Johnson’s failed attempt to jail LaMountain

There is always more to a story than meets the eye. Brian Johnson is a good student of his father’s art to manipulate the public opinion and thereby divert attention away form the Johnson’s illegal activities. Unfortunately the Johnson’s are good at that. Not all is lost; we still have judges that are not “buying” everything what “innocent” town officials want them to believe. The table turned on Brian Johnson and wife Kristen as the judge learned of Brian’s dark side during a hearing in Palmer District Court this past Monday. Read court documents and more»

Posted on 25 Feb 2009, 15:12 - Category: Ongoing And Past Litigation
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Posted on 26 Feb 2009, 8:25 by James P LaMountain
Reality Check
I would like to take this time to say that there is no way I would ever harm a single hair on any child’s head. Also contrary to Mr. Frei’s opinion, I do not have a problem with anger. Am I angry??.....Sometimes u betchya. However I have never put my hands on anyone in anger so it is not a problem. Anger motivates me to take action sometimes..but it is legal action.
If I was going to harm the Johnsons or anyone else for that matter concerning the assault by Holland officials on my family it would have already happened as I have had cause for a few years.
Instead I choose to exercise my right to bring the offending officials to court and sue them for damages caused by their actions.
The statement by Brian Johnson and his wife that I was driving by them in a menacing manner thus violating terms is a lie. I do not wish them Physical harm. I just wish them sound mental health. They say I honked and waved at Brian? No I honked and waved at Stanley who lives a couple doors away from the Johnsons. I guess in Johnsonville it is Illegal for me to use Stafford Road. Brian and his Thug Gleason cooked this up and played politics at the Palmer Court after I wrote a blog about their corruption on The blog was later censored.
I would not cross the street to urinate on them if they were laying there with their guts on fire,……… nor would I ever take physical action to harm them.
They are right to feel threatened by me though as Brian Johnson, Earl Johnson, James Wettlaufer , Howard Fife, Chief Gleason, and Christian Peterson have all been served individually as defendants in a Federal Case by me and my family. I intend to recover all damages caused by the offenders.


Posted on 26 Feb 2009, 8:27 by James P LaMountain
Reality Check continued
The law states that Public Officials can be sued individually for their intentionally torteous conduct while performing their duties.
Two examples of official misconduct and a glimpse into the soul of the Johnson Clan.
The first is recently Earl Johnson (Papa Peety) has been going around the town hall saying that an ANR plan that was approved by the planning board for our farm was tampered with by a lawyer after it was endorsed. The plan was filed showing a utility & access easement and was endorsed by the planning board in March 2007 and recorded at the Hampden Registry of Deeds. Four copies were given to the planning board.
Papa Peety and his minion John Jacobi recently denied one of the land owners the right to use that easement for access stating it was a utility access only. When given a copy of the recorded plan as a reminder Peety said the plan was altered by a lawyer after it was endorsed by the planning board. This can easily be proven false as the original Mylar of the plan signed by the Holland Planning Board is filed at the Hall of Justice in Springfield. Also the engineer Don Fredryk has the cad drawings of the plan he drew.
What Peety so easily suggested when he said the plan was altered would need a Lawyer and an Engineer working together to violate their sworn oaths of office at my request. But of course Earl would think of that, as he has done it in the past. Just look at the Johnson-gate Easement documents. Earl reveals that he believes it is possible to influence professionals to do illegal things. Earl has done that himself that is why he told other officials that a lawyer altered our plan. Fortunately it was not a corrupt official he said it to, and I was notified of the statement. All the Johnson Stories are nothing more than well dressed lies. Peety’s statement is an unconscious confession to the Illegal Johnson-Gate easement.
Example #2 While under Oath on the witness stand Mrs. Brian Johnson accused me of harassing them when she reported Peter Frei was taking pictures at the end of her driveway. Peter Frei took pictures in March of 08 and I was ordered not to contact the Johnsons in September of 08. Peter obviously owns a time machine. Anyhow when she was asked on the witness stand why she thought I violated my probation for Frei being on the road next to her driveway she answered “because they are friends”.
What her simple answer does ….. It reveals volumes about the Johnsonville gang . Of course she would say that. She is used to friends carrying out Illegal activities for each other. It is a part of life in the Johnsonville circle. Look how many people Peety had to corrupt so he could build those houses that are going to be torn down.
I operate by a code of ethics and honor and would never ask a friend to do an illegal act at my behest. I would not have a friend that would suggest such a thing to me either. I only deal with Ethical people and as such my Lawyers and Engineers are Men of Honor and would not do anything to violate their professional oaths. Unlike the players in the Johnson-gate land scandal.
I would like to thank Mr. Frei for his efforts in fighting the beast these past years and would encourage anyone who wants positive change in Holland to contact me or Mr. Frei.
We have reserved a HalfPage on page 3 of a local newspaper to advertise this web site and I could use a little help designing the artwork copy. Anyone wanting to contribute can call me 413 245 4502 or e-mail me
James P LaMountain
Huguenot Farmer.


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