Police Chief Kevin Gleason resigned under duress.

The moral bankruptcy of our town government claimed its first victim in Gleason; criminal charges will allegedly follow, read more»

Posted on 4 May 2009, 23:48 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 5 May 2009, 6:00 by Go Bloggers!!
I work in law enforcement because I want to help people. I'm somewhat naive and look for the best in others. I have awakened to the realization that some cops are monsters with authority...and there's nothing you can do about it but pray karma is actually real. Well I applaud the bloggers of this site who have finally forced a corrupt Chief to resign...FINALLY!!! I'm not a Holland resident but have known and listened to the autrocities for YEARS!!!!! Gleason makes victims, well not anymore! Victims turn into strength and now the strength of TRUTH has forced him out!!!!! Good job to those who are on the side of GOOD. We may have to wait a long time, but eventually, good prevails.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 6:55 by Jim LaMountain
Holland will pay for Gleasons Actions for many years to come
Hip Hip Hooray.....!!!!

This scum bag is a reflection of those that hired him. Holland however is not done with him. He is a defendant in a Federal Civil Rights case for the false arrests of me and my associates that were ordered by the Johnsons after Earl Johnson ordered that our property be barricaded.

Even thought the Court would not file criminal complaints for removing the barricades, Gleason forcefully arrested Chad Brigham while having a cookout on his beach labor day weekend 2007. The barricades were retaliation against Brigham for running against Johnson for selectman.
This legal case will cost the town hundreds of thousands to litigate and the damages could total over a million dollars.

Thanks Kevin, Thanks Earl.
Top State Police officers and Gleasons own men have told me he is an embarrassment to all the hardworking, honet men and women in law enforcement. Maybe Kevin can get a job at the highway department next.
It was Gleason who forced the creation of this blog after he spent his mornings censoring the other blog we use to post at for Earl and Company.
Without censorship the truth is told and dirt bags will be forced to resign or be otherwise ousted.
You are next Earl. You too Brian,
Does anyone have any tar and feathers???????

Good Riddance.


Jim LaMountain, another victem of Holland Corruption.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 7:15 by Involved Watchdog
Selectmen Ignored citizens complaint about Gleason in 2008
Geri-Jean Twining
Holland Ma 01521 774 230 7622

To: Holland Board of Selectmen
27 Sturbridge Road
Holland Ma 01521

Sirs , I am writing this letter to inform your Board of serious improprieties involving the Holland Police Chief Kevin Gleason and conduct unbecoming a Police Chief that has been reported to me that causes great concern and exposes our town to extreme liability.

1. Chief Gleason was named as a defendant in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit brought by one of his former Officers where the Plaintiff States the Chief would travel to Florida and shoot someone after he had sex with her.
In the same lawsuit the Plaintiff states that Chief Gleason did ask the plaintiff is she knew any fine Black Girls that he could have sex with.
The Same Lawsuit also stated the Police Chief did threaten this plaintiff to cause her bodily injury because she chose to oppose him or speak out against him.
The town settled this lawsuit with a monetary payment to the Plaintiff that could have funded a 6 grade teacher and replaced 25 year old text books those 6 graders are using.

2. Prior to coming to Holland to work Police Chief Gleason was found responsible in the Dudley Court for Conduct that caused him to wreck a motor vehicle and resulted in him being arrested for Operating Under the Influence of alcohol.

3. The Owner of an Adult Entertainment and Escort Service that provides Girls for various parties or individuals reported that she provided the Police Chief with a “Girl” who worked for the Adult Entertainment Service and was living in one of the Apartments located on Coombs Street in Southbridge, used by the Service. The Police Chief was seen on more than one occasion at the apartment by several witnesses smoking marijuana and was present while Cocaine was being used.

4. The Police Chief did conceive a child with the “girl” provided by the service and did get her a job working in our Town Hall alongside Selectman Assessor Earl Johnson.

