Holland’s officials still wasting money?

What is a routine act on behalf of residents which do not criticize the Johnson family for their illegal activities is unavailable for residents which dare to. James LaMountain intends to build a farm house on the hill owned by Northeast Concepts, Inc. off of Mashapaug Road. In order to do so, he followed the rules and applied for a driveway permit needed to get the required building permit. Brian Johnson, the Highway Surveyor and an elected town official refused to issue the permit despite James LaMountian’s claim that he submitted all required documents. LaMountain: “It is just another attempt to harass me, or maybe another attempt to provoke me to build a driveway without a permit so they can go after me again.” LaMountain claims that he had no other choice than to file another unnecessary lawsuit the voters of the town of Holland have to foot the bill for. “I feel bad for the taxpayer’s, but they [Earl and Brian Johnson and other town officials] just don’t change, they may never will. By the way, I’m a taxpayer myself..”
Today, James LaMountain filed his latest lawsuit in Superior Court. To read the complaint, click here! The complaint will be served to the defendants’ tomorrow, to read the summons, click here, or on the word “summons” typed in bold italic. (Every word on this blog in bold italic is a link!)
Peter Frei

Posted on 25 Mar 2009, 20:42 - Category: Ongoing And Past Litigation
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Posted on 26 Mar 2009, 16:43 by Old School Holland
How can they tell him not to use his road. That Road ties into Blodgette Road on the back of the land.
There was a camp up there that the driveway went to also. What is wrong with the people in this town. Did you see the new driveway Escape Estates built just North of the little causeway, Or up on Maybrook or Brimfield Road.. How about the addition on Old County and Mashapaug up on the hill where the mud runs into the road each storm.
At least Northeast Property drains into a shared drainage detention pond and not into the street. I think it is time for a trip to the Town Hallto look at the Records.
I know there is an active subpoena the by LaMountain telling the town to open ALL the files to him.
The Town tried to quash the subpoena and failed.
maybe all the papers can be made public.

Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 12:07 by Jim LaMountain
I don't know if anyone noticed all the trucks on the road as wood cutters clear around the wires on Mashapaug Road. We have had a couple police officers conducting details on that road. I pass by them at least twice a day. I always slow down and give a wide berth to the Police and the workers.
Every morning I take Indy the Dog for a ride in the back of the pickup and bring him to our Farm next to PJ"s. He is so excited to ride that he barks the entire way.

Well today officer Moorhouse decided to stop and give me a ticket for having Indy the Dog in my truck.
Michael J LaMountain discussed the matter with Office Moorhouse
while he wrote the 50 dollar ticket. Michael reported that Officer Moorhouse did state that I made the dog bark at him as he directed traffic at the end of my street. Moorehouse went on to report I was Laughing as I made the dog bark.
Indy the dog has two favorite things in the world. One is riding in the back of the truck and he talks and barks excitedly as we leave our yard.
Could it be that I was stopped for having an 01521 sticker on the truck? Or perhaps because of the lawsuit I filed against Earl Johnson and Chief Gleason.?
You know when Officer Stacy Quinonnes sued the town She named Earl Johnson, Kevin Gleason, and Officer Moorhouse as defendants.
She won her case and was awarded a large cash settlement from the town.
When Officer Moorhouse goes back to his Chief wagging his tale, to show the ticket I am sure that Earl, Chief Gleason and the rest of the Johnson Gang will be sure to tell him what a "good boy" he is, and he may even get a treat.
The sad part is that Holland will need to send a cop on overtime to the Palmer Court twice as I will fight the ticket. More taxpayes money wasted on the Johnson Vendetta.. Atta Boy....

Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 15:13 by Concerned Citizen
Is Robert Powell a relative of Kevin Gleason? Can someone tell me?

Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 16:12 by Peter Frei
Holland Police does it best
After the Planning Board denied me my right to divide my already subdivided property and Earl Johnson suggested I should donate the property to the town as he would not let me divide the property, I told Earl Johnson that I would file a lawsuit the next day which I already had prepared if he and the other members of the Planning Board would not sign the plan as unambiguously required by law.
The next day, on my way to the Superior Court, I passed an officer (Officer's ID 541) standing right next to his cruiser opposite to Holland's pizza parlor. The officer was just standing there for no obvious reasons. I passed the car obeying the posted speed limit. Less then half a mile up the road, he pulled me over with his lights flashing. He claimed with a smirk on his face that I was going 52 miles in a 30 miles an hour zone. I contested the ticket and Magistrate Donal Riddle from the Palmer District Court found me not guilty. Magistrate Riddle believed me over what Kevin Gleason told him. Gleason was present at the hearing.
It just dawned on me that I recognize Moorhouse by name and not any other officers of the Holland Police Department. I questioned my self why that is. I think it is because only police officer's that fit the mold of Earl Johnson are here to stay, others come and go...
By the way, the lawsuit I filed that day in Superior Court was adjudicated in my favor on June 27, 2008 by the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth after the town wasted according to their own estimate $100,000.
What I also did not know back then was that Earl Johnson had a reason to suggest I donate my property to the town. I didn't know back then that Earl Johnson deeded town-owned property over to his family. First to his mother in-law and then again multiple times within the family to cover the tracks. One of the properties, a parcel of 12 plus acres changed hands for the official price of "love and affection." Read the report posted on this web page with the title "Johnson LandGate."

Posted on 2 Apr 2009, 11:48 by Thankful Resident
Just a thought
I have always wanted to come onto this website and speak my mind a bit. I do believe that there is alot of things that happen in small towns especially Holland that are uncalled for and make all of you upset. Everybody should play by the same rules and its not fair when they dont! I will say one thing though and that is when you guys blog on here about the Police Department you are bashing the department as a whole! From what I gather by these blogs is the Chief of our Town might not have his priorities straight and does some bonehead things sometimes but that doesnt make the whole department bad! I was pulled over a month ago by a nice young gentleman for speeding and he let me off with a verbal warning and actually remembered me from a past accident and asked how I was doing. I do believe that one bad apple spoils the bunch sometimes but why cant you guys give credit where its due and report the good things that some of these officials do?Maybe I will just take care of that... Prior to me getting pulled over I was involved in a accident and the same Officer was on scene in a matter of minutes rendering first aid to me. There is nothing more comforting during a time of need than knowing a person is there with you who knows what there doing and takes pride in there job. In ending all Im saying is the glass isnt always half empty!

Posted on 2 Apr 2009, 12:10 by Peter Frei
I could not agree more!
Thankful Resident, I totally agree with you. It is too bad that you failed to mention the officer's name. You are right, police officers serving with integrity deserve the utmost respect from the citizens they protect. The fact that corrupt officers cast that shadow on others serving with integrity makes a sorry existence like Kevin Gleason the more repugnant. The question to the members of the select board remains unanswered, why is he still our Chief?

Posted on 2 Apr 2009, 16:37 by Jim LaMountain
Hello thankful resident.....I think if you read this blog carefully then you will see that most of the "bashing" is directed towards he who deserves it..our Chief Kevin P. Gleason who was married in Georgia.

The other Officer was mentioned by name as a defendant in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit filed by a former Police Officer.

Many local and State Police officers serving with integrity (thank you) have told me they are embarassed that Gleason is allowed to be a cop at all. Says he makes all cops look bad with his lack of judgment and illegal conduct. But you see our corrupt ones like the Johnson Gang would not be able to get away with the looting of Holland if they appointed a Chief that has ethics.

Again to all you honest men and women of law enforcement... Thank you.

Again I want to thank Herr Frei for this space.

Posted on 2 Apr 2009, 24:39 by Thankful Resident
Thankful Resident
"I could not agree more!" I apologize because I have not once got the young Officers name!! He is a rather young looking gentleman about 6'2 and built like a brickhouse!! If that helps!!I will see him again Im sure and I will get his name. "Absolutly" Thanks for the clarification!

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 13:04 by townie
Cop Complaints are true!!
I agree the Holland cops do lay prey for some marked victims. And, I also agree SOME of the officers can be more considerate than others when they want to be. It seems if you've been stopped for something like speeding, outdated sticker, etc. an officer may let you go once with a warning but they remember you and watch to catch you for (possible) future violations. A lot of motorists don't intentionally violate the law and deserve to be forgiven sometimes BUT officers shouldn't lay prey for them forever thereafter.

Has Officer Morehouse put on weight or is it my imagination? Isn't there a weight restriction for police enforcement officers? And how about Chief Gleason... Isn't that why Chief Jovan had to step down from the position? Maybe the Criminal Justice Dept. should be made aware of these violations....

