Daycare-Center at the Highway Department?


Is our Highway Surveyor, Brian Johnson, now also running a daycare center or just babysitting his children while on the clock for the Highway Department? Read more»

This picture was taken at 11:30 AM on Monday, December 7, 2009.

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 18:51 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 18:54 by Town of Holland
Holland Daycare
Gee Bri Bri....Maybe you can watch my kid too.. Please pick him up at around 9 at Craig Road.. Lord knows you don't do anything else around town.

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 19:33 by my 2 cents
just wondering
I am sorry but this fued in town is so juvenile and petty, so what if he had a child with him? You state that the picture was taken at 11:30, which sounds very reasonable to me as lunch break. You ask if he has anything better to do than joyride with his child, I'm sorry Peter but do you have anything better to do than take pictures of Brian doing what you call "wrong" and taking the time to post them to the blog. Also you state that he was heading towards you drifting over towards the centerline of the road, did he ever cross the center of the road? Please in the future use this blog for positive matters instead of just trying to point fingers at people, I mean we are all adults here . Also what I say goes the same for the Johnsons and other town officials, all the bull$%!& charges that Jim Lamountain has gone through and all because of this grudge. Imagine what could be accomplished in this town if so much time, money and negative energy wasn't wasted on this crap. Jim good luck with your lawsuit with the town, you were definately wronged and anyone can clearly see that. Together we can all make this town a truelly great place to live.

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 20:02 by Town is liable
Un-neccesary RISK
Peter is right. The town is liable for that child while she is riding in town equipment. Have not these Johnsons already exposed our town to enough liability with thier antics.

The Johnsons' entitlement mentality that led to Johnson landgate and the corruption of more than 10 other town officials is clearly demonstrated by this type of conduct by our Highway Surveyor Brian Johnson.

I am sorry but the Children of our officials have no need to ever be in town vehicles. We working stiff town residents and taxpayers who drive our kids around in our own vehicles on our own time do not need the exposure.

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 20:02 by Mike LaMountain
What qualifies someone to be the head of the highway department anyway? I mean we pay this guy over $1000 a week plus benefits and pensions as well as a town vehicle. I'm just wondering what qualifications he has?

To me it feels like we hired him and his company to run our town barn. How much do we pay those three a year to run the barn for us?

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 20:22 by Mike LaMountain
Police Boat
I recall another early afternoon while I was enjoying my beach I witnessed Brian Johnson and another highyway guy speeding around in the towns police boat. Anyone care to fill me in on the "official" reason they get to use the police boat?

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 20:38 by You can't make this stuff up!
This is very concerning. First of all there is liability that would fall upon the town by having a child in a town vehicle should there be an accident and the child were injured or killed. It would cost the town far more than all of the other lawsuit expenses combined. By law... in a municipal vehicle air bags cannot be disengaged. Also BY LAW that child is TOO SMALL to be in a seat that has an airbag! If that isn't concerning enough Brian Johnson apparently exhibits ROAD RAGE just upon seeing Peter Frei.... AND ha has a history of ROAD RAGE as he has done the same thing to Jim LaMountain??? This ROAD RAGE increased the likleihood of an accident...and thus increases the potential liability to the town...

I think Peter Frei and Jim LaMountain care more about the town of Holland than Earl and Brian Johnson! What have Frei and LaMountain stolen? (nothing-- not even free trash removal) What have they deeded over to themselves? (nothing again) Is there any personal gain in how Frei and LaMountain fight for their lawful and civil rights? They get heckled.... they get attacked and criticized, but it's a good thing Holland has these two individuals to stick their necks out, otherwise the Johnson's would be walking all over every town members rights... and probably getting away with it too! What do the Johnson's have to lose under Frei and LaMountain's scrutiny? EVERYTHING!!!

Holland needs to get the old government out and some new people... that CARE about the town in! Now is the time to begin thinking about running for a position in the next election. You have to choose change... so lets get some choices on the ballad so a much needed change can take place!