5. The Police Chief did on more than one occasion order the arrest of individuals without a warrant or probable cause. The District Attorney in the Palmer Court refused to prosecute the cases. This has opened our town up to further Federal Court Actions in connection with the “False Arrests” and Lawsuits are pending in these matters.

6. The Police Chief did date a known Crack Cocaine Addict over an extended period of time last year known as Jessica P. and it has been reported he was present while she used the drugs.

I feel to allow the Police Chief to remain in the number one Law Enforcement position in our community compromises public safety and puts our citizens at risk. The defense of and exposure to civil lawsuits caused by his conduct is a risk our community is not willing to take.

Holland Police Officers and the Massachusetts State Police have stated that the conduct of the Chief is an embarrassment to all the honest men and women who work in Law Enforcement.

At this time I would ask the Board of Selectmen to demand the immediate resignation of the Holland Police Chief to protect our town from this exposure to further liability.

Sincerely : Geri-Jean Twining 19 March 2008

Posted on 5 May 2009, 7:20 by Gleason Victem
Wettlaufer knew too and took no action.
Selectman Chairman Wettlaufer RE: Police Chief
1 message
Geri-Jean Twining <gerijeantwining@gmail.com> Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 12:58 PM
To: HEASUE@cox.net
Sir..A friend gave me your personal E-Mail and said I should keep you in the loop. I will give you a copy of all important correspondense to the press so you do not get blindsided. If you don't want this you can just tell me and i wont send you any more copies.... Geri-Jean

I stand behind every allegation and or statement in the letter signed by me.
I was given the final draft of my request for the Chiefs resignation and request for a C-Pack investigation with instructions not to present it at a televised meeting but instead to submit it to the Selectmen and give them time to respond.
I did not complete the final version until Wednesday afternoon. These allegations are serious. Testimony should not be presented at a weekly televised selectmens meeting. Nor should the investigation be conducted in an open forum.

The names on the draft sent to the press are all material to the reports I commented on in the letter. They are all either sources, witnesses, or Victims. I am the person who submitted the letter to the selectmen. It was MY choice to do so.
I requested a third party investigation into the report of misconduct in the letter I sent to the Selectman. The comment by Selectman Johnson and Chief Gleason to the Southbridge Evening News that it is "all garbage", goes to show how they would conduct any investigation into the matter.
I do not wish to engage in shouting matches at televised selectmans meetings.
I have also sent a copy of the complaint to the Massachusetts State Police. I stand by my request for an impartial third party investigation.
I will wait a week before asking the town Selectmen for a formal answer to my request for a third party investigation and suspension of Chief Gleason pending the outcome.

If you did not receive a copy of the letter sent to selecmen or wish to contact me please email GeirJeanTwining@gmail.com or call @ 774 230 7622

Geri-Jean Twining.

(authors note: heasue@cox.net is the personal e-mail of Selectman Wettlaufer)

Posted on 5 May 2009, 8:04 by James P LaMountain
Selectmans Spin
Hey the Hampden County sent a detective to Holland and two top dog lieutenants to take inventory and Wettlaufer and Johnson are quoted as saying its normal? Changed the locks too...HAHAHAHAHAHA ....damage control...????

The following words were on another web site

Holland news

Locks on the building were changed and pass codes for alarm systems were altered, he said.

Two state police lieutenants, one from the Sturbridge barracks and another from the Hampden County Detectives unit, along with a trooper from the Sturbridge barracks, oversaw an inventory of the items in the Police Department’s evidence locker, Mr. Wettlaufer said.

He and Sgt. Bryan Haughey conducted the inventory, which took several hours, with Mr. Gleason present.

