The Holland Blog received an anonymous letter with two pictures by mail about irregularities in the Highway Department of our town. Brian Johnson is our elected Highway Superintendent and son of one of our elected selectmen, Earl Johnson. The Department is under the control of Brian Johnson. The Holland Blog has not altered the text or the pictures, to read the letter and view the pictures, click hereĽ

Any information is welcomed and will be posted! All sources are kept strictly confidential.

Posted on 29 Sep 2009, 21:02 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 7:02 by Taxpaying Citizen
Like Father Like Son
The apple does not roll too far from the tree.
The Johnson family feels that they are entitled to these Illegal perks. Look at Johnson Landgate. Earl takes flue shots when the national stockpile is down and rather than pay the ten dollars which is a bargain he makes the town pay. Stealing from the town is a way of life for the Johnson clan. Our town employees allow this because they too benefit from perks that the Johnsonís taught them how to take.

Welcome to Holland. Who ever wrote that letter. Ethics should be our commonality.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 9:56 by Another concerned taxpayer
Keeping Track of Highway vehicles
Holland should do like the Brookfields are doing. According to a story in today's T&G (under local meetings)Officials agreed to install TEN GPS trackers in their Highway vehicles @ $400. ea. after BOS received complaints of seeing their town's equipment in other communities. The same question arose there as the writer asks in this article. So taxpayers can cure the abuse & save their hard working tax $$$ by asking Holland BOS to do the same.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 17:07 by Another Taxpayer
Free Dirt
Yes, B. Johnson delivering truckloads over the weekend to Vinton Road with the Town Truck. hmmmm.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 17:16 by Oust the Johnsons
Remove the "team"
That is standard operation for Johnson and their supporters. To steal town assetts and redistribute them amongst family and friends is a way of life for Earl and his supporters. I say lets start now. Remove Brian Johnson fron his "Highway Gang" and stop the highway robbery of Holland. Vote out Earl and Brian Johnson during the 2010 election. show up at the caucus and send the corrupt ones a message. Holland will not ne whored out by Earl Johnson and his gang any longer. It is TIME for a change. Ask Kevin Gleason

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 18:21 by resident99
Thank you Highway
Thank you very much to HOLLAND HIGHWAY for the ongoing work with the horrendous roads our town has to deal with. Maybrook, Mountain Road for starters. Our tax dollars well spent repairs done within our town by our residents. No outside contracts. I didn't even have to call to have these roads saved. Thank you again.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 18:38 by tree18
Trash Photos
As a resident of this town living in the proximity of the town fire department and sand barn, I personally witness random cars unloading trash into the area that the photos on this blog show. I have yet to take license plate numbers but will watch and be more observant to remove blame from those mentioned in this blog's photos. Place blame where it lies not fictiously made up.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 19:03 by Smells the rat
Last two posts above are damage control by the Johnson Clan. It is all spin ..When they lower the lake follow Maybrook road and see all the sand at the bottom in the lake where Maybrook meets hamilton... Real good job BJ and company.

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 19:22 by nice try..tree18
OK.. If that trash does not belong to town employee's ..then lets see their trash disposal bills for the past year. Each and every one of em.. Cmon put up or shut up. Show the goods.. And if that trash was really some "random car unloading" as tree18 said then our town workers at the highway barn certainly would have called the police to open those BIG trash bags and see if there is something in there with a name.

We taxpayors are being robbed..
You said it best resident 99 "horrendous roads our town has to deal with" are your exact words. Our State chapter 90 road repair funds have been mis-appropriated and transferred to our Selectmans discretionary account for the past several years. That is why our roads are so horrendous Papa Peety (SELECTMAN JOHNSON) AKA "Boss HOG" has had his son siphoning Highway funds to the Selectmans Account to pay for lawsuits and other screw-ups by our Selectmen.

Thanks for being honest about our road conditions Resident 99. Must have been a Freudian Slip.

Tree18 and resident99 are the same person

Posted on 30 Sep 2009, 19:23 by Peter Frei
Easy Fix..
There is an easy fix, Brian Johnson and other Highway Department employees just have to show us that they actually pay for garbage removal and not bring it to the Highway Department and have the taxpayer pay for their personal garbage removal.
I bet they can't do that as they don't have their own service..
Has anybody ever seen a garbage bin at 61 Stafford Road (Brian Johnson's residence)??

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 8:05 by local guy
It'll be nice to see Bry-Bry drag'n his trash can to the street from now on. Cheap pirk! Get a hair cut. I'm bet'n tommy doesn't leave his trash @ the barn.

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 8:32 by Stop Abreviating everything Dude! It's Korny!
Hey "Local Guy"
Hey "Local Guy" or should I say Jesse?? Do you just sit on your computer all day and wait for stories to come on here?? Then you race off to ya'll computer and go putt'n comments on here?? Hey yall is entitled to yours own opinion, Im just say'n GET A LIFE! Bryan Johnson is one of the nicest guy's I have ever met, and an even better Father to his beautiful kids! Don't go make'n things harder for somebody is just try'n to provide for his family!

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 8:37 by thanks Peter
Thats what Kevin Gleason Said
Hey Stop abreviating.....

Nice Guy ... raising kids....corruption....Kevin Gleason said all the same things at his sentencing...u must b on da dole toooo...

Posted on 1 Oct 2009, 8:37 by Peter Frei
nice guys don't lie to cops!
To the person who posted the previous comment. Nice guys don't lie to cops and in sworn affidavits. Robbing a town to provide for a family is not much different than robbing a bank!