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 20:42 by watchman
Lunch Time
To: My 2 cents, Lunch time is @ 12:00.. Not 11:30, I had one of the other town crewmen riding my bumper to get home for lunch @ 12:04 today when everyone goes on lunch. The reason Peter Brings these facts forward witch you refer to as wrongs, is because Brian has a habit of following and imposing aggressive behavior and Intimidation tactics twards town tax payers/ residents on town time. Who does he think he is??A child riding around in a public utility vehicle is a town liability! who's insurance pays if that child is hurt while "JOYRIDING" with Daddy ? Who's tax dollars pay for the gas that daddy uses while joyriding. IF YOUR GONNA JOYRIDE.. DO IT ON YOUR OWN BUCK. All of these thing all added together are not petty, they all add to something that isn't right.. Does anyone know about a deer jacking @ location of 61 Stafford rd last fall? If so please contact the Holland Blog..

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 5:46 by On the lake
Was that the day that he hit the big rock near the causeway and disabled our town boat?

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 14:09 by Take Kid to work
So What
So what if he has his kid with him. Haven't you ever heard of national take your daughter to work day?
And not just daughters. I remember quite fondly riding around in my dads big truck when i was younger.

What is the big deal??? Whats the difference???

Oh yea the town was not paying for my ride. Thats the difference Johnsons. Thats a big deal.

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 14:23 by Gloria Steinman
Take your Daughter to work day

Hey, cut and paste the web addresses below into your search boxes.
There is a day to take your kids to work and a national program. But it was not yesterday.

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 14:55 by Skipper
She got the real picture!
Hey "Take Kid to work," this year’s national “take your child to work day” was on Thursday April 23, next year it will be April 22. For the Johnson's the "take your child to work day" seems to be every day. At least the girl got the real picture; driving around town for no other reason than to intimidate another driver while endangering a minor, hangout at the town hall socializing, humiliating individuals who are not willing to be part of the corrupt bunch by calling them "white trash," etc.
As far as I know, Mr. Frei has at least one ongoing lawsuit in which Brian Johnson is a defendant. Brian's actions are clearly constituting "intimidating a witness," which is a felony last time I checked MGL.

Posted on 9 Dec 2009, 12:46 by Curious Athena II
Child Down ?
Am I looking at this picture correctly. Is this child starting to put head down so the person taking the picture cannot see them. How oldl is this child, is there a child seat. Daddy teaching child to hide to cover his lack of judgement? Liability Liability Liability
Ex Chief Gleason did it What is wrong with Town People being responsible ???

Posted on 9 Dec 2009, 20:23 by RZ
Bri-Ann Bri-ann It is so sad to see you following in the steps of your Dad. You were such a good kid. I had Higher hopes for you even though you did sell the coon dog I gave to you with the understanding that you would give it back if you ever decided not to hunt it any more. I remember the call I got from Earl saying Sadie died, but we both know better don't we Bri - Ann

Posted on 10 Dec 2009, 13:26 by Peter Frei
not really wondering..
To “my two cents,” who posted the comment with the title “just wondering.”
I chuckle each time I read the word “juvenile” in connection whit this Blog or the litigation initiated by oppressed members of our community. You termed the fight for justice by these individuals as “feud,” as “juvenile and petty feud.”
Tell the thousands and thousands of service men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan that they risk/lose their lives for juvenile/petty reasons.
Almost 5,000 soldiers died to spread democracy and the rule of law just in these two countries during the last seven years.
You incorrectly quote me as having used the word “wrong;” I checked my piece and this word does not appear in the entire piece. I just reported the facts and asked some questions. It is obviously wrong what Brian Johnson did. Your conclusion is right, but it was not me that made or came to that conclusion, it was you..

Posted on 11 Dec 2009, 22:52 by my 2 cents
to peter
Ok peter I do admit that I was incorrect by putting the word wrong into quotation marks, it was not a quote, it was just merely implied. also why would I tell our soldiers that they are overseas fighting for petty and juvenile reasons, this is far from the same situation that we have here in Holland, I can't even see how you could make that comparison. anyways HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!!!!