“It’s a normal procedure,” Mr. Wettlaufer said. Mr. Johnson said the presence was routine.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 12:50 by Peter Frei
Don't hold your breath!
Don’t hold your breath if you expect the selectboard to file criminal charges tonight during the public board meeting as alluded by the members of the selectboard. I would be very surprised if the members of the board of selectmen will file criminal charges against Kevin P. Gleason. That would be too risky; Gleason knows too much and could pull at least one down into the gutter with him. I hope to be wrong on this one……
It seems to be clear now that the executive session to “investigate criminal conduct of a town employee” during the last selectboard meeting of April 21, 2009 was in connection with Gleason.
It is telling what constitutes “normal procedure” in Wettlaufer’s opinion (changing the locks).

Posted on 5 May 2009, 14:00 by Athena
Holland Police Assn.
I would like to know where the monies went that were collected over the years by the Holland Police Association which is a non profit organization which solicited monies and we never heard where the monies went. Maybe is it time for the Attorney General and Secretary of State to step in and take a look.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 14:02 by Athena
There should be a real audit on all things purchased by the police since the last time. By the last time, I mean the time that the previous board of selectmen recovered the dive equipment and other expensive items.

Remember that when something is replaced, it cost the tax payers twice.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 14:03 by Athena
There should be a real audit on all things purchased by the police since the last time. By the last time, I mean the time that the previous board of selectmen recovered the dive equipment and other expensive items.

Remember that when something is replaced, it cost the tax payers twice.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 14:05 by Huguenot Farms
Dear Mr Peterson
Sir , I do not know alot about you so......You sat by and watched all the corruption happening. I know you think that the Johnson's have been robbing Holland long enough. DO SOMETHING !!!!
You sir have yet to step in the mud other than the dog hearings.

But you have witnessed it all and taken no action to stop the BS.
Tell you what.. Tell all you know about Earl and Company and lead Holland Back from the brink.

Hey Mr Peterson, Tell you what.. I will offer you immunity from the lawsuit I filed against you if you give up Earl , Wettlaufer and Fife.

Do it for the community you are elected to serve. Honor your oath Man.

Hey X-Chief and now civilian Gleason.. I wish you would have been publically stripped of the Gold you dishonored by wearing on your uniform. However if you give up Earl , Wettlaufer and company it might go easier for you.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 14:19 by Holland Resident
To Integrity
Sir Thank you for your post at 6AM. you say you are in law enforcement and have been listening to the attrocities for years. Why didn't you help.. Or did you???

Anyhow BLOGGERS ATTENTION !!! Holland Selectmens Meeting tonight 7pm Town Hall.. Be there , Be counted.. Get Involved. Take back Holland and restore ethics to our town..!!!!

Posted on 5 May 2009, 14:27 by Athena
There is Hope
By the way, it was the three selectmen who authorized the payment of the bills and items purchased. They authorize the payments.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 20:16 by Holland Residents
Dear Mr Peterson
Sir. Please do not allow Ray Morehouse to be Police Chief. He is also named as a Defendant in the Quinonnes Lawsuit. We need to move foreward not backward. Distance yourself from the other 2 and stand tall for Holland.

Start Fresh... We need a search committee to pick a man with honor and integrity to be Chief. Is that possible? Please answer Mr Peterson. We know you read this Blog.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 21:37 by Involved Watchdog
Normal Procedures
Hey, I called a couple folks today including Selectmen of towns East of here and a Police Detective and guess what. I asked them what they would do if the police chief showed up and resigned suddenly.

They said calling the State Police to conduct an inventory would not be the procedure for a "normal" resignation.

They said they would make a Sargeant into the Chief and start a search committee. I asked about inventory by others and they said why?

Also Sturbridge did not call the State Police to do inventory when Button left.
Something is fishy

Posted on 5 May 2009, 22:04 by Skipper
Holland can not afford Morehouse
Holland Residents, I would not worry about Morehouse, he got a job in Westover that is paying more than Holland can afford. He will not become the new Chief.

Posted on 5 May 2009, 24:42 by Concerned
Ray More(probems)house
How can they think to make Ray Morehouse the Acting Chief. He has never been a full time police officer. He has also never been to a full time police academey, which under Ch.41 of M.G.L. is required of all Full Time Police Officers (and Chiefs) in the Commonwealth. He also needs to get his drinking under control.

