Homes built by the Johnson's, illegal!

(houses shown in the upper part of the image, click on image to enlarge!)

Earl Johnson, a selectman, a planning board member and one of the tax assessors of Holland, Mass., has a legacy of illegal land use transaction and abuse of power that dates back more than 25 years.

Over time, Johnson, along with members of his family and several associates, engaged in a scheme that entails the illegal acquisition of a 12-acre land-locked parcel of land, the illegal procurement of a right of way to the land-locked parcel, the illegal "replacement" of a non-existing structure with a two-story three-bedroom home, the illegal subdivision of the land, the illegal construction of another home, and the potential illegal construction of a third dwelling, read more»

Posted on 3 Jul 2008, 12:08 - Category: Johnson LandGate
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Posted on 13 Feb 2009, 15:26 by Ethical Taxpayer
Makes You want to Puke
This is one of the most horrid transparent abuses of power that has ever been ignored. How many people had to compromise their oaths of office to give Papa Peetee and his Clan their wonderfull homes on our land. Then everyone ignores it because they are afraid of retribution.
I say if Papa Peety (Earl) had a magic wand to make landlocked property into buildable land without frontage then perhaps Earl Johnson should have waved the wand and made it buildable for the rightful owners. We the taxpayers of Holland.

Posted on 7 May 2009, 17:15 by involved watchdog
Guess what I saw
Hey guess what I saw. When Papa Peetee (Selectmen Johnson) was working on remodeling his house for the in-law appt at his home on Hisgen Road I saw his son Brian the (Highway Gang Boss )there early one morning with Highway Department men and equipment working at Earls house.

Did anyone check the assessors buff card on Earl Johnson's house to see if he is paying taxes on the increased value created by the new work.????
OOps thats right .. Earl is the assessor too, even tho State DOR says it is a conflict for the selectmen to be assessors. But who cares. what the State thinks right Earl?
Business as usual in Johnsonville.

Posted on 7 May 2009, 18:06 by Peter Frei
Assessors anecdote
It was at the time Earl Johnson tried to force Jack Keough into denying me my right to finish my accessory building when he realized that the town failed to tax me on my shed dormer. In the process he requested JoAnne Higgins to inspect my house. She refused and asked me into her office.
While I was there in the presence of JoAnne Higgins and Earl’s friend and member of the board of assessors Bradford Noble I explained that I never intended to deliberately withhold property taxes due and informed the two that my plans to remodel the cottage on file at the town hall showed clearly the shed-dormer.
Knowing that corruption is everywhere, I checked the Vision-Appraisal webpage to see if Brad Noble ‘s house was taxed on a finished basement, it did not!

During the conversation I said: “Brad, we all need to pay the taxes we owe, I’m sure you pay taxes on your finished basement..” Brad: “You bet! Of course!” He went on to tell me how much he pays for his little lot and how glad he is that he does not own a larger lot. I later told JoAnne Higgins that Brad lied and that he would not pay for his finished basement. She said she would address the issue but must have forgotten about it as she just left to have lunch with Earl. I just checked, the Vision Appraisal web page still does not show a finished basement in the listing of 53 Sandy Beach Road.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 11:43 by CMON speak up.
Is EArl and Brian scared to reply?
Ok Earl and Brian, You guys have sent out Scotty G. and Kristin LaPlante to do your dirty work and speak kindly of you. I am sure she believes some of what she said.
NOW why don't you folks stop being knuckleheads and try to get along. Post your response to all the documentation and deeds regarding this landgate deal. Frei Standing or not is not the issue here and you are just trying to cover up because you got caught. Just resign and walk away quietly.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 12:11 by TRESSPASSER

Posted on 6 Oct 2009, 7:02 by Faithful Follower
Scott P or Scott G?
Peter Frei: Why did you direct your last comment to Scott Gendreau. The person who posted it was Scott P. Scott P says he is defending truth. And the truth is you have no railing on your small deck off your master bedroom. OH NO call homeland security.

OK is having no railing a form of corruption.?? Did you have coffee there with Kevin Gleason? Did the Deck use to belong to the taxpers of Holland and you gave it to your mother in law ilegally.
Did you need to corrupt at least 14 town officials to not have the railing. Did you need to steal access form your neighbor to have no railing? Are you an elected official lying to the voters from your deck.

How can Scott compare your deck to the conduct of our town officials unless he is only tryinf to shine the light off the corrupt ones.

Nice try Scott whatever your real name is.

Posted on 7 Oct 2009, 7:40 by Avid Tv watcher
Earl Johnson absent
Whats the matter Selectman Johnson. Has all the heat latley made it so you won't even show your face at the every other week Selectmans Meeting. Believe me that is good because real people in Holland KNOW we are better without your self serving meddeling. Is the Shame of the public exposure of you and your childrens corruption too much for you to deal with now?
It was nice seeing your seet empty last night. Holland could use alot more of that.
I bet you and Brian will be unable to pass the Ethics test unless you cheat. I bet Brians IQ score comes up less than plant life.
Why donj;t you guys make your last purchase with town funds a pail of tar and a bale of feathers. We will show you how to wear em.

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