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 10:46 by Deeeeee
Seriously guys? Are you kidding me? Look at the time, Look at the date, Look at the picture? She has a backpack on. She's obviously either on her way to school, or sick like alot of othe rkids and the nurse called to have her sent home? Like none of you have either had to leave work to bring your child to school, or pick them up because they are sick? What kindof morons are you taking pictures of a poor kid? For fucks sake stop bringing brians YOUNG kids into your ONLINE drama. I don't blame brian for telling her to look away or down I not for one second would let my poor younger daughter see some fucking stalker with a damn camera. What kindof people are you? You think you're any better than Brian & his family by what running an online blog harassing little kids & stalking them to get off at night? really? wow your familes must be so proud.

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 11:13 by Peter Frei
Nice try..
If someone is stalker it is Brian. If that girl would have been sick, why would he bring her first to the town hall and follow me around with her in two for about 25 minutes instead of working? By the way, she was not wearing a backpack either and seemed to be bubbly. It is not about the girl, it is about Brian not having any business to follow me around and use a town truck to joyride around with her creating a liability for our town while on the clock.
You guys don't get it, that's why it is time for a change! Is it too cold today to do any work outside, guys at the HWD?

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 20:14 by Family Blog
Watch your Language
Hey Peter.. Why do you not send the Post called seriously by Deeeee tot he trash bin just based on his language alone. The F bomb should not be allowed. And then Scotty I mean Deeee goes on to suggest you are taking a copy of your picture to et off.. What kind of sick minded individual talks or even thinks like that???

I would be more careful of any children that had contact with Deeee.

Put his post in the trash where he belongs based on his language alone. It lowers the caliber of your blogs.. I would say Deeee is associated with the town hall very closely.

Jim L

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 6:25 by photo fighter
e-z fix
This is to Deeeeee. This is e-z DON'T bring your kid to work & then persue people with poor conduct, You might not get your picture take doing something "wrong"! If you people in office could just do the you're jobs you are paid for instead of playing into the Jonson saga, no one would have any problems. So Deeee we all know the rules... So why don't you all just play by them now. Keep in mind do we really want to wait until a little girl gets hurt in a town vehicle on town time? Tell the Caveman to leave the kids @ home the next time he wants to harass & joyride!

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 16:38 by not Deeee
scotty g
Hey Jim just to let you know the comment made by Dee was not made by Scott. So that makes one more blogger that does not agree with what you people do. Jim do know were i can get some fresh beef.

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 17:10 by Jim L
Scotty I only thought it was Scotty because of the F-bomb adjectives. I never said Scotty G. but I think it was G who used them last time...Fresh beef is on the hoof right now. It was born last July and should be ready to finish by September 2011. I have some left in the Freezer ut Michael would not like it if I sold what he considers his beef. He gave me wood for the house so I give him beef for the pan. He eats good and I stay warm.
I dont think Deeeee is one more blogger. I think Deee is an ol Blogger using a new name. You can also buy finished steers on the hoof at the sale barn and bring them to a slaughterhouse of your choice for processing. You should know the farmer before you buy though.

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 17:44 by Eagle Eyes at Romper Room
Highway Day Care
I have an eyewitness who reports seeing elementary Children at the Highway dept early AM many days. They must have a Mommy who goes to work early before school opens and she drops them off at our highway department for daddy to babysit untill school opens. So now we have kids running around a workplace too. Trucks and heavy equipment owned by the town are their playthings?

Posted on 18 Dec 2009, 18:18 by Crows feet
Nothing better to do
I think eagle eye needs glasses.Only two highway guys have children and i know neither of the mommies work in the morning so maybe the eagle should build a nest elsewhere.

Posted on 22 Dec 2009, 6:23 by Working STiff
Never too young to be Corrupt
Look at the little Johnson Girl riding around in the town truck while Daddy gets paid by the town. Earl must be so proud that Brian is carrying on the Johnson Family entitlement business. That lil Girl is growing up and beiing intoctinated into the entitlement mindset. She thinks it is OK for her Daddy to use town equipment and materials for their families personal use. I am sure she sees it around the family homes all the time.

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