel plazas and I will say this…
Only in Holland do we locate a travel plaza next to such a pristine, unpolluted body of water as our lake is. Look at the pollution caused by the travel plaza on the Mass Pike in Charlton. The plaza has contaminated every well in the area and public water lines had to be installed. Water had to be supplied to many residents, some much further away from the Mobil station than Wettlaufer’s Flying J will be from our lake. The environmental impact caused by the fueling facility on the Pike continues to impact the town of Charlton more than a decade after the fuel release. Imagine now if there was a lake close by…….

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 10:24 by James P.LaMountain
Official Gratuities
I believe it is with a nod and a wink Mr. Wettlaufer and other town officials are bending over backwards with the hopes of some future reward. I would not be surprised to learn that like Lyn Arnold of the planning board, who had her house rebuilt by the Wettlaufer/Johnson contractors other Officials may also be receiving gratuities. Did you see the new steep driveways cut in on Union Rd, and the ridge for houses on Mashapaug? All those driveways are in violation of the local by-laws that govern driveways percentage of slope and storm water runoff. They were allowed by the Johnson Gang.
Flying J will be pumping many millions of gallons of fuel annually through the Wettlaufer/Johnson service area.
There will be a hazardous release no matter what technology is employed. Even a fraction of a percentage of the millions of gallons handled each year is enough to pollute every well in the area as well as our lake with the cancer causing chemicals I mentioned in my earlier post.
Why is Selectman James Wettlaufer such an advocate for this truck stop? He admitted to trying to influence state and local Sturbridge Officials in an attempt to circumvent the normal permitting procedures.
I can’t wait to see Mr. W. and the rest of our town officials families running the travel plaza with high paying thank you jobs provided by the developers of the flying J.

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 10:37 by Monique
Someone mentioned getting the word out. Peter mentioned the blog for the residents of Holland. Not everyone reads a blog. The idea of getting flyers out to residents is good no need for names on the mailers...just put residnet of ...then the # and road. Make up flyers to inform people...set a meeting date for residents and have a meeting...invite your selectman and other officials to attend...invite the media...let people know that you are against it. Bring a neutral person in and have that person address your concerns. Going through your state rep's office they should be able to help you get someone from the state to help out with this.

If you get a turnout on residents and low on town, then shame on the town for not wanting to address your concerns...

Posted on 17 Mar 2009, 12:30 by COMMON CENTS
The Flying J Truck is it Hollands salvation.

Call the Environmental Protection Agency...

In Sturbridge the Finance Committee voted no action on the Article to rezone the propery next to the land in Holland that will be used for the truck stop. Why, Sturbridgte realizes that Holland has to chose it own path, but Sturbridge is not going to be a back door for the truck stop by rezoning land that has the potential of allowing a road to exit on to 15.

COMMON "CENTS" thinking make one wonder if there will be a windfall in property tax relief.

Union, Connecticut wins.

In Holland however, the Flying J... could warrant
Police officer . . 40000 plus a car and equipment.
Fire Department: Men, and special equipment for handling accidents and spells at the site.
These things should be in place before the truck stop is operational.
Contingency Funds for well testing around Hamilton Resovoir. And when the water is contaminated....clean up money.
If the lake is contaiminated...What then? No boats or kids playing in the water. I could not imagine that could you?
The long term vision for Holland, Could be summed up by the words of a song..... "Smoke on the Water".
Let Holland be known not for it quiet beauty of the resovoir, but The home of the "Flying J Truckstop".

Holland voters are selling their souls for revenue, which if you add up the numbers is all smoke and mirrows from the trucks that will be parked at your back door.

Posted on 22 Mar 2009, 19:54 by ScottDRR
Very Concerned Resident
Can someone tell me what the status is of the Town of Holland's action regarding the approval of steps to have the truck stop built? I am praying that there is something that can be done to stop this and that the will of the people still stands for something. This just cannot be built on land once considered "conservancy land".
Thank you . I am willing to get involved to stop this.