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 8:16 by local guy
keep picking on grammer
what do I care about abbreviating? most of the things I send into 01521 are from a hand held mobile device. If you would like to pick on something, start with your spelling. (abbreviate) - abridge: reduce in scope while retaining essential elements;

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 17:33 by TTTSSSSSSSTTTTT
Kristian is a Hottie
I see Kristian LaPlante walking her dog and can not help but notice how hot she looks in her stylish ne tailored wardrobe. Her Husband is a lucky guy. HUBBA HUBBA

Is that expensive new wardrobe your share of the loot. I notice that 52 thousand a year that brian makes can not be close to enough to support his lifestyle. Roofing has one of the highest paying workman comp mods there are and can not be done legally on a part time basis. How did Scot G and Bry Bry and Co come up with enough venture capital to finance their equipment. What happens if Kyle falls off a roof. Do they bring him to the town hoghway garage and say he was hurt there and make us taxpayors foot the bill?
I hear the main client for brian and company is escape estates who depend on waivers and variences from Earl Johnson and other town officials to continue working in Holland.
So Kristian all I can say is keep walking the dog and making us smile.

Posted on 20 Dec 2009, 8:37 by Jim LaMountain
Here is another example of retaliation against innocent people by the Johnsons. Thank God we have our own plow. But the people who live further up our road do not.

In 2007 I Hired the engineer to review all the Johnson LandGate documents put together by so many people. My name was on the Engineers Allen Paiges letter confirming that the houses off Stafford Road are Illegal.
Others helping to expose the Johnson Land-Gate fiasco are Jim Foley in his DD119 report, Peter Frei, in his Lawsuits, Carolyn Reardon with her audits.
Nancy Talbot provided invaluable information about Johnson-GAte and was sore when Earl transferred the land to his Mother in Law because Nancy and her Family wanted the piece according to what Derick told me during those many hours he sat at my fireplace the year he dated my Daughter.

Anyhow the Highway Department led by Earl Johnson's son Brian (who also owns part of land-gate) has stopped plowing us out.
Now they plow the entire rest of Lakeridge drive but not us. We are not at the end of our road either. Their is another house up the road from us that has a year round resident.

So now my sons Girlfriend,, Geri Jean Twining is going to have a baby in April. She is quite pregnant. What happens in the middle of the night (before my son has put the plow down) an emergency happens. ??? And the time it takes to get the plow is the difference between life and death.????
We paid all the taxes on our Lakeridge Home. You plow the entire rest of the neighborhood...But not us our our neighbor up the road.

That is the mentality in charge of running our town government right now....
I will say that not all the Highway guys are under Brians thumb and there is an ethical operator who turns his truck around in our driveway.

Take Care

Posted on 20 Dec 2009, 14:25 by Voting for Holland
Election '10'
Hey GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! I hear there is a brave viable and qualified candidate to run against Brian Johnson in the upcomming 2010 Elections...........

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 16:46 by Sue and Dave
Hey election 10 why would you want someone else when our highway dept has done a wonderful job. I guess its typical of Holland of to say something so stupid and get ride of the one good thing we have in this town.

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 17:07 by Corruption and entitlement
Sue and Dave
Hey spin doctors.. Read landgate

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 17:41 by Peter Frei
Welcome back Sue and Dave..
Welcome back, Sue and Dave! I hear that you couldn't take the heat any longer in Africa. I also hear that the economy is really bad in the Sahara and that you had a hard time selling your two camels for an acceptable price.
Here in the USA we do not have to put up with corrupt officials, things are still slightly different then they are in Africa; hence the Holland Blog. Also, we have a different standart we apply to our lines of travel we call roads. Unfortunately, I can't point you to a good one in our town, they all are falling apart.

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 19:03 by Dave
yes landgate
Yes we did read landgate sir and we don't believe it has anything to do with our highway dept. nor Brian Johnson thank you.Yes Mr. Frei our roads are falling apart but every town is hurting in Massachusetts.The state is making cuts do to low budget come on give these people a chance

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 19:24 by Blind no more
If you read landgate you would see Brian Johnson owns one of the Illegal lots on former town land

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 19:35 by Bumpy Rider
Ch. 90 funds
Maybe if Brian Johnson did not send the Highway chapter 90 monies to Daddie Earl Johnsons Selectmans discretionary account then the roads would not be so bumpy.

Maybe if Brian, Scotty, and Kyle did not spend all their time planning roof jobs for J and G. the roads would not be so bumpy. Maybe if you Dave were a real person and not a Town Official trying to misdirect the public Holland would have a chance.

Posted on 21 Dec 2009, 19:41 by Dav
too young
Did Brian Johnson buy this land because he seems kind of young for that time frame

Posted on 22 Dec 2009, 6:02 by Reads the documents
Old enough to rip us off
Dave. I read all the papers posted at Johnson Land-Gate and there is a deed there transferring the entire fraudulantly conveyed former town landlocked property over to out Highway surveyor Brian Johnson, Then Brian transferred part of it to his Bros. Cost of the land is listed as "love an affection".
As a matter of fact they then fabricated a right of way to the land which does not provide frontage while Brian owned it.
Then they stacked special town meetings and fiddled with Town by-laws trying to cover their tracks so they could make three supposedly buildable lots. But alas not one of the lots is really buildable because the Johnsons can not change state law by making bylaw changes huh Mr Burlingame. Huh Jack. You guys know you need frontage to build huh.
So Brian set off on the path to corruption at an "EARL y" age. He continues on that path today after all black hearted corruption is the Johnson families legacy to our community.

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