Earl & Brian Johnson, "Keep the team together!"

Some of you may remember the Johnsons' campaign slogan, "Keep the team together." My hope for a positive change was dashed at the caucus when Brian Johnson's nomination for the highway surveyor went unopposed. There was a rumor in town that a most (more) qualified long time resident would be willing to serve the community and challenge Brian Johnson for the highway surveyor position. Kristin LaPlante confirmed today that 52 year old George Carling filed his nomination papers yesterday, Kristin LaPlante: "I have not had the time to certify the signatures yet, but it seems that he has more then he needs." George Carling who previously worked for the highway department for one year under Woods wants to end the deterioration of Holland's roadways (something Brian Johnson is not currently doing) and make a difference. While Brian Johnson founded J & G Construction in 2008 while holding his office, George Carling sold his business recently to devote his undivided attention to better the roads and ways of our town. The community, after all, will get the opportunity to "keep the [Johnson] team together," this time outside the town hall..
Peter Frei

Posted on 20 Apr 2010, 12:57 - Category: Town Politics
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