Posted on 6 May 2009, 7:33 by James P. LaMountain
More Lies from selectmen
Hey look at this.. This comes from another web site.

HOLLAND — Selectmen ended their meeting last night with a closed-door session during which they said they planned to “consider the discipline or dismissal of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member, or individual” in accordance with the state’s Open Meeting Law.

Board members said the involved party had been notified and declined to attend.

Police Chief Kevin P. Gleason resigned Monday morning, citing health concerns. Selectmen would not say if they were discussing him and declined to say who their meeting was about.

They invited two local police officers to come behind closed doors with them. State police Lt. Kevin Hope from the detective unit assigned to Hampden County District Attorney William M. Bennett’s office was also at the meeting.

Lt. Hope was one of two lieutenants present Monday morning as an inventory of the Holland Police Department’s evidence locker was conducted by a local officer, state trooper and Selectman James E. Wettlaufer, the board’s chairman.

Mr. Wettlaufer reiterated earlier comments, that the inventory and state police presence and changing of locks and pass codes were routine. He said he had called in law enforcement, in the wake of the chief’s resignation, to help with the inventory to protect the “chain of custody” of evidence stored at the police station in the basement of Town Hall.

He read from a prepared statement and said the board would not discuss the matter further.

Selectmen are slated to meet with the department’s sergeant and lieutenant on Monday to discuss how the department will be managed without a chief. Board members said Monday they had accepted the chief’s resignation, though they denied they’d held a meeting. They did not vote to accept the resignation last night, as is customary.

Mr. Gleason said he has been hospitalized recently. His resignation was immediate.

NOTE: How did the se;lectmen accept Gleasons resignation on Monday without a meeting.
The selectmen said they did not have a meeting because of all the heat put on about the sunshine laws where meetings need to be posted and public unless voted to be closed.

By accepting the resignation on Monday they obviously met Illegaly. It happens all the time when Johnson and Peterson are working in the assesors office. Two Selectmen form a quorum and anytime they discuss town business they need to post it as a meeting.
Do you think they do?
So once again we have been lied to by Selectmen re the Illegal meeting where they accepted the resignation.
Wettlaufer, Johnson, and Peterson were at the town hall on Monday when it went down. Are you telling me they did not talk about town business. If they did. they broke the open meeting law.
I can't believe these people think Holland voters are stupid enough to believe their lies.
All the more reason to support the upcoming write in election.

Posted on 6 May 2009, 15:38 by Peter Frei
Wettlaufer’s struggle with the law.
Kevin Gleason allegedly announced his resignation over the phone Monday morning May 4th. If there was a need to convene an emergency meeting, the meeting needed to be announced immediately. The town clerk needed to be informed so she could attend the meeting and take notes for the minutes. That’s the law Mr. Wettlaufer!
When caught in the act, chairman Wettlaufer and the two other selectboard members Johnson and Peterson had a meeting upstairs, Wettlaufer was quick to make it a point that it was just a coincident that he was there. When asked what the other two did there he stated that they were conducting official business as assessors. How convenient! The stars in the sky seem to just repeatedly arrange themselves in mysteries ways to accommodate the unlawful conduct of our three stooges at the town hall.
Mr. Wettlaufer you know better, M.G.L. c.39, s.23 subs.10, par.2 provides in part:
“No chance meeting or social meeting shall be used in circumvention of the spirit or requirements of this section to discuss or act upon a matter over which the governmental body has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power.”
This is self-explanatory to everybody who possesses basic reading skills. I wish I could write with at least basic respect for Wettlaufer and Johnson. I’m sorry, it is just not there anymore. I also don’t have the skill to write about these ugly subjects and make it sound better. I don’t know if any talented writer would be able to.

Posted on 7 May 2009, 13:33 by Athena 2
Open Meetings
is it some kind of joke here. Do they think we are dumb. All of their secret little meetings. And of course, we are not allowed to ask questions or make comments even in an orderly manner. We have no voice. Shame on them.