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 13:10 by Just Curious
Robert Powell
To Concerned Citizen:

Who is Robert Powell? And why do you wonder if he's related to Chief Gleason? Maybe if you tell us more someone can help you...

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 22:56 by Concerned Citizen
Robert Powell
Just Curious, Robert Powell is the police officer from the Dallas PD who pulled over NFL player Ryan Moats in the parking lot of a hospital in Texas and wrote him a ticket while Moat's mother in law was dying inside the hospital. The poor guy resigned even so he did just his job. When Moats told officer Powell that his mother is dying officer Powell response was, "that don't matter," and "shut your mouth!"
I just sought that the poor guy needs a new job and under Gleason he would excel.

Posted on 6 Apr 2009, 7:45 by Huguenot Farms circa 1687
Chapter 132: Section 44. Exempted cuttings

Section 44. The provisions of sections forty-two and forty-three shall not apply to (1) cutting by an owner or tenant of any forest product for his own noncommercial use; (2) cutting or sale of such products by any owner to an amount not exceeding twenty-five thousand board feet or fifty cords on any parcel of land at any one time; (3) cutting for clearance or maintenance on rights of way pertaining to public utilities and public highways; (4) clearing land for building or for purposes of cultivation or (5) maintenance cutting in pastures.

Posted on 6 Apr 2009, 11:37 by We all have glass houses
RE: Absolutely comment
Mr. LaMountain-- I wish to add to your post titled "Absolutely" dated 4-2-09.
Although I am not sure why it matters to you what state our police chief was married , Georgia was correct. I was friendly with with his wife for a brief time when we worked together. We are both engineers. Poor Christie really got taken for a ride.... (if memory serves her maiden name was Shakelford...but don't hold me to it...) and Christie has now moved back to her home state of Georgia, thus explaining why they would have been married there. Personally I would bet the divorce laws are more favorable to scumbags in Georgia. You see, when you divorce the laws of the state in which you were married apply, not the state you might happen to be living in. Question? Was he even our CHEIF at that time?

Posted on 6 Apr 2009, 12:01 by James P LaMountain
You know , when I went to the Worcester Probate Court a couple years back to get Kevin P. Gleasons Divorce records I was surprised to find the Georgia Marriage Certificate. Thanks for clearing that up.
After all the reports I have taken re our Chief I can see why The X Mrs Gleason went back home.
I am not sure if Gleason was our Chief at the time, I believe he was in law enforcement at the time of the divorce. How about it Kevin..( I know you read this blog) Were you working in Holland during the divorce.
Didn't she divorce you after the night you rolled your car after midnight in Southbridge and got arrested for OUI? Who were you seeing that night.. Was it a girl??? or ummmmm John T..? Maybe???

I am sorry for what happened to Christie.....


Posted on 20 Jun 2009, 8:20 by Still waiting
Holland Lawsuit
Here is a waste of time and money.. Town Officials Brian and Earl Johnson and James Wettlaufer refuse to issue a driveway permit for our pre existing driveway. We need this permit to get a building permit for our farmhouse.
Officials have lied to the DEP and the Court by saying we are running muddy silt across the road when it rains. Informed Holland residents will find this an obvious lie if they drive by our land next time it rains.
Our water does not run uphil and it would need to if Officials were telling the truth. It drains into a sediment basin next to our driveway.

Johnson says it is against the town bylaws to drain water onto the pavement. Johnson did grant at least 5 permits for driveways on Mashapaug road to Escape Estates that are draining onto the road. Including the common driveway at 351 Mashapaug where mud and silt run into the lake at the little causeway every time it rains.

Anyhow Ms Talbott. The town violates our right by denying us our rights to occupy our conforming 75 acres. What else should I do. Go on a rampage??? No Ms. Talbott we take em to Court where they can not possibly win.
It will cost not only lawyer fees but damages that accumulate must be compensated.
It cost us too Ms talbott. It costs My Children too Ms Talbot. In the end it will cost each and every taxpayer in Holland Ms Talbot.
You Ms Talbot are one of Earls Girls. Like Ms Higgens who has been indoctrinated by Earl you are a corrupted individual doing his bidding.
You need to resign Ms Talbott for your land stealing deal.

Jim LaMountain

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