Officials still cover Chief Kevin Gleason

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I do have knowledge that the State Police conducted an investigation about a larceny, implicating Kevin Gleason, around the time our Board of Selectmen, Earl Johnson, James Wettlaufer, and Christian Peterson promoted Kevin Gleason and trusted him with the safety of our community. I sent a letter and requested a copy of the report on the investigation under the “Freedom of Information Act.”
The answer letter written by Joan O’Brian from the Office of the Chief Legal Counsel, 470 Worcester Road, Farmington Ma 01702, is telling. The answer was written at a time Kevin Gleason was still the Chief in Holland. The letter insinuates that there is no limit to the cost that such a request could potentially incur. This of course is BS. Under the law, they have to supply me with copies at a cost of $1 per page. If they can’t find the report because they have a mess and are not organized it is their problem. Officials instead of checking each other they cover each other, it is a phenomena I witnessed throughout government, including all three branches. Our selectboard had many opportunities to oust Gleason. It is telling that it did not!
I try to find humor in everything; I could not do what I do otherwise. My answer letter to Joan O’Brian needs to be read with this in mind to be appreciated.
Some day I will have a copy of the report, I promise! I will thereafter add a piece about Kevin P. Gleason under his name to the “Who Is Who” section of the Holland Blog to bring closure to the Gleason saga. If you have knowledge of criminal conduct by Kevin Gleason, you can file a report with the FBI, click here to get to the website where you can file a tip!
Peter Frei

Posted on 9 May 2009, 12:34 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 9 Jul 2009, 11:46 by Captain Joint
Why has the FBI not looked into X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason?
I can't understand why X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason is still a free man, facing no charges for his crimes.

It seems in my case alone, he has broken many laws. Perjury, manufacturing false evidence and presenting it to the courts, using color of office to harass citizens, violating my civil rights by using news clippings and letters to the editor as "evidence" of my crimes on an affidavit, and so much more.
I am telling you that I was in the hospital and his "C.I.#62" Michael Zelonis was in jail when Gleason claimed I was selling marijuana to him on three dated times stated in the affidavit that was used to tear my family's home apart while I was still in I.C.U. fighting for my life.
His actions caused serious complications in my healing and a relapse that almost killed me.
He chased my family out of town and we lost a lot dumping that Holland Property. He invaded my home on a warrant based on lies and the Town of Holland covered up for him with their lawyers.
I notice that now he is X-Chief of Police that all his cheerleaders seem to have gone away.
Kevin P. Gleason should be facing charges on a Federal level, and not just for what he did to me.
Look at his track record, if I or any one of you committed these crimes, we would be in jail now!
I guess the police really can do whatever they want and get away with it. We have no rights.
If you have information or tips on X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason, please turn them in to the FBI.

Posted on 18 Feb 2011, 18:19 by captainjoint
How can you be wrong & right at the same time???
How can you be wrong and right at the same time...?

Easy when led to wrong conclusions by lies from the police. I have stated that Michael Zelonis was my suspect as the "C.I. #62" listed in the affidavit the police used to get a warrant on my home on Maybrook. This is because Michael Zelonis was arrested on my property on Oct. 30, 2002 for gun, drug, and other charges, this is public record.

It would make sense the police would extort lies from someone like him to use against me, it was a person I knew.

I did not know him well and he was on my property getting wood I said he could take to keep his house warm.

The raid on my home in Holland was 2003, and all these years later a detective has supplied me with the name and police mug shot of the registered police confidential informant known as "C.I. #62", a man I have never met or even seen prior to seeing a mug shot. Yet on the affidavit the police claimed I sold him pot 3 times...? Lies...

The name of "C.I. #62" should be released soon, I have been asked to sit on it for now, but my lawyer has it, and is looking into seeking federal charges agains Special Agent Scott E. Haley and X-Chief Kevin P. Gleason, who I found out only served 3 months of his 2 year jail term...

justice marches on...

Posted on 15 May 2012, 4:16 by Brill
Another victim
I was also wrongly charged by Gleason, a favor for his bar buddies I can only assume. Practically ruined my life, even after it was thrown out of court. I'm glad your going after him. I'd also like to say hi to Dan and Smokey, haven't seen them in a very long time.

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