Posted on 23 Mar 2009, 12:57 by Peter Frei
Stop the Truck Stop
ScottDRR, thanks for your comment and your concern. As far as I know, Flying J Inc. has not submitted any site plans or applications for permits. In order to have the town include an article on the Town Warrant for the annual town meeting to be held May 26, 2009, we need only 10 signatures. I’m aiming to have at least 50 signatures. If I can’t find 50 people willing to sign a petition, an article for a bylaw change to the zoning bylaws will have little chance to be accepted. A two thirds majority is needed for a zoning bylaw change. Another reason is the danger to have town officials retaliate against the ten voters signing the petition. If there are 50 signatures it would be more difficult to single out the individuals who signed the petition.

I have 12 voters so far willing to sign the petition. Please contact me per email (peterfrei@cox.net) or call me (413 245 4660) so I can add your name to the list. The list will be confidential and will only be used to contact you once I have the fifty names I’m aiming for.

Posted on 25 Mar 2009, 11:25 by ScottDRR1
We Must Stop the Truck Stop
Thank you for your suggestion. I am happy to sign the petition. Can you post it here so I can read it, and also elaborate more on it's intent. We need to make sure the by-laws are not changed, so that the conservancy zoning that already exists for the property in question, is not changed for this type of develpment. Is that correct?
Also, I must say that your speculation that the town officials might consider some sort of retaliatory action is a bit disconcerting! Anwyay, I look forward to reading the petition.

Posted on 31 Mar 2009, 11:24 by Peter Frei
We Must Stop the Truck Stop
ScottDRR1, thanks for your support. The rezoning you are afraid would happen already did happen years ago. The proposed and accepted rezoning was classic "spot zoning" as it rezoned 73.8 acres of land on a plan showing a parcel of land owned by New England Land & Lumber Corp," a Corporation owned by Anthony Grossi (treasurer) and Michel Bergeron (president). Anthony Grossi is a personal friend of selectman Wettlaufer. The parcel was rezoned from special conservancy to commercial/business during the special town meeting of July 28, 2005. The rezoning was going to bring the town needed tax revenue paid for by Flying J Inc. according to Wettlaufer.
Legally it is not feasible to reverse the unfortunate rezoning. The parcel would lose some of its value and the owners could sue the town for constructive taking. A simple amendment prohibiting any truck stops within one mile of any lakes, ponds or reservoirs would achieve the goal. The owners could still build everything else but a truck stop, which would potentially bring more tax revenue and without the negative implications.
The lack of interest by the public in getting involved to take action is discouraging. I don't think that people care, not until it is too late.
May first is the deadline to submit a petition to be included on the town warrant. There is not much time left...

You are right, it is disconcerting to know that town officials retaliate. Scott, do you remember last year when Jim Foley and I mailed a flyer informing the taxpayer of the real impact a favorable vote on the upcomming tax levy override proposal would have on residents? Wettlaufer went as far as stating that what we did was a criminal act and that he and the town clerk "had filed a criminal complaint" against us to deal with the flyer and the persons responsible for the flyer. It was a last ditch effort to mislead the taxpayers and an attempt to intimidate Jim and myself. He never filed a criminal complaint. It was just another LIE and business as usual for someone like Wettlaufer.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 13:28 by Christine McCooe
Flying J's
A very bad idea to put a Flying J's Travel Center in Holland - near our already troubled lake - Holland is a quiet place to live and we certainly do not need any more trouble. I do wish Mr. LaMountain would stop acquising me of wrong doings and would learn to spell my name correctly - on the truck stop matter I must agree with him - not a good idea for Holland.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 14:42 by Jim L
Hey Christine McCooe
Sorry about the accusations. However if you bring the signs back and put them on my front yard then it will end there. If not then one of the candidates will file Charges ashe saw the signs in the car last night at the party.

