Please donít forget to vote today, it is important!

Brian-Johnson-campaign-sign-on-Brimfield-Road I predict that Raymond Korny will defeat Michael Kennedy and that George Carling will defeat Brian Johnson by a narrow margin.

A re-election of Brian Johnson would allow the roadways of Holland to fall further into disrepair.
Brian Johnsonís lack of knowledge how to proper maintain roads will eventually have a devastating effect to the transportation infrastructure of the town.

An interview published in the Southbridge Evening News brought to light that Brian Johnson has nothing to show for other than good intentions for the future.
Do you remember smelling hot tar around town during the summer months more than ten years ago? What happened? Why do we not smell that anymore? Read moreĽ

Posted on 7 Jun 2010, 03:09 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 7 Jun 2010, 7:38 by character
Brian's swife
This blog is not only dishonest and vindictive, it is also hurtful and lacks morals. Peter Frei your lack of character is why you post suck comments as the one left today regarding Brian's wife. The blogger who left it obviously is a very mean spirited person and how sad is that. Some day I hope you and all your fellow bloggers who send you such filth to publish will see the good in life and your fellow Town residents.

Posted on 7 Jun 2010, 7:53 by Mike LaMountain
We've seen the good
We have seen the good that Brain Johnson can do. For instance he is real GOOD at building houses on landlocked land with no frontage. He is GOOD at having no formal training or education and still able to pull in a $56k salary while just working 4 days a week. He is also GOOD at intimidating political opponents as well as stealing their campaign signs. Don't forget, he is real GOOD at getting into bar fights.

Yah, we see the GOOD. Now let us do some good and vote the bum out

Posted on 7 Jun 2010, 8:52 by Peter Frei
Brian's swife
To "character,"
I do not tolerate that anybody leaves a comment such as the one I just deleted, even if it is directed against a despicable person.
You wrote, "Peter Frei your lack of character is why you post suck comments as the one left today regarding Brian's wife."
I didn't post that comment, did you see my name? Other than most people, I sign my comments so you don't have to guess.
I would not be surprised if you yourself left that inexcusable comment to have a reason to attack the Holland Blog.
I lack morals? Because I have the guts to speak up and expose what some of our corrupt town officials do?
You also talk about our "the good in life and [y]our fellow Town residents."
It is interesting how you and others friendly of Brian and the rest of the corrupt Johnson and Wettlaufer clan always need to create a connection to the rest of the town's population. Other than the fact that most of the rest of the town does not know what is going on, I have no complains. And you can't really blame the people as they are lied to by Wettlaufer, the Johnson's, and some other officials.
The Johnson's and the Wettlaufer's have the patent on "vindictive," and everybody reading this blog with an open mind knows it.

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