Holland's most Lavish Christmas Decorations of Private Residences.

Display-at-5-Mashapaug-Road Do you know where the most spectacular displays are located here in Holland? Find out»

Posted on 25 Dec 2010, 03:25 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 26 Dec 2010, 9:01 by Curad
The house at 64 Mashapaug Road looks like a Haunted House. I like it. Too hard to pick a fav though.

Posted on 26 Dec 2010, 15:42 by Pleased
Nice Goin!
Nice to see these photos. Good idea to print the pics for residents to see there is holiday spirit and something POSITIVE goin on in this lil town. Can't pick the best photo cuz they're all nice and display great effort.

TKS Peter!!

Posted on 26 Dec 2010, 18:00 by Peter Frei
2 Barclay street display added..
Someone pointed out to me that the Display on 2 Barclay Street was missing.
I had uploaded the pictures to the server but inadvertently forgot to include the links in my piece. I guess I was tired at 3:25 A.M., sorry! Nobody is perfect..
I added the links now and you may need to refresh the page on your browser to see it.
Thanks for pointing it out to me.
I find the display at 64 Mashapaug Road special because of the combination of blue lights depicting icicles and the white lights in between. The nice star on the south side of the house is also nice but not shown in the picture.

Posted on 30 Dec 2010, 5:21 by Marianne
Hi over there. I cannot make up my mind which to favor. Gorgeous installations.
Best regards

Posted on 15 Jan 2011, 19:04 by david
2 barclay rd.
thank you for posting our house we are proud how it came out

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