Riddle (no.4)

We have not done a riddle in a long time.
This riddle is trying to solve the mystery of Brian Johnsonís way of setting his priorities, read moreĽ

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 02:30 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 7:54 by Dan H
maybrook not so bad
Why dont you tell people how the town highway dept.gradded maybrook rd.not only two weeks ago but for the second time this year. Thank you highway dept keep up the good work and good luck.

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 12:46 by non-ya-biz
I laugh everytime I come on thi sight. I have lived on Lakeridge for many years it is a private road. Brian and the town have taken good care of it. They can only do what the money allows. And just for your brown nose mr frey....the residents wanted to pave lakeridge but your good ole buddy wouldnt allow it. I appreciate Brian and his crew and if he has put up with your bs all these years...I hope h.e continues, just to piss you off

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 13:01 by Peter Frei
Laugh, the second..
I checked the address book and could not find someone with the name "non-ya-biz" living on Lakeridge?!

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 13:25 by non-ya-biz
laugh the third
I appreciate that you want to report the town news, but you can do it without your twist. Stop trashing the people of Holland, you know what comes around goes around. I thought thought this page was to report on the ongoings in Holland, not a trashy tabloid site.

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 13:50 by Peter Frei
Twist? Trash?
It is easy to get, on which side you are on.
You would like me to pad a despicable individual like Earl Johnson on his back and praise his "service to the community" like Smola and Brewer did at the annual town meeting. I think this would be what you consider "report on the ongoings in Holland" right?
The question is why reporting the FACT that Brian Johnson has his priorities wrong, or the fact that he is running a construction company three days of the week, or that he is the owner of a building lot that was part of town owned property and ended up in his possession without paying for it, or the fact that he lied to a state trooper and Brian Haughey our acting chief of police in an attempt to have me arrested, is considered trashing the people of Holland.
If there is nothing wrong with this kind of conduct, why would you consider reporting about it truthfully trashing people of Holland?
Can you see that you got it all wrong, can you see that maybe there is something wrong with Brian Johnson's actions?
The people of Holland are not individuals like Brian Johnson, they are not responsible for his actions but they have aright to know.
So please do not attack the people of Holland by comparing Brian Johnson with the "people of Holland."

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 13:58 by Bubs
Come On!
I find it funny that you talk about those two streets specifically... You Mr Frei live on Maybrook and Lamountain lives on Lakeridge hmmmmm??? Could I ask you this one thing?? Could you please find the good in some situations?? I'm not saying there isnt some shadyness going on but you people are sooo negative all the time! I wish you "bloggers" and Hollands Officials spent your time and energy on working with each other to try and come to a solution instead of posting things on here calling each other out! Make Holland a better place!! its beautiful but its going to shit because of bullshit on BOTH ends! Thanks for your time

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 14:04 by non-ya-biz
Well, you seem to be the biggest problem that we have here in Holland, next to your buddy. If you dont like it here, why dont you just move. Holland was fine before you came, and we will be fine if you leave. Brian is Holland, he was born and raised here and is liked by many members of the community. I would like to know what your priorities are? Sticking your nose where it does not belong? filing law suits agains the town that cost the taxpayers of Holland? I'm sure whatever you did to "almost get arrested" was well deserved, your no angel buddy.
So supporting you family in Holland is now a crime? VOTE BRIAN!!!
and why dont you go get a job or a life and leave people alone

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 14:44 by Lakeridge
Not Complaining
I am not complaining about potholes on dirt roads especially Lakeridge or Maybrook. The way Johnson and Company fixes them is to dump truckloads of gravel and grade it over the potholes till the next time the rains wash it all into the stream between Lakeridge and Mashapaug, or right into Maybrook. Its called Bubba's highway gang. If you combine the IQ's off all those workers at Highway and J and G I am sure it would not equal plant life intelligence.

If Brian Johnson " is" Holland as non ya biz says then Holland..
"is" VILE, Vindictive, Corrupt, and a community of crooks with an entitlement mentality.

Vote for Change.....ANYONE but Johnson gang.

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 14:46 by Peter Frei
Why don't you show me the way if there is a better one..
Bubs, thanks for your comment.
Please let me know how you would do that
"working with each other to try and come to a solution instead of posting things on here calling each other out!"
There is no interest on the side of the Johnson and Wettlaufer clan to work things out. The only way is either to join them in their corrupt ways and screw the rest of Holland as they do, or stay honest and fight against them.
Your comment is either written by someone who is ignorant about the situation or by someone who already joined the other dishonest and corrupt side.
The reason I wrote about Lakeridge Drive is because I do have to be truthful and for that reason can only make claims about the condition of a road I frequently travel on. It is right that I made frequent trips to the LaMountain residence because I had to get court documents and the like to cover his struggle on this blog that ended with a court decision in his favor. The trips were so frequent that it was impossible for me to "miss" any work that had been done to the road.
The part of Maybrook Road I was writing about I do not travel and had to rely on the claims made by the anonymous caller.
I would also like to mention that I tried to help the town in other ways before.
You may recall that I was running for the seat on the Planning Board in 2007 and lost. It was no wonder as the selectmen over and over again lied to the residents of Holland by claiming that my lawsuit against the Planning Board were frivolous and that I'm the bad guy, when in fact they denied me my fundamental rights.
For six years they misinformed the public. When I finally had the judgement reversed in the Appeals Court, the damage was done. Some people think I'm bitter over losing the election. Why would I be bitter about it? I had nothing to gain other than trying to help the town and serve with integrity! If someone lost, it is the town of Holland and its residents, not me.
The person that most of the misinformed people trusted with their vote, Christine McCooe, attended two meetings and resigned during the third meeting. She was suppose to serve a five year term.
Unfortunately, blogs like this one is all the people have left to get their information, unless you want to read and believe the garbage printed in the SEN.
The truth and the law is what it is; as a civilized society we need to live by it and accept it. The Johnson's and the Wettlaufer's don't have a right to their "own truth" and their "own laws" which they twist and turn to serve themselves and nobody else.
Brian Johnson's existence and performance on the job are grotesque, I hope that people have enough common sense to see that and act accordingly next Monday and end a sad chapter in the town's history.

Posted on 4 Jun 2010, 15:00 by S
Where are Carling's signs??
Driving through Holland, I noticed many red signs of Brian Johnson but not the green Carling signs any longer.
Did George Carling throw in the towel or is Brian and his crew working overtime collecting Carling's signs during the cover of darkness?
Just follow the light on Monday, you know what you do when the light is green and you know what to do when the light is red.

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