Erosion biggest threat to our Lake!

Studies show that erosion is the biggest threat to our lake, it takes vision and awareness to address the problem. Both seem to be absent at the town hall, read more»

Posted on 24 Jul 2009, 16:15 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 25 Jul 2009, 19:47 by John Q
Winter Sand ends up in lake
How many dump truck loads of sand does the highway department dump on the roads around the lake. I know in the spring our roads are covered in sand and it usually takes quite a few rain storms before it all gets washed into the lake.
The sand shed at the highway department looks like it holds about 100 dump truck loads of sand. How many times a year do they fill it.

Then how much is recovered by the sweeper and catch basin cleaner. I would say approx. 1500 cubic yards of sand is put in our lake each year by the highway department from sanding our roads and not sweeping.

Also when the Highway department fixes our dirt road each year they come and dump a couple truckloads of gravel on the road. The rain then washes the gravel into the stream in the neighborhood. This has been repeated every year since Johnson took over the higway department. Dont forget Mr Frei. Not only does Brian Johnson get 54 thousand a year , he also gets pensions, health insurance, and kickbacks from vendors. All this for a 4 day work week where Johnson does hardly any work.
Thank you Brian Johnson for nothing.

Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 8:12 by John Q
Chapter 90 Funds misappropriated?
Chapter 90 Program

The Chapter 90 Program was enacted on March 23, 1973, by vote of the Public Works Commission to entitle Municipalities to reimbursement of documented expenditures under the provisions of General Laws, Chapter 90, Section 34, Clause 2(a) on approved Projects. The Funds provided from Transportation Bond Issues authorizes such Capital Improvement Projects for Highway Construction, Preservation and Improvement Projects that create or extend the life of Capital Facilities as follows:

Grants are made in accordance with Section 34 Chapter 90 MGL.
These funds shall be used in compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations, including but not limited to, Chapter 30, Section 39M; Chapter 149, Section 44J; Chapter 149, Section 26-27F; as applicable for maintaining, repairing, improving and constructing town and county ways and bridges which qualify under the State Aid Highway Guidelines adopted by the Public Works Commission.

Funds must be allocated to roadway projects, such as resurfacing and related work (the minimum for resurfacing shall be 3/4" course with a continuous length of 500') and other work incidental to the above such as preliminary engineering including State Aid/Consultant Design Agreements, right-of-way acquisition, shoulders, side road approaches, landscaping and tree planting, roadside drainage, structures (including bridges), sidewalks, traffic control and service facilities, street lighting (excluding operating costs), and for such other purposes as the Department may specifically authorize. The municipality shall provide documentation of compliance with Chapter 149, Sections 44J and 26-27F; as applicable


Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 8:21 by John Q
Why are roads are so poor...
For the past few years our Selectmen have transferred our chapter 90 state funds from our roads to their "discretionary" account.

Chapter 90 funds are earmarked for roadway improvements. The more roadway's you have and the more monies you spend on roads, the higher the town's allotment of funds is. If the town was to repair Maybrook road, not only would chapter 90 reimburse the town but we would also stop all the sand and gravel from washing into Maybrook and into the lake.

Wait until the next time the lake is drawn down and go to the Maybrook/ Hamilton reservoir confluence. You will see enough sand and gravel in the lake to fill hundreds and hundreds of dumptrucks. All this material was put in the lake by the direct actions of the Highway department and selectmen who diverted the funds needed to fix this problem.

At the very least a berm is needed along the side of the unpaved Maybrook road instead of allowing untreated road runoff from washing into our lake. What does Brian Johnson do with his time? Why do the Selectmen continuously divert these much needed highway funds to their own accounts. Why were our highway personal working on Earl Johnson's house when they should have been working on our sorry roads.

Our Highway surveyor Brian Johnson allows this to happen because his Daddy Earl Johnson is the Selectman taking the road money.

Brian does what Earl says and is part of the active looting of our town resourses. See Johnson Landgate and you will learn Brian Johnson owns one of the parcels of land that his Daddy fraudulantly transeferred from the Inhabitants of Holland to the Johnson Family.

When is the looting of our town by the Johnsons and Wettlaufer going to end?


Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 9:38 by Skipper
"Keep the team together"
“John Q,” I just read Chapter 90, Section 34, Clause 2(a), here is part of it:
“No revenue credited to the Highway Fund shall be transferred from said Fund to any other Fund of the Commonwealth for any other purpose; provided, however, that such revenue shall be transferred in order to recover fringe benefit costs pursuant to section five D or subsection (f) of section six B of chapter twenty-nine. The department shall withhold or withdraw the unexpended balance of any funds assigned by it under this subdivision if the town fails to comply with the official standards for traffic control established by the department or with any provision of a traffic control agreement negotiated between the department and the town, as required by the United States Secretary of Commerce under section 109 of Title 23 of the United States Code. In this subdivision the word "town'' shall include city;”
This does not sound like something Brian Johnson has the mental capacity to grasp. I remember the annual town meeting back in May of this year. Brian Johnson was unable to answer simple questions about the new “Trench Law.”
To assume or hope that Brian will seek help to find his way through the legal maze from our town counsel Vincent McCaughey is unrealistic as well. Reading this blog I learned that McCaughey is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.
When Brian and his father Earl Johnson ran for re-election in 1997, their slogan was, “KEEP THE TEAM TOGETHER,” the voters surely did. . .

Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 11:12 by Fascinating
2-25 2003


If you go to the "Johnson Langate link at the upper left of this page and click on it...then scroll almost all the way to the bottom , you will find a link with the date 2-25-2003.
Click the link and you will see a deed transferring the former town owned land to Brian Johnson for the sum of "love and affection" (the land Earl Johnson as Selectman Fraudulantly conveyed to his Mother in law Dorris Proulx dated 12-22-1980 signed by Earl Johnson as Selectman)

It is funny how there is no mention of Stafford road as the address for the land. Gibson was probably right when he accused Johnson and his engineers of forgery for manufacturing right of ways across his land. Rights of way mentioned on zero deeds dating back to the 1800's.

2-25-2003 was the first time in Holland or US history that a deed for that former town owned parcel mentioned any right away to Stafford road.
If you look in the deed dated 9-23-1987 where Earls mother in law Dorris Proulx deeded the land to Earls wife you will see.. THERE IS NO MENTION OF RIGHT OF WAY... or any mention of a Stafford road address.
Read the ZBA special permit hearing for Ericc Johnson dated
1-24 -2004 and you will see that Gibson rightfully accused the Johnsons of manufacturing a right of way over his land. And the Special Permit is signed by the clerk of the ZBA Christian Peterson! Thats right the same Christian Peterson who sits RIGHT NOW sits next to Johnson on the Board of Assessors and the Selectboard.

Some "team" huh.


Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 11:35 by Auditor
I.R.S. Questions
I would like to take a look at the Johnson tax returns to see if they claimed the "Love and affection" gifts as income for the value of the property. Any gift over 10,000 dollars needs to be declared as income and taxes paid on the value.

How much was a secluded 12 acre parcel worth in Holland in 2003?


Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 17:27 by Mashapaug Observer
I hear the Team of Earl and Brian Johnson were spotted around 1 pm today with the Police and Fire Departments trying to clear the blocked up catch basin. They were using a 300,000 dollar fire apparatus as a dewatering pump. Most of us use a pump designed for the purpose. I have one myself. It cost 800 not 300,000 dollars. Do we now have sand and sewerage in our fire truck?

Earl was seen on scene to be sweating like a fat pig as he supervised his prodginee in clearing the water from the plugged up drain.
Way to go team. It only took you 3 days. Odd how they work Sunday but not Friday.

Posted on 29 Jul 2009, 7:35 by Passing Motorist
Pet Builders
Escape Estates is building houses on a common driveway just North of the little Causeway on the East side of the road. Every time it rains when I drive bu that place there is pure muddy water running off that property and down the road into the lake at the little causeway. Why has the conservation commission taken no action on this.

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 7:50 by Skipper
It happened on a Friday..
This mess was happening on a Friday, now we know why nobody was around. The "J AN G CONSTRUCTION" team must have been out of town busy with more important things.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 6:50 by Nothing
The biggest threat to our lake is the highway department!

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