Are you speaking for the HRA when you say the Flying J is such a bad Idea?
J. L

Posted on 10 May 2009, 14:50 by Kim Flannery
I say no to truckstop
I say no to any truckstop in Holland. I am an abutter to the proposed truckstop, and have never been notified of any truckstop being placed on the road on which I live. It is to dangerous to have these trucks on such narrow roads, especially when there are so many children getting on and off the school buses.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 15:05 by Shane Mayotte
No to truckstop
I oppose any truckstop in holland. There are far to many reasons to list here. But I do find it very strange as to why no one in the area has been notified about it. I would only assume that no action could be taken until a town wide vote. I am certainly interested in fighting this truckstop in anyway I can. If you have any ideas please contact me at onespm@aol.com. I have a hard enough time tring to get out of my driveway now. I can't imagine how bad it would be after a truckstop was put in. How many children do we have to lose due to speeding trucks on such little roads.

Posted on 15 May 2009, 9:53 by One of Many Concerned Citizens
Needless to say, something like this can only be decided on by the residents themselves. If, and hopefully it will not come to that, this moves forward, there has to be a town referndum vote on it. Do you agree?

Posted on 15 May 2009, 13:56 by Was at the town meeting
They already voted
They already voted. A speial town meeting was stacked to change the zoning of our special conservation zone. The Conservation zone was established to protect our lake just from this sort of development. But Mr Wettlaufer's friend bought the land and Mr W. & Earl fiddled with the planning board and con com to get the article and then changed the zoning to accomadate a truck stop.
The meeting was stacked with senior robots and town employee's as well as friends and relatives of our Selectmen and other officials who all voted in favor of eliminating our special conservatory zone and creating a truck stop zone instead. There is a way to fix it but we will need some help at the town meetings.
Anyone interested contact Mr Frei for details.

Posted on 26 May 2009, 9:43 by Skipping Stones
Well Well Well
I have a big concern and I am sure it's just one voice of many. Most if not all of the drinking and potable water comes from our wells. What's to say all the blasting they have been doing isn't doing damage to our foundations and the aquifer?

Good drinking water today is deemed hazardous tomorrow. As it stands there are already questionable trucks (ADLER) that could contain hazardous waste just parked at the rear of the current truck parking lot; which by-the-way is on a slope and a feeder stream to the lake is right behind it.

The company who owns these trucks: http://www.adlertankrentals.com/
Some information about what these trucks can be used for:

I don't want to have to start buying bottle water - but at this rate the town may be forced to get their drinking water elsewhere or better yet not be able to use the water sources nature provided us at all. Anyone remember "Love Canal"?

Let's get our heads on straight people and take back our community and for the better part our dignity.

Posted on 26 May 2009, 9:55 by Skipping Stones
Tanks a lot
Quote from the ADLER Website:

"Do we have to clean the tanks at the end of the job?
Yes, we deliver the tanks to your site clean and empty, and we expect to pick them up the same way. We have designed our tanks to be easier to clean so your cleaning costs will be greatly reduced. "

They don't mention how they clean them or where - let's pray it is not at the current site in Holland, Ma.

Posted on 21 Jul 2009, 8:17 by mary
question about the petition
Do you have to be a registered voter in the town of Holland to sign the petition for a special town meeting to stop the truck stop? The town has many many summer people that are very concerned about this issue and are wondering "does their say/vote count"?

Posted on 21 Jul 2009, 11:25 by John Q
I believe you must be a registered voter to sign the petition or vote at the meeting. However you can come to the meeting and voice your concerns as a taxpayer.
Also mailers will need to be sent out and we can use some help both financially for the cost of the mailing as well as helping notify the public door to door about the petition. Any help any of the many wish to give can be organized through Scott Bousquet. You can get his contact info by calling Peter Frei @ 413 245 4660.

Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 8:02 by BAL
Union Loses!
No one wins when a truck stop is built. I am a Union, CT resident and Union has already lost under the guise of non-conforming rock quarry. There is no tax windfall and those of us who reside at Mashapaug fought long and hard to get that facility defeated. When the blasting was a daily event we could actually see ripples in the water and have great concern over what failure of our earthen dam could do downstream. I will continue to check your web site for updates and will attend your town meeting when this issue is discussed.

Posted on 28 Sep 2009, 10:16 by Ross
TRuck Stop Needed
Truck stops are needed so that those men and women that carry all our goods to and from can rest.
We don't need them driving on our roads tired, and I know when they need a cup of coffee or something to eat, it is very hard to pull that rig into just anywhere.
I think they should put the truck stop there. It will bring new business because it isn't just the truckers that stop there it is all the people traveling on the roads.

Posted on 0 Oct 2009, 21:05 by Very Concerned
And why do we need another truck stop??
I think we all agree that truck stops are needed however we already have three within miles of here. There is absolutely no need for another one. Only someone who lives away from the lake would think a truck stop would do anything but hurt the town. How many people would want to buy property next to a truck stop? I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who would not. The next thing that happens is the value of our property go down.

Posted on 0 Oct 2009, 22:07 by Hollander
Anthony J. G(ROSS)I
Mr.G(ross)i we really don't need a truck stop here. What some of the people don't know is what your really up to.. Did you tell everyone about how you wanna put up nearly 40 homes on the parcel you currently own and how you need the new school to pass before you do it...

Posted on 30 Oct 2009, 24:02 by Skipper
Truck Stop Petition
What happened with the petition against the Truck Stop? Was it ever submitted to the Board of Selectmen? Does the majority really want a Truck Stop? I need to know as I may sell my house on the lake before it is to late!

Posted on 12 Nov 2009, 20:50 by Very Concerned
What's Up with the truck stop
Is anyone else concerned about where we stand with the proposed truck stop? What is happening with the petition anything? This is very serious I know several people who want to know so they can sell before it happens. How do we go about finding out??

Posted on 12 Nov 2009, 22:24 by Peter Frei
people seem to want a truck stop..
To "Very Concerned," as I stated here in one of my comments back on March 31, 2009, "I don't think that people care, not until it is too late."
Scott and Lori Bousquet are the couple who took on the task of collecting signatures. I have not communicated with them since Hoyt closed for the season and I don't know whether the petition is still ongoing.

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 17:25 by Holland swamp
Good luck trying to sell your house dumbass.Do you really call that a lake?Last time i was there it smelled more like a septic tank maybe you people should worry about all the septic tanks draining into the lake first and you wander why there are so many weeds.Its you Holland people that live there that kill lake septic(Hamilton res.)

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 9:54 by Very concerned
The lake
Thanks for the information Mr. Frie.
If you don't like it on our lake then by all means go somewhere else. We sure wouldn't care if all of you "visitors" stayed away. It would be nice if once in a while one of two of you followed lake rules.
As most people know we have very strict rules regarding our septic systems in Holland because of the lake. You really don't know what your talking about.. we also have the lake tested and there were no problems.

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 10:11 by Lake Guy
Very Concerned, If you don't think there is a title 5 problem maybe you should take a little walk up Chafee Rd. or maybe down Island Rd. You wanna tell peter he doesn't know what he's talking about... He was on Chafee Rd. this summer when the untreated sewage was washing from chafee Over Mashapauge Rd. Do to improper drainage, So I guess the question I'm bringing to the table is.. Who has to follow the rules? Do they not apply to everyone? By the way maybe you should pack up your very strict rules and stay away! If we didn't have a septic problem we wouldn't a have an aquatic vegetation over growth issue.