Posted on 7 May 2009, 14:52 by Holland Resident
Wettlaufer says NO full time Chief.
In the Southbridge evening news yesterday Wettlaufer said " I can't believe anybody gives any credibility to those guys." He was speaking about bloggers here at 01521.com. Says it is no fun to be attacked continually by the blog. Mr Wettlaufer we have yet to begin shining the light on your antics. Resign now and save yourself the humiliation of resigning in shame later.

Hey Mr W...AKA Uncle Pennywise, AKA Monopoly Man. Guess what..We NEED a full time police Chief just to watch you stooges.

And lets get a Police Chief that does not have his name listed as a Defendant alongside Earl Johnson and Kevin Gleason. Morehouses name is on the Federal Lawsuit for a reason. The town did not pay fifty thousand dollars to the victim because Morehouse , Johnson, and Gleason are without guilt.
What do you guys think the Holland voter is too dumb to know what you are up too. You want men on the street? Keep Officer Shorty from Gitmo. Leave Duggan with his ear to the ground. Ask the State Police to take over the management of the department until such time as all the corrupt ones including yourself Mr W. are gone.
NO MORE(garbage in our)HOUSE.

By the way Wettlaufer. If this blog was not credible and backed by facts I am sure the town would have called in the Lawyers. I know you tried too already.
Freedom allows us to publish truth. God Bless America.

Posted on 7 May 2009, 16:05 by Peter Frei
Wettlaufer the Politician
When Christopher Tanguay from the SEN asked Wettlaufer to rate Gleason’s overall performance as chief, Wettlaufer
simply said:
“I’m not going to answer that now. I’m going to pass on that.”

What else could he say?
The YES answer would sound like:
“Yes, I liked his overall performance, it is to bad that people figured out that he is corrupt and that he was a puppet we could control.”

The NO answer would sound like:
“No, but I didn’t do anything because I like a corrupt looser as Chief, I never had to fear anything from his side regardless of what we did as officials or private individuals.”

Wettlaufer’s answer was the only one possible, he is good at the game of politics….

Posted on 7 May 2009, 23:54 by Intrigued by the Nipmucks..
To Holland Resident
Holland Resident...
I believe you have many good Ideas and even some valid points!As long as you keep speaking the truth and keep your facts straight Im 100 % behind you!

Posted on 8 May 2009, 12:01 by Captain Joint
Is it so hard to believe now, That Gleason comitted perjury
Now that the whole town is in an uproar over the crimes of Gleason, lets take a look at what he did to my family with his perjury and lies. He stated on an affidavit I sold marijuana to his C.I.#62 back in 2003 three times. (C.I.#62 was TOWN RESIDENT AT THAT TIME MICHAEL ZELONIS who was IN JAIL when the police claim he was buying marijuana from my home, and I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL AT THE TIME OF THE SALES. Think I'm wrong about the identity, why else would the police not provide the name of a C.I. RAT during a court case against a "drug dealer") He based a no knock warrent on these lies and tore our home apart, dumping all our belongings on the floor and busting every door in the house while making fun of our things in front of our handcuffed adult children and terrified grandchildren.The police put a gun to our dogs head next to a two year old and threatened to shoot him.
All this was based on "a rumor" that I "had a lot of drugs" as Gleason states in his deposition. Those depositions are posted on captainjoint.com for public viewing.
No charges were brought untill over a year later, and they were only for simple possession, and brought against my wife and daughter. I was never charged with the marijuana sales because the sales were made up lies. The police could not provide the court with the three bags of "evidence" because the crimes I was accused of never happened.
All charges were dismissed against my family because we were innocent.
Still we suffered thousands of dollars in court fees and smashed property, and were driven out of town by Gleason and his goons.
We tried to re-coup our losses with a civil lawsuite where X-chief was sussposed to provide his own lawyer, so as not to burden the town. The town decided to use their lawyer and defend Gleason on the Town's dollars. Our case was dismissed against Gleason by a lower Judge, and we could not afford the $15,000.00 plus to continue, so Gleason won on the Town's dollars and everyone laffed at us.
I am sending all the newspaper stories and paperwork on the raid on my home to the FBI Tip line, and urge any Holland residents that have been victims of X-chief and his illegal activities to do the same.
This is one bad cop that needs to rot in a Federal Cell.
Maybe he can find love in Federal jail instead of on Match.com.

