The “Victory” claimed by Gleason & Wettlaufer comes at a hefty Price for the Taxpayer

Unlike in the Quinones lawsuit, the town and police Chief Kevin Gleason got away in the Bunn case without paying the victim any money in form of a “business decision” as they referred to the $50,000 settlement they paid to Stacy Quinones back in 2006.

Despite Judge Ponsor’s grant of the town’s motion for summary judgment in favor of the town, the taxpayer is still paying a hefty price for the Bunn incident. Chief Gleason, together with a SWAT team of 15 officers kicked in the door of a harmless family still asleep. The raid did not produce any evidence of wrongdoing by the Bunn family despite a sworn affidavit documenting controlled drug buys by an undercover informant out of the Bunn residence. The sworn affidavit was necessary for the judge to authorize the raid of the dwelling on Maybrook Road. Read more»

Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 14:22 - Category: Ongoing And Past Litigation
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Posted on 22 Feb 2009, 11:16 by captainjoint
The Real Issue
Many comments were posted at the Newspaper story about this incident at the T&G website. Some supporting me and some attacking me.
The real issue hear seems to be escaping under the smokescreen of the marijuana issue.
The real issue is Chief Kevin P. Gleason broke the law.
Agent Scott Haley Broke the law.
Both of these "officers of the law" have lied, perjured themselves in both a sworn affidavit as well as in a sworn deposition.
The "Marijuana sales" recorded in both the affidavit and the depositions are false. They never happened.
No "C.I.#62" ever made these recorded "marijuana buys" from anyone in my home.
The police produced photocopied money to the court during the discovery portion of the trial against my wife and daughter. They claimed was used to buy marijuana from my home.
The police don't have the three bags of marijuana they claimed came from my home as evidence. They can't produce their C.I.#62. They produced photocopied money in the case of my wife and daughter, why? No "marijuana sales" charges were brought against anyone in my home. Only charges of simple possession stemming from the illegal home invasion these cops tried to pass off as a raid.
The photocopied money was false, manufactured evidence. This is also a crime committed by the police.
My home was invaded, my property destroyed. My family terrorized.
My grandchildren were put at risk when doors they played behind were battered in. My grandson, then two, was standing next to our family dog when the police put a gun to the dogs head and threatened to shoot it in front of the child.
And let me remind all of you that I was in surgery and in the hospital when the police claimed I was selling marijuana from my home. I was not home.
Judge Michael A. Ponsor has done a fine job covering up the crimes of these police officers and the Town of Holland has paid the price of the cover up by paying for the lawyers for the police. The police were "sued in the capacity of their job." This means the police were supposed to pay for their own lawyers, not burden the Town of Holland with their legal fees.
The Town of Holland has already paid a hefty price to protect Chief Kevin P. Gleason.
He must be a great cop, he raided my home based only on a "rumor that I had a lot of drugs" (READ THE DEPOSITION)
His and Agent Haley's depositions differ as to who was at what "marijuana buy." This is because the deals NEVER HAPPENED!
I know people that used to smoke pot, swap sex partners, and race cars with Chief Kevin P. Gleason. I still know people in Holland and I heard a rumor theat Chief Kevin P. Gleason still smokes pot.
Maybe this rumor should be investigated?

Posted on 18 Feb 2009, 16:55 by Kevin (POPH)
Thugs with guns
I do not live where this happened, but it goes on everywhere and it needs to stop! I for one am sick of "We the people" paying taxes so thugs can prey on "We the people." Great way to get the word out Holland!

Posted on 7 May 2009, 13:08 by Captain Joint
So Nice to see Holland cleansed of the sickness known as "chief " Kevin P. Gleason.
Lets remember, in the case of the raid on my family home there in Holland back on March27, 2003, he claimed he made three buys from me with a C.I.#62, yet he could produce no marijuana and no C.I.#62. Ihave said right along that I was innocent and set up by "chief " Gleason, who came back night after night to harass my family while I was in the hospital inpatient and near death.
I do believe that Michael Zelonis was the name connected to C.I.#62, and public records will show he was arrested off the property at 90 Maybrook Rd on Oct. 30, 2002 for gun and drug charges. I was at an Alice Cooper show with my wife, and he was only allowed on the property because we felt sorry for his family and was allowing him to take firewood. That is why he was on my property when he was arrested.
Jail records will show him in jail when the "buys " were made by C.I.#62.
He lied to he police about me and they made up fake marijuana buys to try and "shut up " Captain Joint.
They could not prove their case against me and all charges were dropped.
They tried to put false manufactured evidence into court against my family and that's a crime!
These bozo cops should be looked at by the F.B.I. for the crimes they have committed.
The Town of Holland must be very happy to be rid of "chief " Kevin P. Gleason.
He should be in Jail.

Posted on 4 Jan 2012, 16:16 by captainjoint
Confidential Informant Revealed as Child Rapist
I am leaving this comment just to clear the air on the confusion over who the Confidential Informant was in this case. It turns out that Michael Zelonis, who was arrested on my property in Holland was NOT the listed Confidential Informant. Private Detective Dan Malley of Alligiant Investigations has revealed to me the Confidential Informant #62 for the Palmer police and the Eastern Hampton County Narcotic Task Force is in fact, Gerald Battistoni, a convicted child rapist who is being connected with two child murders also. Michael Zelonis was arrested getting wood from my land to keep his home warm on an assortment of gun and drug charges on Oct. 30, 2002 prior to the raid on my home. He had every reason to lie and try and cut a deal, but the C.I. #62 ID number that was used in the affidavit traces back to a registered Confidential Informant known as Gerald Battistoni who has just last year sent to jail for 10-12 years for serial child rape. Thank you Dan Malley for getting this piece of s#!t off the streets.

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