Posted on 25 Nov 2009, 6:13 by Seen it
Already Building Truck Stop
You know they are already building the truck stop. Wettlaufer when asked about the rock removal in Union where Holaden is blasting says. "thats union not Holland. We have no say" But what Wettlaufe does not say is that the work extendes deep into Holland on that property. Most of the acerage is in Holland. They are doing all the site work for the truck stop right now.
No permits no submittals no hearings just go to work. Wettlaufer is seen visiting the home og the developer up on the mountain. Mr G and Wettlaufer are very close.
So petition or not Holland gets a truck stop because that is what Wettlaufer wants.

Posted on 22 Dec 2009, 9:08 by Listening Closely......
What Wettlaufer would say if he could only speak truth

Posted on 5 Feb 2010, 9:57 by JAKE
It might be wise to ask the board of health and Selectmen if thay have recieved any information concerning the applicant filing (Pilot) with DEP. Under the MA. regs, any development at or over 50 acres requires and E.I.S. (environmental impact study). No project can proceed unless this project is listed in the environmental monitor a State publication. The town, through the selectmen and the M.G.L. can and should set weight restrictions on the town roads thereby precluding truck traffic anywhere over the causeway and through town. Also under the new EPA requirments Phase II strormwater mitigation regulations would be required to be implemented. This project is too large for Holland, Union and the surrounding communities to deal with.
The Town of Holland should ammend their bylaws immediately to set forth a set of impact fees that would target large development like this. The current bylaws are porous and full of legal interpretations that large Companies love to exploit at their convenience. Wake up! without a solid legal reason to deny the project the Town will be forced to accept it.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 22:25 by Hill climbing fan who wishes he would stay away
Dave Sweetman
Dave Sweetman, former owner of the Gas station in Holland suffered a heart attack. I hope he will be OK..

Posted on 10 May 2012, 8:25 by herdah turtles
town is going to burn
Escape Estates cut in houses above my house and I've had water run off issues since 2003. The town has not done anything in regards to this displacement of water run-off. I also have way to many tractor trailers going by over the speed limit trying to avoid the weight stations. My children play here and if the town doesn't do something about either issue I will have to take matters into my own hands. So beware big rigs! I'm sure windshields and tires can get quite expensive to replace!

Posted on 2 Dec 2013, 2:02 by Clark
I can see it now, loose women from the strip club (Electic Blue) not far up the road. Maybe a liquor store and drugs to follow with cigarette boats on the lake. Hey it would be like Lake Havasu, drunk naked woman on boats with loud music. We might even get a casino. Sounds good to me accept the fact that trucks will start to cut through town to get around the weigh station. Oh we'll... Let the party begin!

Posted on 6 Dec 2013, 8:13 by what a joke
If Mr. Gross procieds to ask questions at public meetings ppl. Are going to figure out who all of the players are and what the intensions with the 17 acre parcel are.. And for the record.. There was NEVER fuel tanks at New Car.. and its not (grandfathered)! So on that note Grossi can Shove it up his ass!

Posted on 9 Dec 2013, 10:40 by Dana Manning
To: What a Joke
Dear What a Joke-

You are smart! I am glad I am not the only one watching what is going on! It is my personal opinion that there are still plans..... plans in the works.... for a full blown truck stop to come to Holland. Pilot has been opening truck stops all along. Merging with the failing Flying J (they filed for bankruptcy-- they were the ones who were to put the truck stop in on that 17 acres back in 2009) has not prevented Pilot from expanding. You only have to sit on the bridge above the Sturbridge Pilot for less than a hour to know, WE DON'T WANT A TRUCKSTOP IN HOLLAND, especially not where sensitive wetlands and watershed are located. Please call me. I am not interested in who you are, I am interested in the history of New Car and the dates of the previous businesses there. You are entirely correct in that there were never pumps and that it is not grandfathered, not even under all the new zoning bylaws that they snuck in at the Special Town Meeting.
(508)864-3290 or
28 Over the Top Road, Holland
Please give me as much detail as you know so that I can do research and pull documents. I would really appreciate it.
Thanks, -Dana

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