Squeal like the PIG you are Gleason! Squeal on ALL YOUR DIRTY FRIENDS NOW. Now YOU can be a C.I.! That's still working for law enforcement when you turn in all your dirty cop friends! Good future and benifits too, in witness protection.

Posted on 9 May 2009, 9:45 by Captain Joint
My, My, My.....
My, My, My, So much is coming out now about ex-chief Kevin P. Gleason. Where are all his vocal supporters that were laughing at my family when the Judge Dismissed our case against the Town of Holland?
Now it is coming out that the good ol' Chief was smoking pot, hanging with crack users, and violating peoples rights all over the place. Seems stuff is missing from the evidence room too...
Maybe Gleason should Contact the FBI and cut a deal giving up his corrupt pal Agent Scott Haley of Palmer district. They might cut him some slack if he co-operates with an investigation. These cops are an embarrassment to law enforcement and make all cops look bad.
The police have a hard job and when cops like Gleason and Haley use the law to harass people and profit from illegal acts, it makes us question all cops.
Perjury, producing false evidence and trying to put in front of a judge, harassment of my family while I was sick in ICU, Harassing my kids in town, tearing up my home on lies, and turning in false reports on my family. That's how I was served and protected by Chief Gleason.
So many people have been hurt by his 'work' as Chief of Police. Maybe enough to get a class action suit against the town.

Posted on 9 May 2009, 10:38 by knows nothing
No end to the secrets
The charges to the ex cheif will never be. If all his secrets come out do you really think he will keep the secrets of the town officials? Come on now its just another thing swept under the Holland Rug of lies.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 23:52 by Peter Frei
Number one on Google again!
The search result of the three words,
Kevin Gleason resigned,
produces the Holland Blog as top ranking result out of 19,100!
The number of readers is also steadily climbing and beats all of my expectations.

Posted on 21 May 2009, 19:20 by current resident
Payne & Retaliation
Hey Payne scroll to the top of this page and click on the words that say read more. Once there you will see the Syacy Quinnonnes And northeast concepts federal lawsuits. Click on them and the link will bring you to the Court documents.
Stacy was fired and her family was traumatized to the point they had to move out of town after she was nominated to run against Earl Johnson for selectmen.
Chad Brigham who is president of Northeast Concepts had his property barricaded by the Johnsons after he ran against Earl in 07.
Anyone who steps up against the johnsons are systematically assaulted by those corrupt people.

Posted on 4 May 2011, 8:41 by Peter Frei
Second Anniversary..
It was two years ago when James Wettlaufer claimed towards a reporter of the Telegram and Gazette that changing all the locks at the town hall would be "normal procedure" when a chief of police resigns.
Earl Johnson said that the presence of two police officers, one from the State Police and an other one from the Sturbridge Police was routine and Mr. Gleason said he was pleased to see the inventory being done so that everything would be accounted for (ha, ha, ha).
Five years earlier (2004) Gleason asked the town meeting for a pay raise of 18% and got it. His salary was increased from $42,278 to $50,000. The decision came despite Selectman James E. Wettlaufer's criticism. In the meeting he called the 18 percent raise
"quite hideous."
I guess Gleason "grew" on Wettlaufer over the years.

Posted on 4 May 2011, 18:18 by Just sayin
Can't wait
I can't wait till wettlaufer has to go to jail. All the shit he's done it's just a matter of time.

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